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  1. Thought it was really funny. Wasn't expecting much so was pleasantly surprised.
  2. RIP Sid. Darts just won't be the same anymore.
  3. Really like the new home kit. Good to see the club acknowledging our European adventure also.
  4. Don't think he will be though. Evans and MacDonald will more than likely be first choice centre - halves.
  5. Thanks mate! Yeah I fancy Donegal to go all the way too. They were extremely impressive and very clinical on Sunday.
  6. Is there any GAA clubs in Scotland?
  7. Tyrone out - classed by Kerry yesterday. They truly deserved the win. Was at the Ulster Final today. Was a good game but Donegal deserved the win and really pulled away in the second half after an even first half. Good atmosphere at the game too and loved the ground in Clones.
  8. [quote name='Cowden til i die' timestamp='1342615905' post='64 Kevin(?) McDonald - TRIAL I hope for your sake it isn't. But to increase our chances of staying up I hope it is.
  9. I really like their new album. Went to the album signing too which was great. Was anyone else at the gig tonight? Was class I thought. Great atmosphere and performance from the band. Support acts Sound of Guns and Vigo Thieves were decent too.
  10. Holmes was disappointing last season though I don't think he was as bad as some Airdrie fans made him out to be. He scored 7 (?) goals last season 3 of those in the play - offs where he played his two best games of the season against Ayr. Overall he won a lot in the air when he played but he's so immobile now that he couldn't do much else. Also whenever we played him we tended to use the high ball a lot more despite being better when we played the ball on the ground which, was ultimately one of the reasons why we lost the play - off final as Holmes was in Lithgow's back pocket both games.
  11. Love watching GAA. Hoping to go to at least one game in the summer when I'm on holiday in Ireland.
  12. Ross County. A good club, good set of supporters and great ground. Dingwall's a cracking day out. Will there be changes to the ground given that you'll be in the SPL? Anyway all the best for next season and hopefully you can stay up and progress onwards and upwards in the SPL.
  13. Best Raw in a long,long time. Anyone else mark out for Lesnar?
  14. Was anyone at Cast on Friday night? Heard they were good. Anyway got quite a few gigs coming up. Got Miles Kane in April, Reverend and the Makers and the Enemy in May, Noel Gallagher again in July at Edinburgh Castle, the View in July and the Belladrum Festival near the end of the summer.
  15. RIP Jocky. Best Scottish darts player of all time.
  16. It does. Got family up in Inverness and they say there's no decent ones at all and having tried some of them they're right.
  17. I like Frankie & Benny's DiMaggio's is good too and TGI Friday's is shite.
  18. Can't wait for this man to play.
  19. Definitely go see Anna Calvi. She was great when I seen her at the Belladrum festival up north. The Specials were brilliant last night. Still have great energy and were able to put on a fantastic show. Brilliant night. Can't wait for the Vaccines in November and Kasabian in December. And the Kasabian gig will be even more amazing now that Miles Kane is supporting them.
  20. Seriously can't believe this is happening! So happy though. Yes this could ruin their legacy and yes their new material will probably be shit but an opportunity to see the Stone Roses is too good to turn down.
  21. Atmosphere at a Stones gig would be electric no matter how many neds and arseholes would be there.
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