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  1. You're never going to go a whole half season without dropping points but that's undoubtedly 2 chucked away tonight. Especially frustrating as we've been excellent at holding on to leads and seeing out games this season. So a bit more of the vintage Murrayball in that regard tonight. If you're going to win the league this sort of game has to be a banker but think tonight's result has put the league beyond us. Really needed to cut that gap down to 5. Disappointing to concede another couple of goals from a cross and set piece. Next two games are must wins.
  2. Good bit of business over the last couple of days. Hopefully McInroy and Moffat/a forward still to come! The team is already looking stronger for the MacDonald and Paterson signings. Praying that's Kerr in defence and McCabe back in the midfield and not vice-versa
  3. Murray has spoken a lot in his interviews about how much he rates players who can play in multiple positions. We’ve seen this season how important that has been for us. MacDonald is a player who’s done that well for us in League 1 and Dunfermline in the Championship. Whether he’s coming in to play left-back or not his versatility will be important. Offers a lot positionally on both flanks and formation wise.
  4. Gabby McGill too albeit he was released rather than a direct transfer between the clubs.
  5. Happy enough with Kyle returning. I always liked him when he was here before. Would have preferred a natural left-back (if that is where he's coming to play) but he's definitely a better option there than anyone we've got at the moment. And if he's the best option available outside the club also then fair enough.
  6. Airdrie sign Kyle MacDonald on loan from Dunfermline Athletic. https://twitter.com/airdrieoniansfc/status/1485605849557049348?s=21
  7. Enjoyed that today. Disappointing not to win but felt like a proper cup tie and I thought we gave a good account of ourselves. We more than matched a good Championship side at times which is encouraging in terms of the play-offs and playing in the Championship next season but it's clear where our deficiencies lie. Need more quality upfront and need to defend cross-balls better. Nothing we don't already know. Hopefully some signings this week to help in both regards. If only Frizzell had played in Scott McGill (or Allan?) in the first-half and/or buried his chance in the second-half!
  8. A forward (Owen Moffat or otherwise), left-back and McInroy would be ideal. Would still like another centre-half too.
  9. Have we dropped any points after taking the lead in games aside from the 2-2 Dumbarton game? That's pretty good going. Conversely, I don't think we've picked up many (any?) points after going behind although I think that is more of a problem with our inability to beat Cove and Montrose than it is our ability to break teams down.
  10. Has he played for you yet? I honestly haven't seen anyone so out of their depth at Championship level before. I really didn't have any expectations of him doing well when we signed him but he's been surprisingly good for us. He's had a couple of bad injuries, and is currently out 'long-term', so hasn't really had a proper run at it but he's still scored 4 goals in 9 starts 6 sub appearances + a double that ultimately didn't count in an abandoned game v Clyde. We're a much better footballing side than we have been in years but he offers us something a bit different. Been effective at getting on the end of long diagonals and generally brings a bit of chaos factor. A bit more of a vintage 'Murrayball' player in that regard so I can see why he's been more successful here than elsewhere. Comes across as a big, daft, chaotic striker so he's easy to like and get behind. Good guy by all accounts also. Hope he's back at some point for the run-in.
  11. Great result yesterday. I don't think it can over-stated how much more enjoyable it's been supporting Airdrie this season than it has any time in the last 10 years+. We're winning games and playing some lovely football at times. It makes a difference rocking up to New Broomfield expecting to win games or at the very least knowing you'll be entertained. Think we've won something like 9/10 of our last home games which is mental considering our home record over the last few years. Title winning form... if only we could beat Cove and Montrose! Thought we were worth the win yesterday albeit we did make it hard for ourselves in the second-half. Seemed to lose our composure which is unlike us, but we dug it out which is another positive trait of this squad and management team. Scott McGill's goal was another beauty. Scintillating team play and a great finish. McInroy is or will be a miss but McGill illustrated yesterday that he has the attributes to be an important player in that position. Great engine, tracks back, drives the ball forward, decent passer and not afraid to shoot. MotM yesterday IMO. Although Frizzell was a worthy recipient. Lovely vision and technique for the backheel leading to McGill's goal and brilliant tenacity to rob Taylor Sinclair for Gal's. And Easton too - just outstandingly fun to watch every week. Had the entire Falkirk midfield and defence on toast. I can't begrudge him earning a ridiculous wage to play at an easy standard of football but it's a travesty he's spent a large portion of his career arsing around in League 2 and the Lowland League. Another good shift upfront from Allan and Smith. Only thing to add would be continuing to bang the drum RE our obvious deficiencies. Left-back! And quality and quantity off the bench. Still feel we need another centre-half as our defending of set pieces is still costly. Hopefully the return of Josh Kerr will help with this but we can't rely on him (or Lyons) to play every week at the moment. And we're still light upfront. Looking forward to Firhill next week. It's a free hit with the pressure off and will be a good marker for us against a good Championship side to see where we are in comparison.
  12. Kerr McInroy has returned to Celtic following the expiry of his loan deal (as per Ian Murray and Scott Agnew in the Daily Record and McInroy’s removal from the official site’s squad page).
  13. Some of the comments on social media (both his and public and private pages) have been appalling too though and do not suggest sympathy let alone support and solidarity. A minority of course but still virulent enough that I can understand why he’d be inclined to not really want to play in front of our fans again. Maybe not fair but I can understand it.
  14. I don’t know, I personally can’t or won’t blame him for not wanting to play in front of a support that has (probably) racially abused him and then subsequently treated him the way he has. All the best to him, I hope he can find a club at a decent level. Hopefully some additions to come soon quality and quantity wise as we are looking particularly short at the moment. We’re a couple of injuries away from a real disaster at the back or upfront and in the midfield there’s a big drop off in quality between our starters and our bench. McInroy, a left-back, centre-half and striker would be ideal.
  15. 3 days is probably quite good for Joe Gorman. Used to slice the ball out and pass straight to the opposition every game
  16. I’m not sure he ever played for them bar his debut. Not that I’d routinely check but you’d never see his name in the team sheets even as a sub. And that’s with his ex Airdrie reserve coach(es) James Grant and David Proctor on the coaching staff who presumably see something on him. No offence to the boy, and I know he’ll be on buttons, but I’ve no idea why he’s still got a contract at the club.
  17. 2-1 Airdrie. Gal brace and free-scoring Kieran Millar to score for the Fifers. Darren Young to somehow still contrive to get sent to the stand.
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