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  1. West of Scotland League manager of the year I’ll have you know!
  2. Allan Johnston is one of those names that always crops up. But while he might seem like a pedestrian appointment he does win League 1 so maybe has that bit of nous and experience that we lack. He does struggle in the Championship though which would be a concern but I’d far rather face that problem next season than another season in League 1. I’m not sure I’d fancy him as manager but Sandy Clark bring involved would be great for nostalgia/sentimental reasons also. Not that that’s ever worked out well for us before! If it’s Jim Duffy or Barry Ferguson I’ll commit unspeakable acts.
  3. Assuming we're running the hybrid system again we could offer him a full-time deal. A FT deal with us is obviously at the lowest end of the full-time scale but he might see it as a good opportunity to return to that world. We seem to have struck up a bit of a relationship with Celtic and managed to get some decent players on loan from them this season. While I appreciate that Savoury is no longer on their books he may well have spoke around and sees us as a good fit. All speculation though so who knows!
  4. He's full-time. I remember when he signed for us him talking about how he wanted to give full-time football another go and how he maybe hadn't taken football or his abilities as seriously as he could have. He's had a nomadic career so far and played pretty much the entirety of it below his capabilities so I really do hope he gets a chance to show what he can do at a decent level. I haven't heard anything concrete - only names that I've seen mentioned are Raith and Forest Green but I imagine he'll have a number of offers. Very much doubt we'll see him in a diamond again but maybe the fact Murray and Airdrie have obviously gotten the best out of him might tempt him to stay (if Murray also doesn't leave). Would be surprised if Gal wasn't back. He's part-time and can't really see where he'd get a better offer and I doubt we'd release him either. Murray always talks highly of him and he's vice-captain so I'd expect him to be among the first names to re-sign.
  5. A poster on our thread mentioned Grant Savoury was linked with us. How was he last season? I can't remember much about him but think he scored a nice goal in the last game of the season? Scott Brown is definitely a player I'd like to see in a diamond.
  6. I do agree on Currie but I think he'll stay and they seem pretty happy with his performances so I can't see them prioritising finding a replacement for him.
  7. That's what happens when you have a 'Diamond' of a recruitment team
  8. I would agree with that. Think he's best as a box-to-box midfielder. His best asset is probably carrying the ball forward and almost literally dragging the team up the park. I liked him at Airdrie, and would have been happy to see him stay. There does seem to be something not quite right with him though. He was in and out of our team constantly and Stuart Millar publicly called him out for being unfit. I'm not sure how much truth there was in that (he was in the same team and midfield as Nat Wedderburn and, while there are different types of fitness, he's clearly not less mobile than big Nat) but clearly there was something that stopped him from getting a proper run in the team despite being one of our better players at the time. Things also haven't worked out for him at Stirling Albion either despite him having the ability to be a decent League 1 player IMO. He was over-rated by Airdrie fans and one of those players who got better with every game he didn't play. But unless much has changed in the last couple of seasons he should be a decent addition for you.
  9. Hopefully some good news soon RE Murray and returning and new players. I would expect Easton will be away but retaining him, McCabe, Fordyce and Frizzell has to be the priority IMO. In terms of the rest of the squad - Currie - I'm not overly convinced by him. He lets in soft goals, his command of his box and coming out for crosses is a real weak spot (some of the goals we conceded from crosses were pitiful) and the top end of League 1 is very much his ceiling. He is a very good reaction-save goalkeeper, however, and on his day he's one of the better goalkeepers in the league. Keep I would like a better goalkeeper to challenge him than Cantley although it wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't seen as a priority. Watson - Good right-back at this level. Adds a bit of height and physical presence and is usually reliable whatever team or individual player he's up against. Decent but inconsistent going forward and can play at centre-half also. Keep. Kerr - There's no doubt he's a talent and has one of the highest potential ceilings of the entire squad. Has shown he can be a real classy player and solid and physical centre-half. BUT there's a huge caveat that comes with Kerr. He's always fucking injured. We've not once managed to get a full season out of him, which is a problem, and that is a trade-off that is going to go against him eventually. Him hardly kicking a ball all season was one of the main reasons why we were stuck playing McCabe at centre-half. Would a fit Kerr and McCabe moving into the centre of the park have a made a difference in terms of either winning the league or the play-offs? Impossible to say but I do think so. If he could stay fit he's a definite keep but that's too much of a doubt for me. Undecided. Agnew - Showed his ability on the ball throughout this season and was a key part in helping retain the ball and see out games almost every week. But he was a definite weak link in the play-offs and against Cove. The final was passing him by and the Queen's midfield were ghosting past him. He's clearly an important member of the squad and coaching staff but he should very much be a backup and his midfield anchor role passed over to McCabe (who should have had it in the first place). Keep as backup/coach. Gallagher - He has his faults but he is one of the better strikers in League 1. 16 goals last season plus 9 and 14 in the previous two shortened seasons is one of the better returns outside of your Megginson/McAlistair/Goodwillie's of this world. He misses sitters and when he's off it he's horrendous. But there's not many strikers I'd rather the ball fell to in the box in this league than Gal and his overall hold-up and link play is better than is generally stated. Keep. Gabby McGill - Awful first-touch and not much in the way of footballing ability but he gives you endeavour and non-stop running and harrying which I always appreciate and, at this level, is enough to be effective. Decent enough goal return too considering he actually didn't play all that much and would have had 9/10 if his two against Clyde had counted. A proper wide forward and/or better striker would undoubtedly be upgrades on him but I think he's shown enough to demonstrate that he's an effective option for a top 4 team at this level. Keep. Ritchie, Walker and Lyons are not up to it so I would get rid. Likewise Cantley unless they're planning on going with Currie and A.N. Other in which case we might as well keep. Allan and McDonald are fine squad players but if you could replace them better you would. I suppose Walker is probably in that category too. Keep Pyott for patter reasons obviously and to get him his testimonial (in all seriousness what on earth is he still doing here? He's older than Callum Smith ). In terms of the loanees I'd be more than happy to see Scott McGill back. Was a good and effective player in a number of positions for us which is a really useful thing to have in a squad. I'd have previously said we should burst a gut to sign Paterson but I did go off him in the play-offs. Thought he really didn't show up well at all albeit he's young enough and talented enough to develop into a good player. Devenny was fine as a squad player but again if you could replace him with better you would and there will be dozens of similar type players available to loan. And Big Jon should be left as a fond(ish) memory of the play-offs. Let's not tarnish that or the song! A base of: Currie Watson New Fordyce New McCabe Easton Frizzell New Gal Smith Plus Agnew, G. McGill and Salim Would be a good starting point though as said above I definitely expect Easton to be away. Ideally I would like the above players to sign on, a goalie, two new centre-halfs, a left-back, a winger and possibly another centre forward would be great. Also think we need a bit of a 'shit' or streetwise type in the centre of the park. McCabe would probably have helped with this but a Marvyn Wilson type who can manage or slow a game down, foul and pick up a booking when necessary and just generally be a bit nasty would really have been an asset to this team. Cove, Montrose and Queen's Park were all much better at this than us and when it mattered it showed. Salim barely kicking a ball for two seasons now is a worry IMO. He's done well in the juniors and League 2 and deserves a crack at League 1. But he hasn't had a sustained run of football for a long time now so God knows how long it will take for him to get up to speed. I hope he does though because he's a cracking guy (loved how mental he went in the Dumbarton games x2 and the Montrose home tie) and he's a player I wanted us to sign as soon as he got released from Livi. Anyone but Barry Ferguson if Murray leaves please. Looking forward to Gary Holt's Airdrie romping to the title and Senor Bairn's massive heads gone when Falkirk finish a regrettable 7th.
  10. Airdrieonians Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards Salim Kouider-Aïssa Callum Smith
  11. Hope you play like it’s your last game in the two legs of the final!
  12. I do love a trip to Peterhead, Links Park and the likes... but not after 10 years. Get us up and playing teams who actually bring a travelling support and in games with a bit of needle like Ayr and Thistle please. Also need to put Accies in their place. Besides with Gayfield (possibly), Somerset, Cappielow, Inverness and Dens you've probably got just as many 'proper' football grounds or away days in the Championship as you do League 1 anyway. A shame Palmerston and East End Park are away from that perspective mind you. Just fucking win Airdrie please.
  13. You've surely got to be a Confident Individual to go to Broadwood after dark too?
  14. His three finishes on Saturday were sublime. The first and the second (hitting it first time like that) in particular are excellent technique. Changed days from missing that sitter at Firhill all those months ago. I don't think Gal gets the credit he deserves from our support. He can undoubtedly be a frustrating player, miss wild sitters and when he's off it he's off it. But on his day, outside of your Megginsons and Goodwillies, I'd have him as one of the best strikers at this level. Fantastic movement and strikers' instinct (as we saw on Saturday), scores important goals, can score with any part of his body which is another under-rated skill and I don't his hold-up or all-round play is too bad either. He's scored 16 goals so far this season and scored 9 and 14 in two shortened seasons which I think is a good return. A well deserved award and recognition as was his goal and 100th appearance on Saturday!
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