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  1. Completely agree with Mr November. Bain is a decent League 1 right-back, no more no less than that. Better going forward than defensively but he's not a bad defender either. He has played on the wing and at left-back but he's definitely a right-back. Will score at least one screamer a season. Loves a dive.
  2. Dean Hawkshaw has signed for Glenafton Athletic from Airdrieonians.
  3. Pleased about bringing in another striker. Don't think we need a left-sided midfielder though. Moore, O'Reilly, Robert, Thomson, Carrick and even Gallagher and Roy can and have all played out wide. Would much rather see another central player come in.
  4. Burke and Moore went out on loan last season and Pyott was also supposed to before he got injured. I can't see any of the reserve players playing much if at all (although if they do and they're good enough to make a positive impact then great) so I think they'll probably all be sent out on loan at one point or another. I think most fans will be cautiously optimistic (excited?) about the season ahead, with the caveat that a lot of our signings are unknown quantities - Robert, Sabatini, Mbayo, Ritchie and even O'Reilly to an extent. We've got two good goalies, a very solid defence and Gallagher and Carrick are two decent forwards. Still think we're a couple of additions away though from being fully satisfied or content with our squad. We need another forward - only Gallagher is a consistent and proven goalscorer at this level and we need at least one other midfielder even with yesterday's addition of Sabatini. I'm pleased with our business so far though even if we've no idea what to expect from most of our signings. Certainly if Robert (and Sabatini and the two West Ham boys who are allegedly coming in) are as good as are being made out to be, then we'll certainly be in for a very exciting season.
  5. He's no Gavin Griffin but I'm sure he'll be fine. Agree with the above sentiment. Whether we'll turn out to be the second coming of the Spanish Armada or Claude Anelka Raith Rovers or Paul Hartley Falkirk bad, it's much more exciting than signing from the same cohort of jobbers who you are know are definitely rubbish anyway. Better than Ricky Waddell's custom-made 'highlights' video anyway.
  6. Airdrie sign Griffin Sabatini on loan from SC Dnipro 1.
  7. I don’t assume that at all. I’ve placed him in centre mid right now because that is the shape I expect us to play this season and he is literally one of two centre mids we have at the moment. If we sign somebody better he will, rightly, drop out. I would also rather have an experienced player in that position. I literally said all of this in the above post 😂
  8. Scott Gallacher signs for Arbroath from Airdrie.
  9. Ewan has spoken so I patiently await Joe McKee unveiling this season's third kit in the next few weeks.
  10. Ferguson would be a good signing for yourselves. He was always rated highly at Airdrie but came into the team at only 18/19 where, despite his potential, he wasn't ready to play week in week out at this level of football. As Mr November says, he also wasn't helped by having one of the worst defences to ever play at this level in front of him. Even Buffon/Yashin/Grindlay would have conceded 60+ goals in that team. He did make mistakes, which is to be expected with a player at that age, which were exacerbated by (the defence) and the fact that there wasn't another keeper who could come in to replace him or give him a rest/time out the team and enable him to get his confidence back. But he is a very good shot-stopper and at worst, competent at the other facets of goalkeeping. Seemed to get on well at Linfield, he played in Europe for them, and I am actually a bit surprised he didn't get a deal there or somewhere else a bit higher up the food chain. Airdrie fans give/gave him a hard-time but he is a better goalkeeper than some will claim and I imagine he will only have gotten better with experience.
  11. Based on the squad we've signed so far I can see us going with something like: Currie MacDonald Fordyce Crighton McCann McKay Ritchie O'Reilly Robert Carrick Gallagher Depending on who's still to come in, presumably at least one more midfielder, I could maybe see Ritchie, and/or AN Other dropping out but think that could be more or less the side, or at least the shape, we start the season with. Definitely think Currie will be the starting goalie anyway. Agreed about still needing an experienced midfielder in though I'm still thinking we need more of a streetwise sort of player rather than a creative type. Agreed about the need for another striker too. SeaGal can be frustrating but he is a good goalscorer at this level. He's our only proven consistent goalscorer though which is a bit of a concern atm. Think one of the West Ham boys coming in is a striker?
  12. Another beauty 😍 Don’t know anything about the lad but he sounds like more of a combative midfielder (which we could do with) so here’s hoping he’ll be a good addition.
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