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  1. Aye I would think so. Apart from Robert I don’t believe we have any other players signed on a long-term deal (that haven’t been publicly announced anyway) so if there’s any indication at all that we won’t be playing again l wouldn’t be surprised to see us attempt to sell on other players. No disrespect to him but you certainly wouldn’t have expected MacDonald to be sold before Robert or McCann so it wouldn’t completely surprise me to see similar deals being done. Would be just the thing to sell a couple of players and Robert stays put because of his contract after all that speculation 😂 Smart. Unlike Raith with Nisbet. Lol. Well exactly. And nobody would have expected Nisbet to be playing for a top Premiership club and be in contention for a Scotland Euros squad even a couple of years ago. Not that I’m necessarily expecting or saying MacDonald will reach those heights but you know what I mean.
  2. Sell-on clause agreed as part of the move as well. I’m not sure his ceiling is any bigger than top of the Championship mind you but you’re as well putting one in there.
  3. I really rate MacDonald actually. He didn’t get the plaudits or attention McCann got last season, and while his performances weren’t quite as eye-catching going forward, I thought he was every bit as good and consistent in a solid defence that he very much played his part in. Disappointed he won’t be with us for longer as I thought he could turn into a real stalwart of our defence for years to come but have to be pleased that we’ve got something of a fee for him, we’ll get him back for the remainder of the season and that he’s got himself a move upwards. All the best to him. Wonder if we’ll see another few similar moves given the current climate and the doubt there has to be over our league returning?
  4. Kyle MacDonald signs for Dunfermline and re-signs on loan for Airdrie until the end of the season.
  5. Crime can't crack itself after all.
  6. I was actually going to look that up myself so thanks for doing that. New Broomfield must be one of the easiest grounds for away teams to win at. You could have a swally on the bus before the game and as long as everyone remembered what position they're playing you'd still comfortably beat us. In fact, even thee 'Swally would beat Airdrie at New Broomfield. I make it that we've won 2/8 home games this season (Peterhead and Clyde). That is dismal and definitely sacking form. God knows how low the crowds would be this season with that sort of form or indeed how low the number of buys/streams have been. I was going to do something similar myself and I agree with your assessment of the players. Mbayo is there purely to allow for the Josh Kerr in midfield vanity project. Given that Crighton and Fordyce are virtual ever presents and Kerr is a better centre-half than him (and possibly even a better one than Crighton) it's another signing that has been a waste of time for everyone involved. O'Reilly and Thomson are practically the same player. Pacey and tricky but with no end-product. They even came through the same youth system. Pacey and tricky is fine up to a point in League 1 but if you're aiming for promotion you really need better. You could maybe carry one player like that in your squad but two? TBH their signings scream laziness to me. Thomson was already on the books and O'Reilly was here last season so it would have been straightforward to offer them both a deal. I've no idea why Thomson is spoken of so highly by coaching staff. Sure, maybe he's a good trainer but at some point you need to put it together on the park where it matters which Thomson never has. Roy is potentially another re-signing that could have been money better spent elsewhere unless he starts to produce the goods if/when the season resumes.
  7. I'm still raging about Saturday. I'm no football expert but my rudimentary knowledge and my years of watching the sport have told me that you win games in the middle of the park. If you have a balanced midfield of players who know what their role is and can perform it to a decent standard consistently, you'll win more games than not. For any manager, especially one who spent a large portion of a decent playing career in centre mid, to effectively throw a game away by not playing one recognised centre mid (Josh Kerr doesn't count) is so comically incompetent. Even the youngest of the Airdrie Aces could tell you that. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I agree with @Mr November that Paul McKay is our best central midfielder - and even he's a converted defender. But at least he can carry the ball forward and offer something of a threat and a link between our defence and attack. What made Saturday's defeat all the more galling is that we had two perfectly fine central midfielders sitting on the bench. One who didn't even come on in Ritchie who, while we haven't seen fully what he can offer yet, hasn't put a foot wrong when he's played and is at the very least an actual central midfielder. And Sabatini who, while he has his quiet games. is still probably our most composed midfielder on the ball and is definitely our best midfielder at winning second balls which we so explicitly lacked on Saturday. If Murray had any guts or brains he'd have been on before half-time when it was already more than obvious where the game was going and certainly before the game was already lost. He would still start every week for me TBH. And if you were Sabatini or his parent club you'd be absolutely bealing that Murray is chucking a game away by not playing any centre mids while you're sat twiddling your thumbs on the bench. I like Kerr a lot and actually feel a bit sorry for him. I don't think he's playing badly within himself or his capabilities in that position. He's just playing so obviously out of position and he's doing his best to make the most of it. But he's a centre-half all day long. If we're playing him there to get the most of his ability on the ball it's pointless as he's sitting so deep he's miles away from any attacking player. Which he's either being told to or he's uncomfortable going further forward. In either case you'd be as well just playing him at centre-half. I would rather the club spent time converting him into the Maldini-esque ball-playing centre-half they thought he was last season than the Pirlo-esque midfielder they think he is this season. Having a Kerr comfortable on the ball at centre-half, passing to a deep Sabatini who plays it forward to any of McKay/Ritchie/Robert/Carrick could actually be an effective spine to the team and way of playing. A shame that Murray still hasn't worked that out or indeed what his best team or system is at all. I do appreciate that it's a young team and with that can come a certain amount of inconsistency. But the inconsistency, and the nature of practically every defeat, especially at home, are the only things that are consistent about Murray's tenure at Airdrie. It's all well and good for him to point that out. But what are you going to do about it? It's the same turgid, pitiful and inept displays every defeat and they're characterised by a changing team selection, formation and bizarre and/or desperate substitutions. You could write the script for it. In fact. they'd have been as well scratching the game on Saturday and just replaying the League Cup game and saving us all the bother. And besides, how are players like MacDonald, McKay, Kerr, Sabatini and Ritchie ever going to get consistent if one week they're out the team, the next week they're back in, the next week they're playing out of position and then they're out the team again? I was harsh on my assessment of Stokes and, while I still stand by that, I had no idea what position he was meant to be playing on Saturday or what his best position actually is. And the worst thing is neither does Murray. Including the friendlies I think he's played in a different position every game and even then it seems to be loosely defined as anywhere between midfield or attack. What a waste of time for everyone. Carrick and Robert too I'm never entirely sure what position they are meant to be playing and while they're both good enough for a bit of a free role, you need players behind you who know their position and their role which there almost never is. It's always unclear, at least to me, who's meant to be doing what in the midfield. Who's a #6? Who's playing deep and what's their role? Who's meant to be going box-box? Who's linking the defence with attack? Which generally means whichever combination of Kerr/McKay/Sabatini/Ritchie you have, they're all vaguely doing the same thing in and around the same part of the pitch. It's no wonder Gallagher has struggled for form this season and the team as a whole struggles for any sort of consistency. Despite all that I am gutted about the suspension of the season and it's a shame that our lasting memory for at least three weeks will be of that defeat on Saturday. Here's hoping everyone stays safe and we'll get some football again soon.
  8. That game was the epitome of Murray's tenure at Airdrie. Turgid, pathetic, inept and a complete inability to break down teams who are organised, sit in and who make things difficult. Especially at home. Can't blame fans for that this season so I wonder what the excuse will be today... The worst thing is Edinburgh City played exactly like that the last time we played them (and did it well both times) but we didn't have a response to them then and we didn't have a response to them again today. That's a glaring failure of the management team. Substitutions were a joke once again. Changes should have been made at half-time, or even in the first-half TBH, but it took them scoring for us to make a desperate triple sub. Nobody had a great game but taking off a striker (Connell) when we're a goal behind? Bringing on O'Reilly instead of Gallagher? And chucking Sean Crighton upfront near the end? All woeful decisions. Hugely concerned about our lack of strength of depth also. Stokes and Thomson are a pair of useless c***s - you'd be as well playing a couple of fans. Nowhere near good enough today and the worst thing is it was all entirely grimly predictable and par for the course with Murray's Airdrie team(s).
  9. Forfar away should we win this afternoon. TBH since we can't go to games that's pretty much ideal. Just another league game and more than winnable.
  10. In fairness to Ferguson, you could have played Buffon in goals and he'd also have conceded almost 70 goals if the defence in front of him had consisted of Joe Gorman, Simon Mensing and Daniel Boateng. Aye Ferguson should have done better with some of the goals he conceded, and he gave me the fear when he flapped at crosses, but he was hung out to dry by the shit-show deployed in front of him and the fact the club never had another competent goalie on the books which would have allowed him a much-needed rest.
  11. Last I knew of he was playing in the WOSFL for Gartcairn.
  12. They got their tactics spot on last time they played us. Pressed us well, got the early goal then sat in and soaked up any pressure with relative ease. Blair Henderson gave Mbayo a torrid time without having to put much effort into doing so and Balatoni strolled it - admittedly due to us punting high balls up to him all night. Would like to see Robert, Carrick, Roy etc actually run at Balatoni and run into space behind to see how he and their defence as a whole cope then.
  13. Big Frankenstein's Creation 😂 I remember a few months back on the Falkirk thread they were getting nostalgic for Kevin Christie. At least, no matter how bad things have been for us these last 10 years, we haven't reached that stage (yet). I'm sure he scored a cracking header at New Douglas Park once... Neither do I TBF though Hutton leaving might free up a decent wage for a player or two.
  14. That would be fine and I am expecting Roy to get a start. You know Murray can't help himself though. I don't expect a major amount of turnover but this squad can definitely be improved upon. I wouldn't say no to another central midfielder; especially one who's good on the ball and can remain composed and dictate play when we go behind. Easier said than done though obviously. I wouldn't say no to another forward either depending on how Roy goes in his first couple of games or so. Gallagher has struggled for form and fitness this season, Carrick's our best player IMO but is more of a #10 than a #9, Pyott and Hughes are unlikely to feature, Connell is a good player but is only 19 so you don't necessarily want to have to rely on him for goals and as mentioned the jury is still very much out on Roy for the time being. Again easier said than done but I do think we need better options off the bench in midfield and going forward than Thomson, Stokes and O'Reilly. We've seen before that signings in January can make all the difference. Raith did it last season with Steven MacLean and in 03/04 the later signings of Paul Lovering and Owen Coyle (November) made a huge difference in us winning the league. On a lesser scale Gary Bollan's sides always got markedly better in January also. We shouldn't just sign anybody but if there's players of the requisite quality available hopefully Murray and Millar do what they can to bring them in.
  15. Game moved to Sunday. A bit concerned about Murray saying he might make changes to 'freshen up the side'. While we should have enough in reserve to beat Edinburgh City, and while they may well have beaten us anyway, playing the likes of Mbayo and Stokes is one of the main reasons why they beat us last time. Just play your best starting XI and put the tie to bed as early as possible.
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