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  1. If we sign Goodwillie I won't be back. There's plenty of good strikers out there that would do us a turn. Some things are more important than football.
  2. Also, I meant to say earlier but has it been confirmed by Dougy, the club or anyone else that he's left his commercial manager position? (And I don't mean by the usual attention seekers on Facebook). Because if not it seems a bit off to be discussing his employment situation and the circumstances surrounding it, as has been the case for the last page or two. Maybe give it a rest.
  3. Keep/punt/undecided

    Don't think anybody has ever overegged a point on a football forum before TBF.
  4. He didn't say it wasn't? This has, deservedly, been our level for years. But naturally like all football supporters we want our team to do well and play at the highest level it can. Presumably like you wanted for Arbroath at the start of this season (congratulations btw). If the board and management feel this step will help us get promoted then it's their prerogative to go for it. And as supporters, we can be happy or sceptical about it but all have the hope that it will lead to success.
  5. That's a (much needed) statement of intent from the board. While it's no guarantee of success, provided it's properly funded and we have a better scouting network in place (which I have faith we will under Millar and Murray) then it could be a real difference maker. It also seems infinitely more sensible than the full-time three year plan under Wotherspoon. Either way, I'm just pleased the board are (ostensibly) committed to improving the on-field product and are taking steps to do so. Will be interested to see what the tin foil hat brigade have to say...
  6. Keep/punt/undecided

    Without doubt one of the worst signings, we've ever made. Unfit, clumsy and just generally a disaster waiting to happen. Lucky to make the bench these days. Keep - David Hutton - Undoubtedly our player of the year. Has won us many points by himself and he'll always be remembered for THAT penalty save. Josh Edwards - Gets a bit of stick from some supporters but I really like him. Think he's our best left-sided defender and he can put in a cracking cross. He's still only 18 and you can see he's very raw but with coaching and consistent game time I think he'll turn out to be a cracking player. Chris O'Neil - Our other contender for player of the year. Brilliant every week. I wasn't fussed when we signed him again or when he wasn't playing under Findlay but he's really turned my opinion on him around this season. Good at getting up and down the park but his positioning and defensive work have really improved this season too. Think he's out for the remainder of the season but he's done more than enough to earn a deal. Dean Hawkshaw - Has a fairly decent pedigree and from the brief cameo I saw of him in the Forfar game he was smart in possession and played some neat & tidy passes. Put in a couple of good free-kicks too. Impossible to say really from how little he's played whether he'll be a good player or not but he was presumably signed with next season in mind. Scott Stewart - Not had his best season but on his day he's terrific. A great runner and chips in with goals too. Kyle Wilkie - Our best midfielder by a mile. A good #10 he's creative, clever and scores goals. My one concern about Wilkie though that possibly pushes him into the undecided column is that he fades in and out of games very quickly and is prone to picking up knocks. If we signed another good #10 that was reliable and would be able to play every week I'd have no hesitation in signing Wilkie. My only problem though is that with Conroy already signed I'm not sure that will happen. I don't think I'd want to go into another season with Conroy and Wilkie (and Carrick) as our creative lynchpins. Dale Carrick - For me, he's possibly our best footballer. Very good on the ball and at making intelligent runs. He's got frustrated a few times this season because other players haven't been able to notice his runs or have but haven't been good enough to make the pass. He's also signed for next season which is another factor that maybe doesn't bode well for Wilkie. My only concern about Carrick is that he doesn't score nearly enough goals (4 is a really poor return whatever way you look at it). This season has shown we need at least a couple of reliable strikers next season. Cammy Russell - Raw but clearly has potential. He's been superb on his loan spell for EK (albeit at a much lower level) and given how much he needed regular game time I think it will have done him the world of good. He's signed up and I'm looking forward to seeing if he can make an impact in the first team next season. Undecided - Scott Gallacher - Been out for almost the entirety of the season. Not sure what the done thing is when that's the case and a player is out of contract but Hutton has very much established himself as the #1 and I'm sure Gallacher could get a deal elsewhere. I'd be happy enough with Hutton and MacKenzie being the two goalies going forward but if one of them were to leave I'd be happy with Gallacher getting a deal. Ben MacKenzie - Been solid and dependable when called upon. I'd be happy for him to stay but I'd imagine much would depend on if Hutton and Gallacher are offered and accept deals. Sean Crighton - The big man is largely solid and reliable but he has his moments and sometimes when watching the highlights back, you can see him be at fault when we concede a goal, mainly either because of his positioning or decision making. Needs reliable players to play alongside him. Wouldn't be overly offended if he was to stay or go but I think we could do better. Keiran MacDonald - Basically copy & paste what I said above about Sean Crighton. Makes some great cutting runs forward but his final ball is dreadful. I think we could do better but I believe he's signed up for next season and he's probably solid enough that the management team won't be desperate to get rid of him. Dean Cairns - I like big Deano. He's a wholehearted player that gets stuck in and is one those players that's impossible to dislike. I actually think he's quite good with the ball at his feet too. I don't think he's any worse than Gallagher/Millar/McIntosh/Campbell/Robertson but Murray obviously isn't a fan at all. He's signed until 2020 but I don't imagine his deal would be hard to cut if the management team felt inclined to do so. I hope he stays though. Darryl Duffy - Duffy is an incredibly frustrating player. He's scored 14 goals this season which I actually don't think is a bad return considering how poor we are. Some games though he's dreadful and contributes nothing apart from being offside. Lately, he's seemed reluctant to shoot in some games which is odd considering he's still a very good finisher. He's 35 now too and I'm not sure we can rely on him to lead the line and score every week. Given what I said above about needing at least two strikers and Carrick, Russell and maybe Victoria all signed up for next season I could see Duffy making way. I wouldn't be angry though if he was to stay on as a sub/backup player to two reliable players leading the line. Punt - Jonathan Page - Just woeful. Whoever sanctioned signing him (and possibly paying a compensation fee) should have been sacked on the spot. A few people online have said he's signed up for next season but there's no chance he'll be here. Scott Robertson - Was the invisible man until very recently. I actually don't mind him and think he's been alright since he came into the team but I don't think Murray would have given him a game if he didn't feel he had to due to injuries. He's signed for next season though so it's not inconceivable he'll be here next season. Ryan Conroy - Plays the odd World Cup pass but doesn't do it nearly often enough. He really is not what a League 1 central midfielder needs to be. He's a defensive liability when it comes to positioning and tackling. He doesn't have the legs to go box-to-box and he goes missing in games. Despite having a reputation as a set-piece specialist his corners and free-kicks are almost always dire (the fastest he moves is when he's 'running' to take a set piece). He doesn't have the legs to play out wide anymore either. If you had an outstanding team at this level, built around him with players running off the ball looking to receive his pass, he could do well but even then I'm not convinced. Again he's signed up for next season so I'm sure he'll still be around. Grant Gallagher - Has the odd game where he's fantastic. Does all the little things well. Wins possession, recycles the ball well, passes and moves to look for the ball again etc. Some weeks though he is awful and every decision he makes seems to be the wrong one (the pass back for the Brechin goal a few months ago being the most egregious). I think Murray is a fan so it's not impossible he'll get a new deal but I can't really see him being part of a promotion-winning midfield. He's not good enough or consistent enough IMO for that. Sean McIntosh - I like Sean but I'm finding it harder to justify keeping him in the team. He's a good footballer but I think his main problem is that he's never established himself in any one position and IMO, hasn't looked better in any one position or the other. Could be a useful squad player to have but I think, for his own sake, he should leave and establish himself in one position and get regular game time there as he hasn't at any time for Airdrie. He probably should have done that last summer TBH. Pushing into my undecided column but I like I said I think it might be better for everyone if he left. Keiran Millar - Probably the biggest disappointment this season for me. Came with a good reputation at this level but just hasn't cut it at all. I don't think we've helped him mind you by playing him further forward than he'd like but he's still been poor with no tangible influence on games at all. He's played the whole season in a midfield that has been easy to bypass and he's certainly played a part in that. In recent weeks though, we've played him deeper and I think he's been excellent (up until Saturday of course). Tenacious, scrappy, tough tackling with a bit of bite and a good shield for the defence. If he'd played like that the whole season he'd definitely be worth a new contract. Ultimately though he's been anything from terrible to mediocre for the most part. Leighton McIntosh - I like the big man but he's not reliable enough IMO. He's scored 11 goals which again isn't too bad but it should have been more. He has an infuriating habit of hitting one on ones right at the goalie and his finishing, in general, isn't great. There have been a few times where he's been one on one and fluffed his line and if he'd scored we'd have probably won the game. Like Duffy, if he stayed on as a backup player I wouldn't be offended but it would have to be him or Duffy if we're to bring in a couple of strikers. Joao Victoria - Was superb at the start of the season but faded quite badly. Still looked like he was maybe capable of doing something or conjuring up a bit of magic (which we've badly needed at times since he left) but Murray obviously isn't a fan. I'm not that convinced by him but he is signed until 2020. He seems to have done reasonably well at Stranraer so I guess it depends on whether or not Murray is willing to give him another chance. Loanees - Jordan Houston - Came with a good reputation (recently been capped for Scotland U18s) but he's been poor IMO. Been playing right wing back and looks defensively solid enough but from the games I've seen doesn't contribute anything going forward. Being generous it looks like he's maybe not ready for first team football yet but I certainly won't be clamouring to have him back. Josh Campbell - Definitely the best of the loanees. Has really come onto a game in the last few weeks. Good at winning the ball, retaining possession and doing the simple things well. I wouldn't be desperate to get him back again though mind you. Declan Glass - Clearly has talent and is quite tidy on the ball. I don't think he influences the game very much though but he's still very young. Don't think we've got the best out of him or seen the best of him. Again though I don't think I'd have him back.
  7. Should be class. My only problem with it is that one of them will be out after the first round.
  8. NXT

    Anyone going to the NXT UK tapings this weekend? Pete Dunne v Walter confirmed for Friday which should be fucking immense.
  9. Agreed. She was clearly the best from the start. Needed a fair bit more training to improve her confidence and ring work but that would come with time. I'm not sure if she's still training though? She's posted nothing on social media about it whereas the other competitors (even Rab and Fraser) posted about it almost daily. She also seemed to delete her Twitter account after the final. Agree about Scoop too. I wasn't convinced by him for most of the programme but the way he carried himself during that segment at Shug's was outstanding. Great look too. Could potentially be a star if he stuck at training. Big Da and Pitbull Paul have been training GPWA and someone on the ICW Facebook group said Rab the Crab is training at Source. I see ICW have announced Toni Storm, Kez Evans v BT Gunn and Just Justice v Jeff Jarrett for Shug's Hoose Party (both matches for night 1). They've also released the King of Hawners brackets -
  10. Gartcairn Jnrs 2018 / 2019

    Congratulations Gartcairn! Will need to get along to a game again at some point.
  11. Final episode of Rogue to Wrestler tonight. Can't see past Marguerita although Darren could be a dark horse. Anyone make it to the show on Sunday night?
  12. I don't fancy us to make it either although there's no reason why we can't finish above Montrose. Either way, I'm happy that we seem to be out of the rut we were in post-Celtic. Thought we played well, particularly in the first half, without ever truly dominating. The game was end to end although it is disappointing not being able to see out our lead (twice). Thought we tired badly in the second half and could have done with a couple of subs to bring in some fresh legs to provide energy and drive in the midfield as well as get some composure on the ball. Subs didn't come on until it was too late though in terms of the momentum of the game. Dumbarton got a real second win from their substitutions which IMO was a big factor in them getting a point and we badly lacked that.
  13. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/youth-focus-new-airdrieonians-director-14224019 All makes sense. Although hopefully, we will be progressing to the Championship sooner rather than later.
  14. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    That was an entertaining game but frustrating too. Silly mistakes at the back and sloppy goalkeeping cost us. I'd like to see Dumbarton's first goal again. One of those ones that seemed to go in slow motion and that nobody noticed it was a goal. There seemed to be a delayed reaction from the Dumbarton fans and players too. But Hutton has to do better there. The second goal looked like a shambles too and for the third Forbes should never have been allowed the time and space to turn inside like that. Thought we had the better of the midfield for most of the first half. Stewart has hit a real banging run of form right now (definitely a reverse Samson going on there) and I thought that was one of Kieran Millar's best 45 minutes in a diamond. The 2nd goal was beautifully worked, from Wilkie's through ball to McIntosh doing well to cut it back for Duffy. The 3rd goal was a lovely counter-attack too. A key point of the game though I thought was that we really began to tire in the 2nd half. After the 3rd goal particularly we could have done with a pair of fresh legs or two to provide a bit of energy and drive in the midfield and just a bit of composure on the ball as when we got tired we seemed to resort to the aimless punts more often. A Sean McIntosh and/or Dean Cairns would have been ideal. Not Ryan Conroy (and by then it was too late to shift the momentum around anyway). But for whatever reason Murray was almost Gary Bollan like in his reticence to make a sub. Dumbarton got a second wind when Boris came on and IMO that was critical in them getting a point. Overall though I'd have taken that before the game and given the way the game was playing out, if there'd been 5 more minutes I think Dumbarton would have scored another, I'm reasonably happy with a point in the end. Fourth place is still within sight (not that we'll get there mind) so can't be too disappointed.