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  1. Move Crighton to right-back after his 'cross' this afternoon. If it worked for Livi it can work for us
  2. Agreed. I said it after the Falkirk game (or maybe the Dumbarton game, probably both) but I just don't see what he adds to the team at all. It's noticeable how much better we are as soon as he goes off. Taking Roy off, our only striker in a bit of form, when we were a goal down before Jack McKay was criminal. Any and all of Carrick, O'Reilly, Connell, Robert and Thomson should be playing ahead of him.
  3. Our game against yourselves is going to be a shootout for the final top 5 spot isn't it? You're by all accounts terrible away from home while we can't buy a win at home. Bound to be a classic!
  4. I'm pleased for Gal too. He's been needing a goal for a while now. I still think he's our 'best' finisher or the closest thing we've got to a natural goal-scorer so hopefully he can kick-on from here.
  5. We could have done with the 3 points but in the context of being two goals down and, NEVER coming back from behind, that's a cracking result. A bit concerned it took an absolute howler from their goalkeeper but I'll take it and it makes up for Crighton's howler in the first half (well done to the big man). Despite falling down to 6th we're in a decent enough position going into the final two games. That last game against East Fife is going to be a shootout for the final top 5 spot isn't it?
  6. Is Robert injured? Because I’d genuinely rather just stick a fan on than Eoghan Stokes.
  7. Is Robert injured? Because I’d genuinely rather have a fan on the park than Eoghan Stokes.
  8. Our finishing is woeful. Must be about 3-6 shots we’ve blazed over the bar.
  9. Usual inconsistent pish from Murray’s Airdrie. It’s never going to change until the manager changes.
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