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  1. Coronation Street

    I chuckled at David calling his dog a 'traitor' too when he found him in the arms of 'St Nick'.
  2. He's not 'muckers' with the new chairman thankfully so we should dodge this particular bullet. Good luck to Kelty though...
  3. I think dire is extremely harsh and inaccurate. He's not necessarily the man I want (although I wouldn't be too displeased either) but let's not forget - - He almost got us promoted in his first season in charge, and indeed we thought he had done until the last kick of the ball elsewhere. - Won the league and took us to the Challenge Cup final the next season. - Took us to successive 5th and 6th place finishes in the first division, our highest placed finishes in years, when have we came close to that since? - Was the manager when we beat Dunfermline 4-3 in the Scottish Cup - Had his budget cut to the bone by Ballantyne. It's totally hypothetical but who knows where we could have gone if the budget hadn't been cut or if he'd stayed perhaps he'd have been able to turn it around and keep us up or get us promoted on actual merit the next season? By the end we were struggling and it made sense there was a parting of the ways and we tried something different but come off it, he wasn't dire. He hasn't had much competition, and extenuating circumstances have greatly affected other managers, but he's been our best manager since 2002 by an absolute mile. Likewise. Some of the names bandied about by people as serious suggestions are frightening.
  4. It's funny because 18-24 months ago I'd have bitten your hand off to get Stevie Aitken at Airdrie. Done a good job at Stranraer, making them legitimate title contenders in this league, and he'd continued to solidify Dumbarton as a midtable Championship team. But the last season and a quarter have been a complete disaster for him. Going by the comments of Dumbarton fans him and Findlay seem to have become carbon copies of each other so at this moment I wouldn't fancy him for the job but as I've said it wouldn't surprise me at all if he got it. I have a lot of love and respect for Sandy Clark but his time in management has been mixed at best and regardless he seems to have a sweet spot at the moment at Dunfermline. I'd definitely take him as a #2 though. Murray and Duffy are those that appeal to me most from the names I've seen so far. Hartley did a good job at Alloa but has totally trashed his reputation from his spells at Dundee and Falkirk. There have been some wild shouts on the Facebook page. Dick Campbell, Steve Archibald, Robbie Neilson, the Airdrie women's team's manager, Jimmy Boyle and Kenny Black. Saw one or two shouts for John Hughes and Barry Smith which are probably realistic but I hope we avoid both. My personal favourite so far though has been the boy on Twitter seriously touting Mark Wilson for the job... A few people suggesting Owen Coyle too. The man was my hero growing up, still, have Owen Coyle pyjamas, but his reputation in management has been poor for a while now and I'd hate to see him tarnish his legacy in any way. Same with Sandy Stewart, although conversely, if they were the two to get us promoted I'd love them even more. Another couple of left field shouts - Gregg Ryder who apparently was in for the Livingston and Morton jobs https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/its-time-come-cold-geordie-14789102 Maurice Ross - last seen managing in the Faroe Island and applied for the Queen's Park job. Has McBookie put up a shortlist?
  5. It's got Stevie Aitken, written all over it Wouldn't surprise me at all.
  6. Will be interesting to see who applies. We haven't had a proper managerial vacancy and recruitment process with someone appointed from outside the club (and haven't had a good manager since) since Gary Bollan if you discount the short reigns of Danny Lennon and Willie Aitchison. This is the most important managerial appointment in years also and it's crucial we get it right. This really is our chance, now, to get a winning and performing team on the park, get the crowds back and get promoted. Somebody with experience who can get the team organised and play to their strengths would be ideal. I realise they may be thin on the ground at our level but I trust the board to make the right appointment out of the list of applicants. (Cue Paul Lovering getting the job).
  7. I’ll always be thankful to Stevie Findlay for coming in and steadying the ship when my club had nothing. He’s a good man and has a lot to offer to a football club. But it’s been clear for a while now he was out of his depth as a manager. A change was needed, for both parties. I wish him all the best and hope he gets a gig somewhere else where he can put his talents in coaching and youth development to use. As for us, it’s been years since we’ve had a good manager. We desperately need someone who can come in and organise the team and get the best out of them. League 1 isn’t good and a decent manager should still be able to get us challenging.
  8. Somebody posted on the Facebook group the results from the first quarter of last season in comparison to this season. We actually had a better run of results (one more win) in the first quarter of last season than this season's first quarter. In other words, we were literally better off with no manager than having Stevie Findlay as manager. In all seriousness though, given that last season, and particularly the first quarter, was an omnishambles with no manager, half the squad not signed up until the third and fourth games of the season and that squad had an average age of 21(?) with most of them being loanees that is totally damnable. Especially when you compare the relative wealth spent on the squad compared to last season and the fact that the squad has been assembled for months with a manager and a full backroom staff in place.
  9. What a brass neck he has. Total bullshit and excuses with no acknowledgement of his responsibility as to why "things aren't going our way" or why we're "on a bad run". Surely Findlay has to go now? Every week the team produce a dismal performance. We have a terrible home record and have lost a lead countless times. Not to mention Findlay still doesn’t know his best team and there are no discernible tactics at all. Not to mention there’s absolutely no fight about the team whatsoever. I like him as a man but he’s not the guy to take this football club forward to where we want and need to be. Time for change.
  10. Airdrieonians v. Brechin

    If I'd swapped a plethora of changes for the opposition equalises straight after we score I'd have had a full house... Surely Findlay has to go now? Every week the team produce a dismal performance. We have a terrible home record and have lost a lead countless times. Not to mention Findlay still doesn’t know his best team and there are no discernible tactics at all. Not to mention there’s absolutely no fight about the team whatsoever. I like him as a man but he’s not the guy to take this football club forward to where we want and need to be. Time for change.
  11. Airdrieonians v. Brechin

    It's not our fault we both have a tactical genius at the helm of our clubs... Plays in the Croatian third tier with NK Novigrad. Think he had been training with Falkirk beforehand but looks like he dodged a bullet there!
  12. Airdrieonians v. Brechin

    This Saturday marks the end of the first quarter and is a chance for the board to assess where we are in relation to their goals. Perhaps that means a defeat will see the end of Findlay? I predict Airdrie to take the lead but not win the game, a plethora of changes to the team and a formation that still doesn't work.
  13. Those stats are absolutely damning. As are the number of points we have dropped from winning positions under Findlay which we did again yesterday. It's totally inexcusable, especially as well given how long he's had these players signed up for. It was the same last season too. Every week he seems to pluck a team out of a hat. There's no recognisable system or way of playing either. I like Findus but he is totally out of his depth as first team manager. I'm sure Murrays been in for every job that's going in Scotland, including the rovers one. I'd absolutely give him a chance. Could be just what we are looking for. 1 Murray took a fledgeling Dumbarton team and turned them into a solid 2nd tier team. Didn't work out at St Mirren but based on what he did at Dumbarton he's exactly what we need and would be an outstanding appointment. Duffy won this league with Morton and consolidated them at Championship level too.
  14. Arbroath vs Airdrie

    Another lead squandered. Same old story. It's all well and good complaining about the conditions but everybody and their granny knows about the (in)famous wind at Gayfield and if you fail to prepare for it then prepare to fail.