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  1. We're 9 points off 4th and 9 points off 9th. I can't see either of those gaps being met TBH which means we'll have an exciting end to the season duking it out for 5th place with Montrose... Apart from Hutton and O'Neil, I wouldn't be sorry to see any of those players go. I really like Murray but I think it's clear the system that was working for us before the Celtic game isn't working anymore (downed tools because they don't have a big cup game on the tele?). The main problem IMO is that there's just no attacking cutting edge at all. A midfield of Gallagher, Millar and Campbell isn't going to create anything. Stewart is wildly inconsistent. Glass is talented but very raw. Wilkie has his moments but can't seem to play more than two games without getting injured. And Conroy is just keek. Up front - Duffy is still our best finisher, and I would start him every week, but how long can we realistically expect him to lead the line for? McIntosh definitely adds something to the team but isn't going to score every week and, no harm to him, but he probably misses more chances than he scores. Carrick is a great footballer but isn't a goalscorer at all. Joao is signed up for next season but is he already a busted flush? Russell is a prospect but very young to relied upon week in week out. I think we've generally been okay since Murray arrived but there's still room for improvement there too. Crighton and MacDonald have done well but you wouldn't miss them and could be replaced in the summer if they were to go. I like Edwards a lot but he's still a young man learning his trade. Robertson is an expensive reserve player (on a two year deal) and the Page situation is an utter joke. Whoever sanctioned paying a fee to sign him should be sacked on the spot if they haven't already left the club. Whatever happens, Murray has a huge rebuilding job on his hands. I have faith in him being able to do it but the board have already sunk a lot of money into this season's failure of a manager and squad. Whilst I hope they're as generous to Murray as they were to Findlay I could understand if they wanted to wait until all of the jobbers on two-year contracts ran their contracts out and they got to start on a clean slate in two years time rather than pay them off. I hope that isn't what happens though because god knows what will be left of the fanbase by that point.
  2. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    Conducive to a healthy team spirit.
  3. The Albion Rovers Thread

    How did the shareholders meeting go?
  4. Stenny v Airdrie

    Glad to see Dale Carrick back in the starting XI. Mon the diamonds
  5. When we signed Joao I think there was almost no expectation at all of him amounting to anything at Airdrie. A bonafide lower league jobber that hadn't made the cut with bottom of the league Albion Rovers the year before, it seemed a really odd and out of place signing. Especially since we were signing players left, right and centre at that point. But he came off the bench against Hamilton Accies in the League Cup and scored an equaliser to take the game to penalties which kicked off a tremendous run of form for the first 2-3 months of the season. He was scoring goals (he's scored 8 in total), assisting, creating chances and just being a general menace to the opposing defence. An exciting, unpredictable flair player at this level? It was remarkable, especially since as mentioned above there was little to no expectation of him performing when we signed him. He was playing with a confidence and freedom that he never seemed to have before earlier in his career. But, as happens, teams became wise to him (and cynical) and his form dipped, although he still contributed. As when I say a form dip he was genuinely putting in man of the match performances every week so it would have been remarkable if he'd kept up that form. Things went really downhill for Joao though when Stevie Findlay left and Ian Murray took over. Murray's main task was to solidify us and make us harder to beat which saw Joao drop out the team for a more narrow midfield and wing backs. It was a fair enough call. As exciting as he was going forward he wasn't really cutting it when it came to defensive duties and indeed was probably a bit of a liability in that regard. But hey you still need your attacking players and, just like earlier in the season, maybe Joao could be an effective match winner coming off the bench? But it has been clear for a while that Murray does not fancy Joao at all. He's not the hardest worker which means he doesn't really fit into the system Murray wants to play. I don't get to every game because of work but I genuinely can't remember the last time Joao was on the park for any meaningful amount of time. Lately he's been lucky to get a cameo off the bench and a couple of times hasn't even made the bench at all. What sort of player will you get? It seems like Joao has reverted back to the mean (lower league jobber) based on his recent form but that is probably harsh based on the fact he hasn't been getting much game time. Get him confident and playing like he was at the start of the season and you'll have a genuine game changer on your hands. He'll have plenty of motivation to do well too. He's still contracted to us until the end of next season so if he does well at Stranraer he can stake a claim again for next season.
  6. Stenny v Airdrie

    I'm pretty confident about this one although that is never a good thing with Airdrie - especially as far as their recent record against Stenny is concerned. Stenny have strengthened somewhat but I still think, if we play at our best, we should have just enough to beat them. Glass quite impressed me in his cameo against Celtic so I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do against teams further down the food chain.
  7. Gartcairn New Facilities work underway

    Good stuff. Best of luck with it all!
  8. Edusport Academy

    Scott Thomson joins on loan https://www.airdriefc.com/scottthomson-120119 Scott has scored about 10 goals for the reserves this season and looks to be a good prospect but hasn't been amongst the first team at all this season. Regular game time at a good level should help him progress. I hope he does well at Edusports.
  9. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Good to see Cammy get on the scoresheet, win a penalty and get man of the match. Cammy has looked a good prospect but needs consistent game time at a decent level every week. Hope he gets it with East Kilbride and continues on the same vein as today.
  10. Stirling Albion Thread

    McGregor is a big strong boi who's comfortable in the air. He had a few dodgy moments with us but they were possibly concentration/experience issues and with some coaching and experience alongside him, he should be good enough to play in the lower levels of Scottish football. Interesting that someone above said he was good on the ball as that was probably the one area he was a bombscare in whilst at Airdrie. He was very much a head it or clear it away centre half although sometimes that's all you need. I'm sure the drop down further still and some regular first team football will do him some good. I hope he does well although don't criticise him too much or else GSC will be on your case.
  11. Confirmed Transfers - Winter '19

    Cammy Russell has joined East Kilbride on loan for the remainder of the season. https://www.airdriefc.com/cammyrussell-080119
  12. East Fife v Airdrie

    That's a terrific result for Airdrie. Murray has really transformed us with the same squad Findlay had so kudos to him. Great to hear that we were organised and playing with a bit of tempo, something which we most certainly we were not earlier in the season. I've said it elsewhere but if you're organised you'll win more games than you lose in this league. Crighton and Stewart had had a miserable start to the season so glad to hear Murray seems to be getting a lot more out of them now. I guess playing in the back 3 and not beside Page has helped Crighton. After conceding the sloppy goal that would have been a game we lost (and in fact did) earlier on in the season. We didn't though so well done Airdrie. Is Joao injured or just out of favour? His form had dipped a little but still think he has a lot to offer. Interesting too that Page came on before Robertson.
  13. Airdrie V Stranraer

    Hopefully this prediction goes as well as your Leighton McIntosh one
  14. Airdrie V Stranraer

    A win, 3 goals and a clean sheet. I'll take it.