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  1. Reuter and Moller both won the world cup as well and were in that Dortmund side
  2. Yup, already beaten our total for 2015/16 in the beginning of August.
  3. At the same time we could have gotten much less to almost nothing. £1m to Aberdeen means a lot less than it does to us, and if we get that sort of offer for a 1 season player (who wasn't looking anywhere near his former self in pre-season), we have to take it. We talk a lot about the perceived "value" of players, but at the end of the day, every club has a price they're willing to sell everyone at, and ours is lower than Aberdeen's (and most clubs know that). I'm really gutted to see Cedric go, but he's the first one we've let go in a long time that I actually feel has the natural ability to make it to the EPL, just as long as he applies that talent fully. Would love to see him bodying Salah in a couple of years.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rECZGqVARYo apparently, we'll see in 4 minutes.
  5. That's club coefficient, for whether your team gets seeded or not. Country coefficient is still based on each games result: https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/data/method5/ccoef2019.html
  6. Not really, but its cool to be mentioned in a video like this. I just like giving kudos to the young guys whenever I can, I remember my time as a season ticket holder in the mid-late 90s when I was younger in a dreary atmosphere, wishing we had something like what they do now to liven up the place. Although we sat in the main stand so shit like that was never going to happen there.
  7. Icelandic fans giving Motherwell credit for their 'Viking' chant in this half million viewed video(3:10). We can't help but be viral sometimes these days, great job to the Bois in the East Stand. Over here in North America, even the American Football fans are copying it now, Minnesota Vikings call it the Skol chant.
  8. The transformation in this club over the last 6 months has been nothing short of remarkable. Full credit to Stephen Robinson, Alan Burrows and everyone that worked so hard behind the scenes to make this possible. And thank you to the players that made it possible too. Days like today don't come along often for fans of clubs like ours, I'm off to the pub to enjoy it a bit more.
  9. And there's our centre-half, Peter Hartley on loan from Blackpool for the year. Weird one as he's just signed there.
  10. Thats Grimshaw signed up, with one more coming within the hour. Wonder if the other ones a centre-half or if we're thinking McHugh will be slotting back in there with Grimshaw taking his place.
  11. Yea, don't know what I was thinking there...
  12. 0.125 overall points, as the 0.5 points they would gain is divided by the 4 teams taking part.
  13. That's only really true of Czech Republic. This year there's no teams from Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia or Belarus in the EL group stages, last year only had Dinamo Minsk from all those countries and they won 1 and lost 5.
  14. A guy on Bert Kassies forum appears to be an ITK for some of the changes and shared a couple of documents with Bert and it looks like the changes will end up like this: UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2018/21 – ACCESS LIST FOR QUALIFICATION ROUNDS CHAMPIONS PATH: Preliminary Rounds (PR): 4 starters (52-55), two PR, for 1 place in CQ1 Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 52. Gibraltar, 53. Andorra, 54. San Marino, 55. Kosovo. CQ1: 33 starters (18-51, without Liechtenstein) + 1 winner from PR = 34 teams Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 18. Denmark, 19. Belarus, 20. Sweden, 21. Poland, 22. Norway, 23. Scotland, 24. Israel, 25. Azerbaidjan, 26. Cyprus, 27. Serbia, 28. Bulgaria, 29. Kazakhstan, 30. Slovenia, 31.Slovakia, 33. Hungary, 34. Moldova, 35..Iceland, 36. Finland, 37. Albania, 38. Bosnia, 39. Georgia, 40. Latvija, 41. Ireland, 42. Macedonia, 43. Estonia, 44. Montenegro, 45. Armenia, 46. Luxembourg, 47. Nothern Ireland, 48. Lithuania, 49. Malta, 50. Wales, 51. Faroe Islands CQ2: 3 starters (15-17) + 17 winners from CQ1 = 20 teams Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 15. Netherlands, 16. Romania, 17. Austria. CQ3: 2 starters (13-14) + 10 winners from CQ2 = 12 teams Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 13. Croatia, 14. Greece. CQ4 (play off): 2 starters (11-12) + 6 winners from CQ3 = 8 teams Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 11. Czech Republik, 12. Switzerland. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NON CHAMPIONS PATH – Option 1: NCQ3: 8 starters (3rd 5, 3rd 6, runner up 7-12) Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 5. France (3rd), 6. Russia (3rd), 7. Portugal, 8. Ukraine, 9. Belgium, 10. Turkey, 11. Czech Rep, 12. Switzerland. NCQ4 (play off): 4 winners from NCQ3 UEFA Europa League: CW 13-15 directly in a GS! --------------------------------------------------- NON CHAMPIONS PATH – Option 2: NCQ2: 6 starters (runner up 10-15) Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 10. Turkey, 11. Czech Rep, 12. Switzerland, 13. Croatia, 14. Greece, 15. Netherlands NCQ3: 5 starters (3rd 5, 3rd 6, runner up 7-9) + 3 winners from NCQ2 = 8 teams Starters 2018/19, at the moment: 5. France (3rd), 6. Russia (3rd), 7. Portugal, 8. Ukraine, 9. Belgium. NCQ4 (play off): 4 winners from NCQ3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Whitch option for NCQ will be taken, it will be decided in the next 2-3 months - by the Club Competition Commitee Working Group. If one spot in a GS would be free (because of title holder UCL / UEL in the previous season 2017/18), champions of 11 (Czech Rep. at the moment) and 12 (Switzerland at the moment) would not start in play offs – they would go directly to the GS. Therefore we would have 27 teams directly qualified for the GS, 3 teams gualified through CQ and 2 teams qualified through NCQ. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2018/21 – ACCESS LIST FOR QUALIFICATION ROUNDS Complete access list will be determined in the next 2-3 months - by the Club Competition Commitee Working Group. Directly in the GS for sure: 5th 1-4 CW 1-12 looser PO CQ (4 teams) looser Q3 & PO NCQ (4 + 2 = 6 teams) Optionaly also CW 13-15 (if by NCQ option 1 "winns") NEW CLUB COEFFICIENTS CALCULATION STARTING FROM 2018: PERFORMANCE previous 10 seasons 2 points for win, 1 point for draw BONUS previous 10 seasons UCL: 4 points for GS, 5 points for R16 UCL/UEL: 1 point for KO as of QF TITELS: Last 5 seasons: UCL 15 (or 12, will be decided in next months), UEL 3 As of 1992/93: UCL 10 (or 8, will be decided in next months), UEL 2 Before 1992/93: UCL 5 (or 4, will be decided in next months), UEL 1 So, if that's how it will be, Scottish champions(Celtic) will have to get through 4 qualifying rounds to reach the CL group stage, meaning a probable start of season of early July. Europa League changes haven't been finalized yet so no idea if they'd drop down if they lost any of those qualifying rounds. Non-champions path also being finalized between a couple of options. Option 1 would mean we'd need to be ranked 12th to get a 2nd CL spot again so if that gets chosen, doubt we'll get it back for a long, long time, if ever.
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