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  1. I’ll go for that, don’t even need to play the game. Save Queens fans travelling for the ridiculous kick off, and they could just present us the trophy on TV making sure it’s done before “The Nine” starts (‘cos let’s face it we know it’s getting cut short)
  2. County going with the same starting XI as Saturday Fox Stelio - Watson - Draper - Kelly Cowie - Vigurs Mullin - Lindsey - Keillor Dunn McKay
  3. Despite all the coy messages from Caley fans, they have to be seen a slight favourites for this game. No team that is 16 (?) games unbeaten in this league can be seen as anything else other than favourites. However, county have assembled a good squad and vastly improved our defence and midfield from last season, and we’re the home team (if that actually makes a difference given there is no travel for Caley) Up front we’ve not really found a combination that is proving fruitful and are relying on goals from around the team Given all that I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a 0-0 draw A result that probably won’t suit either side. It’s a big 3 weeks for County though, as following this game we’ve then got Utd and Partick (both away) before the international break I’d quit happy take 7 points from those games.
  4. County's captain Marcus Fraser wore a rainbow captains armband today Any other teams wearing them today?
  5. He was off the park so no need to put it out. It was kicked out so you could get a sub on - so you're not getting it back after that As fir the rest of the game - it wasn't very good! Decent strike by OHara - and McScary made it easy for El Back... For the second, but in reality the game was gone by then anyway Dundee wanted the win more, they were better all over the pitch, and tactically Eagles looks decent when on the ball, but he looks so lazy when he doesn't have it - and we've no room for passengers in our team - so he'll need to improve quickly
  6. What's happening now with the redevelopment? Have they just stopped working on it now the safety certificate has been granted? I was down with County last week, and going by the pictures Partick fans posted the week before, it looked like no further work had been done - around the away section entrance anyway. Then there was the no power in the away section, so no toilets could be used and the tea bar out of action Then this week the fire alarms going off pre match and the reduced lighting post match? I seems to me that there are still a lot of issues to be ironed out - which is expected - but have they stopped work? Do they need a few games to generate cash to do a bit more work?
  7. Today's game was always going to be hard No complaints from the defence, we were only beaten by a very good free kick Midfield were strong albeit pressed back quite a bit and unable get forward very often Up front is the issue - Curran did a power of running and kept on top of Brown when defending set pieces - but he struggles for pace so gets very little opportunities on goal Schalk has the pace but rarely hits the target with his shots Mikklesen is actually shorter when he jumps than he is when just standing so useless in the air And we've not seen much of McKay to make judgement So yes we do need to address this We didn't see it today simply because it was Celtic we played, but of late the midfield have been supporting the forwards a lot more, Motherwell first half was brilliant.
  8. Surprise 3-0 lead at half time. It wasn't a true reflection on the half, just that County were clinical with their chances. Davis caused a few problems for Motherwell at the set pieces. But County were a lot more inventive than we've been this season and all three goals were well worked moves. Who's the Motherwell defender (Kipre??) a big unit of a bloke but was woeful in the air. Beat by Curran and DKD (smallest players on the park) time after time, but in fairness to him he was decent at defending the ball on the deck - a class tackle which I thought was going to be a pen. Second half and Bowman made a difference, obviously scoring early gave them a lift, but he gave Davis more of a challenge. Moult got his standard goal against us. And it was fairly nervy for the last 10 minutes. Excellent 3 points though, and with results of teams around us pretty much going our way too, a excellent day out
  9. I'm guessing Shay Logan will score against us again! I'm not confident about this one, a wounded Aberdeen team is dangerous, and we have Fox out injured so McScarey will be in goals This won't go well
  10. I went there for the day about 5 years ago (was staying nearby) To be honest there wasn't much to see or do, the city is pretty much an industrial city. I believe it was totally flattened in the war and basically rebuilt in the 60's and as a consequence the hole city was just square concrete blocks everywhere We were a da time trip, so didn't do pubs or nights out. There was quite a few nice eating places though - can't remember the name of the place we ate, but there was no shortage of eating places around the city centre We do go to the stadium though. About a 10 minute walk from Centraal station, did the typical stadium tour which is sme thing I end up doing in most cities. Was decent enough If you have a couple of spare days though, jump on the train to either Den Bosch ('s-Hertogenbosch) which is about 30 mins north on the train or to the South and to Maastricht Both are smaller but lovely small cities
  11. Canary Islands is probably the obvious suggestion for January sunshine - we went to Lanzarote in January this year - temperatures were around 22-25'c although evenings cooled off a bit so needed long sleeves once the sun went down We had a couple of days where it was quite breezy, still warm but the breeze was a pain in the hoop - and the sea quite rough if you're a beach person Hotel swimming pools were also a bit nippy at that time of year, apart from the heated pool obviously This year we are heading to The Gambia over new year. Price wise it's pretty much the same as going to Lanzarote. An extra 2 hours flying time though. But you can get flights from Manchester. Temperatures around that time average around 30'c and they say you're pretty much guaranteed sunshine
  12. I wonder if his face will be as red as the 'give racism the red card' poster he'll be holding pre match Luckily for him I think he's the East Stand linesman so will get a easy ride as no fans will be behind him tomorrow I'm in hospitality tomorrow, so we all know that's a dead cert for an away win
  13. Has anyone travelled to Gambia? I'm looking at a holiday for me and the wife over new year. Prices are reasonable. Comparable to going to the likes of Lanzarote. The area we are looking at is Kololi. The options we have is all inclusive or bed and breakfast. We're not big drinkers and the reviews in most of the hotels is that food is basic So was just wondering if anyone knows what the food is like in nearby restaurants, and is it expensive to eat out? Just need an idea to determine if we pick the all inclusive or B&B options Also any other info appreciated
  14. The situation with Jack is similar to Scott Brown having his red card rescinded last season despite the shocking tackle on Boyce. Both games saw the referee make mistakes against Rangers/Celtic so in a bid to apologies they rescind the red cards. It's wrong, both were clearly red cards. Jack clearly motions a head but towards stokes - whether contact is made or not is irrelevant - he made a head but motion. I know Stokes had him by the throat, and had done a tackle earlier that wouldn't have been out of place in a WWE bout. Stokes not receiving a retrospective red card is equally as farcical. The review panel was supposed to clear up these things, but this week it's made it look a total waste of times
  15. Anyone know what's up with Kelly last week. Wasn't even in the squad for Aberdeen match With Motherwell's suspensions, we must be looking to go for the win, but in reality any point away from home in this league is a good point
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