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  1. He's one of the few players from last season that a lot of their support wanted to keep.
  2. How many Scottish Cup Semi-Finals have Airdrie played? Was just looking up the 1971 Semi against Celtic and seen we'd also played them in the Semi-Finals in 1955 and 1961, which I didn't know. Obviously the 4 times we made the Final in 1924, 1975, 1992 and 1995. Any other Scottish Cups Semis? 1955 Semi Final footage some quality commentary
  3. Yeah the 3 of them were part of the Airdrie team that made the Texaco Cup final against Derby County. Beating the likes of Man City and Huddersfield. Also the Scottish Cup Semi Final. Drawing 3-3 with Celtic. Losing the replay 2-0. Wish I was about to have seen that team play.
  4. I see someone saying on the Montrose thread Liam Fontaine won't be signing for them as he is going to another League 1 team. I'd like for us to go for him, Broadfoot or similar to give us a bit of experience in the team.
  5. I've not seen anyone that would really know. Last I'd heard Jackie McNamara had recommended a couple of players for us to look at, McCabe had a couple coming in later this week that he knew, we'd agreed in principle a couple of loan deals and were negotiating with a couple of players the Club felt could fill the place of Easton. But all this was last week so not sure where we're at now. In my opinion probably the better players on the market will be last minute signings, if and when, they can't find better deals further up the pyramid.
  6. I think you've hit the nail on the head, he needs to get his head out the clouds and just focus on playing football. All the stuff with his agent pushing articles in the press and trials here, there & everywhere are just a distraction. If he is good enough he would get the moves up the ladder naturally.
  7. Must admit I'd never heard of him till this week but going by the reports from Queen of the South and other Championship supporters it looks like another good bit of business by the club.
  8. Just had a nosey on his Instagram and he has posted a couple videos today & yesterday of him and his family on holiday.
  9. I see he mentions a couple of big lads in the squad. That's probably the one thing our team from last year lacked in a few games, was a bit of height.
  10. It must be a bit frustrating for the staff who actually are ITK. They're fans like us. They'll want to talk to their mates about players and stuff going on at the Club.
  11. I really expected some announcements at the end of last week. Must have checked that Twitter page about a thousand times hoping to see that pen.
  12. Yeah. Seems to be a lot going on in the background, not just with the first team. Obviously there have been a few rumours concerning Gow on here. I've heard we're starting up our youth development again. A friend of mine knows some young lad who signed a contract with them.
  13. There are definitely more people training than have been properly photographed. Check the arm to the right of the Fordyce photo. And whoever is photographed with the number 7 shorts in the McCabe picture.
  14. Some great away days to start the season. Arbroath, Peterhead, Queen of the South and Dunfermline.
  15. Is there no scope to develop the other pitch at Meadowbank?
  16. Yeah it doesn't bother me, just seems a bit pointless. With regards to the 1924 Club. As @Mr November says the members haven't received their tie/chiffon scarf. Obviously didn't happen last season due to Covid but memebers are also supposed to be invited up to some sort of open day with the kit launch and Q&A with directors & management.
  17. Seems a bit OTT having a pre-sale. They expecting a sell out next season? lol
  18. My reply was to Shine On You Crazy Diamonds question on whether anymore signings had been made but not announced. I'm not sure about Afolabi. I haven't heard any names.
  19. Yeah. As Kenny_m says training starts on Saturday. My guess would be the new players will check in later in the week with social media team there for interviews and photos. They seem very upbeat about the work that's been done so I'm intrigued to see who we've got.
  20. Yeah I think there will be a few announcements when the players check in later this week. Think my guesses of potential moves for Broadfoot or Burke were well wide of the mark. Club seem pleased with the players they're bringing in. They think this squad is an upgrade on last year's and are hopeful of going one better and winning the league.
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