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  1. Clyde 0 vs 2 Dunfermline Athletic FC Edinburgh 1 vs 0 Peterhead Falkirk 1 vs 0 Alloa Athletic Kelty Hearts 1 vs 1 Queen of the South Montrose 0 vs 0 Airdrieonians
  2. Airdrieonians 2 vs 0 FC Edinburgh Clyde 1 vs 1 Alloa Athletic Kelty Hearts 0 vs 1 Falkirk Peterhead 0 vs 1 Montrose Queen of the South 1 vs 1 Dunfermline Athletic
  3. Alloa Athletic 2 vs 0 Peterhead Dunfermline Athletic 1 vs 1 Airdrieonians FC Edinburgh 1 vs 1 Clyde Falkirk 1 vs 1 Queen of the South Montrose 1 vs 0 Kelty Hearts
  4. Airdrieonians 2 vs 0 Alloa Athletic FC Edinburgh 1 vs 2 Falkirk Kelty Hearts 1 vs 1 Dunfermline Athletic Montrose 2 vs 0 Clyde Peterhead 0 vs 1 Queen of the South
  5. I think you're right but I do worry about the depth of squad in defence. Through suspensions and injuries it's not that uncommon for teams to have 3 or 4 defenders missing at the same time, I just don't know how we would cope in that sort of situation. Last season in defence we started with Fordyce, Watson, Kerr, Lyons, Walker, Quitongo and Wardrop. With the likes of McCabe, McGill, Ritchie and MacDonald who could cover. We still had problems. Other than McCabe there's not really anybody further forward that sticks out as being able to cover at the back if needed. We're really relying on our defence to stay injury and suspension free.
  6. A really stupid joke that went badly wrong. There had been a fancy dress party the night before and some of the folk decided to wear their costumes on the bus down to Gretna the next day. A few folk were dressed as KKK. A couple of them were white and one was coloured. There had been a few photos taken before the game. Including some Asian tourists, a wedding party etc.. The cops were laughing with the coloured lad wearing the costume but told them not to wear the costumes to the game. The Daily Star got a hold of a photo of some other lads wearing the masks on the bus and then made up some story about the folk wearing the costumes at the game to target some coloured lad who was on the bench from Gretna. It was stupid but they didn't do what the Daily Star claimed.
  7. That's strange. Our group got water on a couple of occasions from the pie stall and weren't charged.
  8. Yeah I'd agree with Mr November post. Decent signing. Would have happily had back this season.
  9. Coach and Horses and/or New Bazaar are both on the Sands and normally have outdoor seating. The Bazaar is generally a "Queens Bar" so I'd imagine there will be a few fans in for a drink as well. There is a pub at the bottom of the Vennel called Riverside Tap which has a decent beer garden. It is pricey though but if you like your craft beer it's probably worth a drink or two. Thanks a lot
  10. Looking like it's going to be a decent day on Saturday. Any suggestions for a pub with outdoor seating/beer garden? Preferably near White Sands Bus Stance.
  11. Queen of the South is one of my favourite away days, I must have drank a lot on the previous trips to never notice how bad our record was down there.
  12. Alloa Athletic 2 vs 0 FC Edinburgh Clyde 1 vs 1 Kelty Hearts Dunfermline Athletic 1 vs 0 Montrose Falkirk 2 vs 0 Peterhead Queen of the South 0 vs 1 Airdrieonians
  13. Its not lack of people or finance, the problem is finding a bus company. I've had problems booking buses for a few events. A lot of companies went out of business or downsized during the Pandemic. Most of those that survived have regular contracts. A big factor is Scotrail. With so many lines running replacement bus services at the moment they have booked the spare bus capacity. Eventually some companies are going to expand (or new companies start up) but much like the taxi shortages it's going to take time.
  14. The Northern Irish lads are signing some sort of modern training/scholarship contracts. The paperwork hold up is the with the College/Uni they're going to.
  15. Airdrieonians 2-1 Falkirk Alloa Athletic 1-1 Kelty Hearts Clyde 2-0 Peterhead FC Edinburgh 0-2 Dunfermline Montrose 1-1 Queen of the South
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