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  1. Not really. I heard we had the basis of a team in place and they were pretty confident about next season. But no names. I thought by now we would have heard a few announcements. With absolutely no inside knowledge, just going by interviews I think it sounds like Murray, Fordyce and McCabbe will be here next season. You can sometimes read between the lines with end of season interviews where players are a bit non committal and get the feeling they're leaving their options open. But to me they 3 don't come across like that. They sound like they are planning for next season with us.
  2. I was chatting to him briefly before the East Fife match. That was the impression I got as well. Spoke very positively about how they were building something and plans were well underway for next season no matter what division we were in. Also felt the standard of player approaching Airdrie to sign had greatly increased. I know he has some critics & the obvious run-ins with the Trust but from my personal dealings with him I've always been impressed. He wants things done right. If it's not, you're gone. And while previous regimes were happy to just survive, he won't be happy unless we're progressing and moving upwards.
  3. To be fair it's only two people. With the majority of others pointing out how ridiculous they're being.
  4. I think Kerr will be gone. Apparently he has been quite dissapointed with his lack of game time since coming back from injury. I feel sorry for Luke Lyons as I thought he has looked a decent when he has played. He’s not one of these players with a recurring muscle/tissue injury that keeps flaring up. He just seems really unlucky and pickups random injuries. With us a broken collar bone and then a fractured bone from sliding into the post. I think there is a player there but it would be a massive gamble keeping him.
  5. I think the goal of the season should be the one up at East Fife when we passed the ball about for ages and it’s not even in the short list.
  6. The West Ham stuff was true. We were due to sign Sean Adarkwa on loan. West Ham failed to sign a couple of their targets for the first team. Which meant they had to promote forwards from different age groups and so West Ham cancelled the deal. They then offered us another player (can't remember his name) Airdrie agreed only for the players agent to put a stop to the deal as he wanted his client to go on loan to a local club. That all came from one of our directors.
  7. Airdrie always blow it in the playoffs. Hibs, Ayr United, Stirling Albion, Dumbarton, Brechin, Alloa, Clyde & Morton.
  8. I've not really looked attendances for a long time, so didn’t realise just how bad our crowds had got.
  9. Yeah, sounds class. Although I'm not sure I could keep up with Spangles boozing for that length of trip. lol
  10. Quality. Great group of lads. I've tagged along a couple of their trips to Dusseldorf & Newcastle. Great laugh.
  11. There had been a few rumours that Airdrie were close to signing someone on loan from Celtic. Then the following Saturday (Falkirk game I think?) some pics done the rounds of Moffat in hospitality.
  12. Stream eventually worked at half time. Felt the 2nd half we were the better team. Although they caused us big problems from crosses. If only we had a prolific forward. I think this season will go down as a "what if" Salim had been fit.
  13. We can't afford to lose anymore ground so the pressure is really on us for Saturday If Fyvie, Megason & McAllister could all pick up wee niggly injuries that would be a big help. lol
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