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  1. I wonder whether the Highland League would become slightly more appealing to some Tayside teams if Brechin were to be relegated.
  2. I think it was the season before. Pretty sure it was the season we went out the game.
  3. When you look at the players Forfar have lost and replaced them with 4 players from Brechin I thought they'd struggle this year. But their results and what people are saying about their performances, it seems like Jim Weir has done a really good job getting them gel as a team.
  4. Enough of that football chat. I'm looking forward to the important stuff. Getting a few pre-match pints in the Albert. 🍺
  5. Good to get on to the real stuff. I think we've built a decent squad and while I'm hopefully we will have a good season, we've had so many false dawns its hard not to think its going to happen again. Our support aren't exactly known for having patience. I just hope we can hit the ground running and not end up with the support on their backs.
  6. We started really slowly again last night. As the first half went on we gained more control of possession, had some half chances but didn't work their keeper enough. Second half we dominated possession. Again lots of half chances and shots from the edge of the box but never worked their keeper enough. Their goal was excellent. Their number 7 was a real handful. The final stages of the game was end to end. We had 4 stickers on the park going for the win and had a few chances. And QP had a couple of excellent strikes. Big Crighton is a decent enough defender however his distribution is shocking. How many times a game do we lose possession with him hitting those big floated diagonal balls? 4 times in that first half and I lost count in the 2nd where there were easy short balls into midfield and he punted the ball either straight out the park or to a QP player. All in all last night was a really entertaining game. Obviously Murray is still experimenting with different lineups and formations. But I think there is enough to be encouraged for the season ahead.
  7. Not sure if I'm included in that 6? If not make it 7. 👍
  8. Won the criminal case. I know some folk through here who know both parties involved they have absolutely no doubt she was lying.
  9. I like Stewart and would have been happy enough for him to stay but he had a terrible start to last season. He came under a lot of criticism on here and FB. A number of posters were asking for him to be dropped. In the final weeks of Findlays reign he was subbed early in a couple of matches before eventually dropping to the bench for a few games. His best performances of the season came later in the season, under Murray. Obviously too little too late to win over the manger.
  10. Exactly! When Findlay was sacked we were 4th bottom. We'd won 1 game in 7. Conceding loads of goals. This page was full of folk saying this was the worst bunch of players to pull on a Airdrie strip and tipping us to get relegated. Murray steadied the ship. Stopped us leaking goals, to the point where we finished the season with one of the best defensive records in the division. And somehow almost sneaked the playoffs with the same group of players. Everyone was asking for a clear out. We get it and now suddenly folk are moaning about getting rid of the same squad of players that were getting labelled the worst players to pull on a Airdrie strip??? 🙄
  11. I think you're looking through rose tinted glasses. Stewart was on poor run of form, which had led to him being in and out of the team in the weeks leading up to Murray taking over.
  12. The problem is, he wasn't fit. He put very little effort in training and piled on the weight. This situation is his own doing. He was paid (and apparently paid well) by the club and he let himself go. Fair enough he has realised it wasn't acceptable and tried to get himself back in shape but I have no sympathy for him.
  13. Falkirk have on paper made some really good signings in midfield and defence but I was reading a couple of days ago, they don't have a single striker signed up.
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