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  1. I agree. I don't get the criticism he takes. His job is a defensive midfielder. To sit in front of the defence and give cover allowing the more attacking players get forward. Before he came into the side we were losing loads of soft goals. Attacking midfielders were getting free runs on our defence. We’ve went from looking a disaster at the back to having one of the best defensive records in the division. Now I’m not saying it’s all because of him but he plays a big part in that. I think the folk that criticise him should watch back the highlights from this season and the amount of times he is covering for players and filling the gaps. There is a great example in the defeat at Clyde the other week. He’s not perfect but nobody playing 3rd tier of Scottish football is. But I think we’d be a much weaker team with any of the other possible replacements.
  2. With our record against Hearts it's hard not to get carried away dreaming of yet another cup upset.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Wedderburn is gone in January. I can't see him being happy warming our bench.
  4. Davie Truesdale going for a wee dip in the sea after the game.
  5. You can see in the backround it was the Raith Rovers support in the North Stand.
  6. Airdrie support weren't in the North Stand. We had the South Stand the day we won promotion.
  7. The crowd figure from that game will just be made up. Close to kick off here were still loads of Airdrie fans still outside so they just opened the exit gates and stewards stood with buckets collecting money.
  8. I still dream about being back at Old Broomfield. I just wish we had the money to convert the East stand to 'Safe Standing'.
  9. We've had some great results against Hearts over the years. Really looking forward to this one.
  10. Brockville was one of my favourite away days. Was always a good atmosphere at Falkirk v Airdrie games back in the day. 90mins of exchanging verbals up at the segregation fence. haha Remember there was a Fear lad who had a cobweb tattoo on his face.
  11. To be fair the Clyde support looked decent. Not much between our away support and theirs these days. 🙁
  12. Since 2014 / 15 Home Wins 38 - Draws 23 - Defeats - 35 Away Wins 37 - Draws 17 - Defeats - 41
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