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  1. Ryan connelly hatrick in his first game
  2. Thanks mate , really enjoying doing it although the camera ran out of battery and missed frasers goal but a new batters is ordered
  3. Some signing news coming tonight ......
  4. Gary fraser back at pre season ive heard hopefully get him signed up
  5. Euan valentine from raith was training yesterday left back from raith also , michael herd centre back from spartans one of sheerins pals
  6. Hope so looking to get a chat with the gaffer
  7. First day of pre season today came up to do a bit of filming Jordyn sheerin looking sharp looks like he has put a lot of effort in to shift some weight !
  8. Great move for him hopefully the play him where he is best suited
  9. Archie thomas has just signed for us heard he had a short loan spell at you guys , how was he before he got injured ?
  10. Guessing Gary Cennerazzo from spartans ?
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