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  1. I can guarantee no director was laughing about the situation the time and effort our board puts into the club for zero reward in my opinion the club would have went to the wall long ago if it wasn’t for this
  2. All quiet from the club strong reports of Maurice Ross who has an excellent coaching pedigree and would maybe bring fresh ideas and a better style of play ?
  3. I think the club need a young hungry manager with fresh modern ideas , bollan stabilized us which I’m Grateful for but as nelly said in a previous post his attitude and demeanor did not suit our community club (Danny Lennon was a perfect example of Getting involved with the community and fans ). The next few weeks will be interesting
  4. Greg stewart signing for Indian super league side Jamshedpur
  5. Sad news about the passing of Zoe Smith , did a massive amount for the club
  6. Anyone any idea whats happening with taylor , wasnt on the list
  7. Any news on jamie todd ? Is he signing up
  8. Jamie stevenson released by kelty ? Worth a punt ?
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