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  1. Well done to all involved today in getting back to playing at Central Park , The media team have been doing a lot of work in getting the stream setup so as far as first attempts go we are pretty happy with that , our usual cameraman wasn't able to attend today so i had to step in , apologies if it wasn't the best , what I can say is how brilliant the commentators were it was an absolute joy to listen to them and hopefully we can build on today and create a great stream for both sets of fans
  2. Looks like coxy is away judging by his facebook post
  3. Great performance by the boys today , what a start for Mac Whyte didn't put a foot wrong and big praise to the defence new boy Hay was brilliant be good if we can keep hold of him and Brad , discussing in the car home what an acquisition Jamie Todd has been , to be released by Berwick and the performances the guy has put in for us has been tremendous , Bollan had the team well organised after Cox sending off ( Think he reacted badly to a foul ) and the boys did tremendous , I'm a big fan of coxy but how many points and fines is the guy gonna cost us from getting sent off , There is only so much support we can give him we need to see something back and at the minute he is just causing us problems if he is going to react like that every time he is fouled and lets be honest he is lucky at times with the shoulder barging etc , i really feel for the guy but it isn't doing himself any good or the club with the sending offs he is getting , I really hope we can see an improvement in his disciplinary record this season but not a good start
  4. Ross sinclair has picked up an injury training for st johnstone mac whyte starts in goal
  5. Brad smith back on loan and another from broughty
  6. Hearts Inverness Raith East fife For bedfred cup group ... thoughts
  7. Think the herald have got the wrong Allan
  8. In today’s herald that Jordan Allen has joined Darvel
  9. Liam Jackson who stepped in as bluebell at times has sadly passed away , Rip to a great man
  10. Season is obviously over now who would you guys like to see retained and released from the current squad ?
  11. Anyone making the trip to Elgin on Tuesday ?
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