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  1. And this will all happen while starting Alex Jakubiak up tap. OK.
  2. Hmmm...is this really the case though? Does anyone really know? Unfortunately we live in a country -bizarrely - where the established opinion is such that wishing a democratically elected Head of State is seen as completely radical. The SNP perhaps do not take a clear position on the Monarchy because it softens the overall picture of having another position which is seen as radical - Scottish Independence. It can then allow the SNP a broader appeal to those who are unnerved by 'radical' concepts. Hopefully, of course, in an independent Scotland there would be a loud voice to sever all ties with the Monarchy - which I think would be best replaced by a fixed term (10 years?) democratically elected figurehead/ceremonial Head of State position.
  3. 'Leading'/'leadership' is not infrequently used in relation to Queen Elizabeth II. It involves making decisions and taking responsibility for things. No one has ever been able to show me an example of her 'leadership'.
  4. It's a shame for Rangers that there was only a trophy available for winning the football match, and no prize for not creating a large scale civil disturbance and no silverware for not being involved in violence in large numbers.
  5. Hearts were playing for penalties from 70 mins onwards. Perhaps not an unreasonable thing to do though...
  6. Cavin Bassey had a good game but overall the Rangers players - particularly the forwards Wright, Kent, Sakala - looked ordinary. They'll cut through a St. Johnstone or Dundee but not that Frankfurt side. I have zero sympathy for a group of people who otherwise know so little of football's disappointments. Never endured a relegation or long winless run, regular trophies and guaranteed dozens of wins every season (they describe themselves as the most successful club in the world, after all). There were sound reasons why many people in Scotland refused to support Rangers last night.
  7. So much footage of tears! Fantastic stuff.
  8. Stephen Craigan wittering some amount of staunch shite.
  9. Frankfurt finishing is dreadful. Fucking hit it doon into the ground past him rather than a lob.
  10. And labelling Rangers as "more to the right".
  11. She is most likely a complete sociopath (or some other type of personality disorder, at least) who will come to a sticky end, as they say... Still wid but
  12. A real collection of morons there. Charlie Adam ridiculing the size of support at the ICT v Thistle play-off - clearly only thinks his big team has any relevance - and Alan Rough, a PTFC director, dropping hints about one of our key players leaving.
  13. Not many complaints from me for this season. Couldn't criticise a lack of effort over those 2 ties. Consecutive promotions was unlikely. Graham and Rudden were a good combination but I don't think we had any means of holding on to the latter, and the replacements in Jakubiak, and especially Alegria, were a disappointment. We did well to cling on to a play off spot actually after some dreaful form, with some hard fought wins. We gave it a go.
  14. You do realise people working a 9-5 job can't make it to the Highlands from Glasgow in time for a 19:45 kick off.
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