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  1. Tear stained ravings. Definitely snapped the lead in his pencil half a dozen times while he wrote that.
  2. Can't imagine he will know what's happening next season yet.
  3. At least with 14 teams we’d need to be truly awful to get relegated.
  4. This is good to know. At least if my kid does die I can be comforted by the fact that it was statistically unlikely.
  5. It's ridiculous that basically two or three clubs out of 42 want an independent inquiry, yet that's the position that's getting all the coverage. Lunacy.
  6. I don’t think Roberts would be unwelcome. The equaliser against Airdrie in the 2009 playoffs was probably my favourite of his goals.
  7. Sure, but that could apply just as easily to Hearts. I’m assuming they will propose something they will vote for. Admittedly that may be an assumption too far.
  8. Hamilton are the other team creating the proposal. They can hardly vote against their own recommendation.
  9. I’m sympathetic to this, but these are challenging times for people who are suddenly without or on reduced income.
  10. He just prefers 18/20 because the fixtures are sensible. 34 or 38 games, home and away.
  11. If they’d waited 24 hours to stop the games we’d have had a point or three off of Queens, relegating them and giving us third place money. Willing to take that hit if it means Partick are a league below us.
  12. That's not what it says. It says their view is that the vote should be considered cast at the time it was sent rather than at the time it was received.
  13. I'm interested in where the idea that Celtic are pushing for the early finish comes from. They're obviously winning the league whether it's called now or whether the games are played and they're least likely to be in urgent need of the prize money out of all the teams. It doesn't seem like they'd be particularly agitated about anything other than excluding null & void? Is it just another Rangers-led conspiracy theory?
  14. Well, of course there was a veneer of cynicism on my original comment.
  15. Counsel's opinion is that Counsel's opinion. The SPFL's Counsel will have a different opinion. The fact Rangers found counsel willing to write an opinion that said they didn't owe any tax shows that clearly (but also I've been a lawyer and seen conflicting opinions in countless cases).
  16. Nah. A legal opinion will always say what the person paying for it wants it to say. It’s not evidence of anything. Should they be so inclined the spfl could have a qc produce a completely contrary opinion by this afternoon.
  17. It’s like their board thinks its sole purpose is to appease the lunatic fringe of their support.
  18. It would be pretty dumb for the spfl to agree to a condition like that in any TV deal. What if rangers went bust again or one of them missed the top six for whatever reason?
  19. 14 is a ridiculous number of teams to have in a league. Hard to think of any format that distributes home and away games evenly and fairly. 18 is the right number or, at a push, 20.
  20. So long as Partick go down and Falkirk stay down then I'm content.
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