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  1. Teams with 13 home games should get a three point head start
  2. North Terracing if it's dry. If it's wet then behind whichever goal we're attacking if we have access to both ends.
  3. I'll take Kai Kennedy if they're as keen to get rid of him as it sounds!
  4. A key dryhorce characteristic is emphatic denials of being dryhorce, even going back many posts to rebut an insinuation that everyone else has ignored.
  5. It would be disappointing if they moved on from Moffat without giving him the chance to reach 100 goals.
  6. Club needs to look harder at players that have been released by Welsh teams, IMO
  7. Last BBC report said the SPFL are asking teams what it would take to get them to approve 14.
  8. Sounds from today's rumblings that the SPFL are minded to at least try and force a 14 team league through.
  9. Like I said, you limit attendance and use tickets to spread access across various entrances. For Ayr I imagine you would limit access to home fans only and use all sections of the ground (but not allow people to crowd the fences or switch ends at half time).
  10. I can't imagine social distancing would be up to the club to manage. It's not a law, it's guidance. You set a sensible limit to attendance, make it ticket only, take some basic steps like marking out two metre gaps then leave it to the crowd themselves to adhere to the regulations, same as in shops, on the street, etc.
  11. Tend to think lower league games would not draw large enough crowds to be a problem. Make masks compulsory and put the games on. The Premier league and Championship should be more problematic, not less.
  12. We've had about forty tries at this. If the league goes to sixteen then we would be in it on merit.
  13. Re-employing him until Partick are ready to take him on sounds like a misuse of taxpayer money to me. The whole re-employ people and furlough them process is designed for workers who were being made redundant due to Covid economics, not for footballers and football clubs to scam free money off the government.
  14. You must have missed it, but there's a global pandemic on.
  15. 11-1 is only needed to expand the 42 league clubs. If you change the number of clubs in the top division but don't increase the total above 42 you don't need 11-1.
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