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  1. If you're not taking pictures of training with a telephoto lens from a nearby schoolbook depository are you even really trying to find out who the new signings are?
  2. This isn't true. Sweden has suffered far more cases and deaths per capita than its neighbours who locked down effectively, like Denmark.
  3. Going to be disappointed if whoever it is hasn't won at least one World Cup, given the build-up.
  4. Not sure how much value they'll get from him pinging 60-yard diagonals to wingers who miscontrol them over the byeline seven times out of ten.
  5. Guess there's a lot of money on hearts already because their team doesn't warrant those odds.
  6. America is some country where groups of guys can gather with semi-automatic weapons to defend the institution of racism. Remarkable.
  7. Would have the Olympiakos keeper in before those guys.
  8. I remember almost every home game that season there would be a new player, usually from abroad. It was very exciting at the time.
  9. I see LC reckons this going to be the most exciting season in recent years, so the last few signings must be spectacular.
  10. All American sports have the very socialist college draft at their core.
  11. Talking of the SRE and knowing that old proverb about blind squirrels and nuts, I don't hate the mural idea if it were done well.
  12. It's more than that - Rangers played a friendly without getting test results back and I'm sure there was another preseason incident as well.
  13. I can't see how they could avoid shutting Celtic and Kilmarnock down for two weeks now.
  14. I don't even remember that strip, let alone the team.
  15. Wish we had a game today. Been too long already.
  16. David de Gea lets everything in and he's a top keeper.
  17. Hearts seem 'bigger' because they walked this league the last time they were in it. Times change though.
  18. Will need it for Europe. Also, I'd imagine it would involve new concrete and be designed to be maintained more easily.
  19. I wondered whether they might look to install those 'safe standing' fixtures on the North Terracing. Considered as seating for any relevant conversation, but don't force us to sit.
  20. If we're getting a heli-pad I want one that rises out of the centre circle.
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