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  1. Give the guy a break. He might be incredibly annoying and his opinions utter garbage, but there's no need to get personal.
  2. There's no point paying big wages to a guy like Coyle or Mackay when you're going to get the same results from a guy like Larsson or McNamara. No matter who Celtic appoint they're going to win the league, probably at least one cup and either make the Champions League groups or the Europa League groups depending on the last qualifying round draw. May as well appoint one of the guys with lower wages and higher fan appeal.
  3. If he's smart he'll raise an action for compensation rather than seeking an order that affects the game, since I suspect that would be against the rules. Unless he goes to CAS?
  4. But they can't vary contracts without consent of the players, so if they won't pay the contract price they're risking constructive dismissal tribunals.
  5. I'm still a little confused. Are the 'Rangers' fans still withholding season ticket money from Green in the hopes Brown will rescue the club? If so, are they going to relent once the season starts? If not, what difference does it make to them what league Sevco are in? Particularly if the suggestion that Ticketus owns Ibrox is true.
  6. Is it not on record that the SFA would veto any move to put Rangers in the SPL?
  7. Even Clyde are voting yes to Res (i), so that won't happen unless they are suspended or go bust again.
  8. Sad thing is that's the exact message that Doncaster and Regan are sending out.
  9. The SFL really should be consulting lawyers now about how to get their £2m.
  10. I'd rather they went in to D3 with no immediate sanctions, but were subject to punishments for dual contracts if that is subsequently proven and subsequent to whatever the supposedly independent tribunal assesses as a fitting punishment. They should also be punished for raising the Court of Session action. Other than that, no punishments.
  11. I wonder if Regan believes Sevco won't survive if they are in D3? Here's hoping.
  12. You can see the narrative changing. STV exclusively referring to Rangers as The New Rangers, etc. Let's hope Regan gets told where to get off and the sfl clubs deliver a resounding NO vote next week.
  13. Who would have the best shot against Sevco in a runoff for a D3 spot? Spartans? Should we all be emailling them encouraging them to apply?
  14. They're not banned. They're just not eligible to play because they're a new club.
  15. Statement from Ayr United - sounds like we'll do the right thing: http://www.ayrunitedfc.co.uk/news.asp?int_news_id=2997
  16. They're talking about relegating the Oldco between now and 3rd July.
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