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  1. My list obviously skews to guys I saw live the most, so it would be Tommy Bryce, Alain Horace, Glynn Hurst, Gary Teale and Stevo. Honourable mentions to Stevie Kerrigan, Isaac English, David Castilla, Neil Tarrant, Michael Moffat, Mark Roberts, Lawrence Shankland and a handful of others.
  2. Is the supper south when you go to a Queens game and get chips?
  3. Ideally consents for housing would be refused and the club could buy the land back much cheaper than they sold it for.
  4. Listening to the interview it sounds like they don't have access to changing facilities immediately after the match so they probably are going through a different type of warm down so people don't get cold before the facilities are available.
  5. Holding you personally responsible if this does not happen. Just saying.
  6. There's an element of psychology to it as well. Polling has consistently shown that people in Scotland generally trust the Scottish Government to provide good advice and are inclined to follow the rules that are imposed. There's not the same level of trust in England & Wales, as I understand it. If you don't think the people making the rules know what they're doing you'll probably be less inclined to follow their guidance.
  7. A fun idea might be to get a guest on to talk about one specific season they were involved in. E.g. Duncan George to discuss 96/97, Glynn Hurst on 98/99, Stevo on 08/09, etc
  8. For my podcasts I pay a guy on fiverr to write original music. No copyright issues there 😎
  9. Just got done listening to this. Good interview, but your theme music is like something from the Red Shoe Diaries. 😂
  10. What would Ayr fans protest violently about? Increased seagull activity? Tepid chips?
  11. Ultimately the government feels football clubs dying from Covid is preferable to additional people dying from Covid. Hard to disagree.
  12. Can't be too harsh on the keeper with weather like that. Also, once he starts to trust his centre backs more he'll come for fewer crosses. Hopefully we start to see that soon.
  13. Don't think Dundee created enough to say the keeper kept us in the game. Especially as we've been two up for most of it.
  14. Ref quite happy to let Reading get repeatedly booted in the corner there. Novel approach.
  15. Watching Ayr and Scotland I always feel we have to work much harder for our goals than we make the opposition work for theirs.
  16. Hopefully the team just needs a little time to bed in.
  17. Six for six. That's devastating for Fleming's penalty save percentage too.
  18. Celtic aren't scudding anyone right now.
  19. Victory. Cruised it. Bring on the big guns.
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