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  1. He doesn't look very pleased to be here in the photo.
  2. Smith to Ayr confirmed https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/cammy-smith-agrees-deal/
  3. Celtic supposedly have a hybrid pitch and it looks awful.
  4. Should go retro and get turf like they had at Annfield.
  5. Didn't sound to me like Cameron wrote off 100% of his debt, but whether the remainder was paid off in the deal or remains a liability I don't know. The one thing that gives me pause for thought is how the new owner refers to things as belonging to him with the club getting the benefit - the new land purchase, the hub. It would be better if the club owned these things and weren't beholden to an individual. His request for investors who do not expect any return is honest, but bold.
  6. Takeover confirmed https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/david-smith-is-new-owner-chairman/
  7. I'm sure their fans would remain consistent with their view from last season that null and void is the best option.
  8. Time to declare all the divisions null and void and start again in August, I think.
  9. I'm not sure an out and out scorer would be as helpful as someone who can take the ball in, hold it up and let the team get up the park.
  10. To be fair though, it certainly seems that Morton are using players they can't afford to artificially inflate their league position. Time will tell how that plays out.
  11. When you hire a young manager you have to accept that he'll be doing his learning on the job. This is the worst run of form so far for Kerr and it will be a good test for him. I don't necessarily accept that an experienced coach would be beneficial, but, if Mark wanted to go that way, Shelley Kerr makes a lot of sense and is apparently available.
  12. Bumped into Yogi one day when I was out for a run and he was walking the dog. Stopped and chatted for ages and I just can't understand the dislike folk seem to have for him. I still have an issue with him from his time here as a player. Came in on big money, barely dragged himself around the field until he got dropped, only got back in the team due to injuries, then started acting like the big I am in the media ahead of the cup final as though he was some kind of club legend. Zero humility.
  13. Last I heard of Galloway he was screaming into the wind about polls showing a majority for independence being 'fake news' because all the Don't Knows should have been counted for No.
  14. Ayr need to stop believing this defence is good. Clearly it isn't.
  15. Ayr doing a really poor job of getting on the ball and dominating possession even for short spells.
  16. I think they struggle to get up the pitch, especially when Moff is playing so deep. I struggle to identify patterns of play and the players still don't seem to know where their teammates are or what runs they will make. I would've loved to see a ball control clinic at Arbroath yesterday. Playing a winless team with presumably low confidence, it was important not to give them anything to defend. Didn't work out. You'd think they'll improve as a team as the season goes on.
  17. They have a massive squad. If they'd only signed players they could afford maybe we would have three points more than we do right now. Who can say?
  18. Reading this stuff about Championship clubs running out of money is pretty galling. The Record report specifically says that some clubs who have players on high wages are struggling. Maybe try signing cheaper players if you can't afford good ones? Or are the taxpayers supposed to underwrite whatever unrealistic ambitions clubs decide to adopt?
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