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  1. Ultimately the government feels football clubs dying from Covid is preferable to additional people dying from Covid. Hard to disagree.
  2. Can't be too harsh on the keeper with weather like that. Also, once he starts to trust his centre backs more he'll come for fewer crosses. Hopefully we start to see that soon.
  3. Don't think Dundee created enough to say the keeper kept us in the game. Especially as we've been two up for most of it.
  4. Ref quite happy to let Reading get repeatedly booted in the corner there. Novel approach.
  5. Watching Ayr and Scotland I always feel we have to work much harder for our goals than we make the opposition work for theirs.
  6. Hopefully the team just needs a little time to bed in.
  7. Six for six. That's devastating for Fleming's penalty save percentage too.
  8. Celtic aren't scudding anyone right now.
  9. Victory. Cruised it. Bring on the big guns.
  10. Should've had them on the counter after that last corner.
  11. Missed the goal 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. They'd probably be better starting Cameron and playing the longer balls for him to hold up and bring the team up the park. Could get runners off him and let the three attacking midfielders play facing the goals.
  13. Ayr play decent stuff in their own third through midfield, but then they slow it down all the time, try to recycle and end up launching a low percentage ball into the attacking third. Recipe for not scoring much.
  14. Who have Stranraer come dressed as?
  15. Mark Kerr on the verge of all-caps tweeting that we have won the game by a lot.
  16. Our play is so stupid. Constantly putting pressure on ourselves and taking it off Dunfermline with needles fouls.
  17. Been staring at these images for 18 hours now
  18. It will make a big difference. Gone for the blue yeti?
  19. Have this queued up. From the test episode I'd suggest getting closer to the mic. Was quite quiet. Like the sound of what you have lined up. 👍🏻
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