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  1. Croatia putting six past the Czechs would be useful.
  2. With Scotland going out so quickly and Ayr not doing much of anything it's hard to get enthused right now.
  3. Squad may look terrible, but at least the manager got a nice holiday after working a whole six weeks or so this year. Priorities.
  4. As opposed to the huge national interest in (eg) Dunfermline v QoS?
  5. Home games with Kilmarnock scheduled for Tuesday 26th October (????) and Saturday 12th March. Done with them well ahead of the run-in so we won't be relegating them, unfortunately.
  6. Would imagine there will be a bidding war for such a fixture.
  7. I'd play Forrest there. No worse defensively than SODs.
  8. Watching the trauma in the Denmark game makes me wonder whether Ayr are fully equipped with defibrillators or if it's something that needs funds raised for?
  9. It's a tough format. I can't think of any football discussion show I enjoy. Even the ones on Sky with the players or journalists are deathly dull.
  10. Should cancel their brexit as well. That would show them.
  11. Quite clearly this gesture, however transient, really really upsets the racists. They don't want to be forced to think about racism, they'd rather everyone just left them to their prejudices. The garbage about kneeling 'representing Marxism' is a good example. They aren't willing to stand up and say "I'm a racist, there's nothing wrong with that", so they need to manufacture another reason to cover their opposition to explicitly anti-racist demonstrations. So I'm in favour of continuing it indefinitely. Preferably during the national anthems.
  12. No. Wales definitely are. Not sure about the rest.
  13. They should be kneeling and there's no strong argument against it. You can't signal your opposition to racism by giving in to what the racists want you to do. It's madness.
  14. Kilmarnock usually insist by adding the trophy to their list of assets and refusing to compete for it again.
  15. I'm sure McCall said that, but I don't see a mechanism that would make it possible.
  16. Let's be honest, over 120 years of football with three major trophies available per season, the difference between winning five and winning none is negligible. But whatever gets you excited.
  17. Five or six great chances. Hopefully they keep making them and start taking them in the next few games.
  18. How many chances do they want?
  19. That's gilmour dead
  20. It's against ten men, but Gilmour looks like a major upgrade immediately.
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