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  1. This would be understandable at some stages in the past, but they're literally paying a guy a full time salary to identify potential signing targets.
  2. It used to amuse me when we had keepers who would spend the entire pre-match warm up catching crosses then never come for one once the match started.
  3. How is the effort to shift 1,500 season tickets going?
  4. I think they should try to fit more things on the home page.
  5. Could they announce the sponsor name a few seconds after the change? Eg "Substitution for Ayr United. Leaving the field number 8 Bob Smith to be replaced by number 14 Les Jones ...This season Les Jones is sponsored by Henry's Haulage Ltd, first in Ayrshire for all your haulage needs."
  6. Makes you wonder who they're talking about when they say the club is listening to the fans...
  7. Apart from Doohan, Kelly, Miller, McKenna, etc.
  8. I got a good deal on nord and I particularly like that I can use it on multiple devices at once (eg Fire stick, laptop and iPad) from that single account.
  9. Home game at Somerset off the back of a good result with a bumper crowd expected? I've seen this movie so many times and it always ends in disappointment. 2-0 away win.
  10. Would have had a better chance if he'd moved his feet instead of flopping on the floor like a dehydrating salmon. The ball was in the air for ages. Still, doesn't matter now and it didn't cost us. Should add that on the highlights it looks a tougher save than I thought watching it live.
  11. James made a spectacular debut in a 5-0 win over Stranraer a couple of days after my son was born. That's my only memory of his time at the club, a match I wasn't at. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/ayr-united-walk-tall-kevin-2439146
  12. Not a fan of them unless it's an important game
  13. Pitch invasion in the second game of the season is embarrassing though
  14. Dire performance so far. No imagination, no composure, no plan.
  15. The formation Dundee United have used tonight is how I'd like to see Ayr play. Three central midfielders in front of a back 4, three forwards with the wide players coming inside when the ball is on the opposite wing.
  16. Yet still better than the Rugby Park surface looked on the telly this past weekend!
  17. Would've gone along to this if it were in Glasgow. Strange scheduling.
  18. Five if you went, five if you were part of the successful boycott.
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