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  1. Never understood this argument. As much as we need quality, we also need depth. An extra body at or close to a similar level could be vital later in the season.
  2. If they double the gate prices they wouldn't need as many extra fans.
  3. Have Ayr ever signed someone on a PCA in January? I can't think of any.
  4. Expecting to hear "Allowing Geggan to concentrate on a midfield role is as good as a new signing " soon.
  5. To be fair, the shadow had a significant weight advantage
  6. I think we can safely say that no matter where it is, plenty of people will be complaining about it.
  7. Don't think it's likely that the teams at the bottom will catch us even if we barely pick up any more points
  8. Three wins and three draws will probably be plenty for us the rest of the way. The sooner we get them the better.
  9. I heard his leg spontaneously fell off. Can you confirm?
  10. Partick seem like the kind of club who love to pull this kind of crap with 'smaller' sides but would moan like crazy if a bigger team like Hamilton or Livingston did it to them.
  11. Will take Murdoch until Christmas to get enough confidence in his knee back to play his best though.
  12. Yeah, good show Ross. Take four years to start playing well and then bugger off at the next opportunity. Hope Partick enjoy the 20 games he's fit for each season.
  13. Player revolt? Wouldn't be the only revolting thing in that neck of the woods.
  14. From the highlights that looks a strong performance. 2 going on 5. As well Doohan made that save though!
  15. Still not a fan of squeezing Moffat and Moore into the same xi. Just pick one of them. We’re not strong enough in midfield to play two forwards.
  16. Would depend on whether the manager tried to shoehorn a second striker into the team as well.
  17. Can’t do it on the weekend in July because the season will be over and it will clash with the Euros.
  18. I always worry that these companies could be scamming young guys with dreams beyond their talents. Hope this mob are reputable.
  19. Away draw for the final is a disaster. No idea why they threw the perfectly good seedings out of the window at that stage.
  20. Kerr said in the daily record interview that he had asked the board to get Moore tied down even before he started scoring again and that Moore knows that. Hopefully that deal is done sooner rather than later.
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