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  1. Would be just our luck to have a potential benefactor win the lottery but lose their ticket.
  2. I don't think that's overly important. If it's different players it's different players. Will be the same scenario for all the teams.
  3. I don't see any good reason why we need to move on to a new season just because we pass a certain date. Whenever they start playing again they just need to resume the current season. Even if it's in November.
  4. I think there may be some dissent if they tried to not award the premier league title in Scotland given the leaders are so far ahead.
  5. Anyone who asked for their money back in these circumstances should be barred from attending any games in the future. Of course, there surely won't be anybody? How could you claim to be a supporter of a club then try to take money out at a time when it's short on income?
  6. We aren’t finishing in the bottom two even if we lose all the rest of our games. Time for the players to relax and enjoy the rest of the season.
  7. It will be good to get Friday's game played. After that Ayr only have three more home games (excluding playoffs) so the risks of corona-imposed closed doors matches are limited, compared to other sides. I wonder if people would be willing to buy tickets online to closed doors games as a show of support in the circumstances, if that is what has to happen.
  8. Was at an easy height. Top corner is the way to go.
  9. Dundee’s #5 clearly encroaches at the penalty. Retake would have been the fair resolution. Don’t think we can be too disappointed with a point. Gets us to 40 and keeps us ahead of the midtable pack.
  10. Do Celtic not use a real/artificial hybrid surface?
  11. I didn't like the one at Annfield when Stirling had it.
  12. This is ridiculous. A person's political opinions show what they think about the government's role in helping or harming others; about the environment; about social structures; about people having the right to live free of discrimination and inequality. They show whether someone cares about the people around them or just about their own interests. It's a perfectly rational and reasonable thing to judge someone on.
  13. I usually find people who want sport and politics separated are people with shameful political opinions.
  14. As much as Brechin were a major irritation to Ayr whenever we were in League One together, it would be remarkable and a bit sad to see them disappear from the senior game. Seemed like they had something sustainable in place right up until they got promoted to the Championship. Hope they dig their way out of this hole.
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