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  1. Would depend on whether the manager tried to shoehorn a second striker into the team as well.
  2. Can’t do it on the weekend in July because the season will be over and it will clash with the Euros.
  3. I always worry that these companies could be scamming young guys with dreams beyond their talents. Hope this mob are reputable.
  4. Away draw for the final is a disaster. No idea why they threw the perfectly good seedings out of the window at that stage.
  5. Kerr said in the daily record interview that he had asked the board to get Moore tied down even before he started scoring again and that Moore knows that. Hopefully that deal is done sooner rather than later.
  6. Ayr weren't defensive, they just couldn't break down our defence. I meant the game plan for how to defend this opponent.
  7. Hopefully it was whoever came up with the defensive gameplan and they're exiled.
  8. Surely Tarrant and Walker weren't at the club at the same time? Walker only played 98/99 before moving to Alloa when we tried to penny pinch on a new deal and Tarrant came in on loan the next season when the plan to rely on playing John Bradford with Hurst spectacularly failed. I think the 99/00 team was the most disappointing we've ever had, the victories over Kilmarnock and Motherwell excepted.
  9. Careful or Brian Reid will be on to you for copyright infringement.
  10. No wonder Lachlan was so keen to employ him.
  11. I wonder if part of the problem was away fans assuming the system would be similar to the one in use at Firhill.
  12. Put up a huge billboard with a three step process for buying the ticket on your phone in giant letters. 👍🏻
  13. Is it really any harder to get in than it is at Partick? I’d have thought Thistle fans would be used to no cash gates?
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