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  1. Never a penalty for me on an initial look. Fouls him outside the box first but then there's next to no contact at all when the guy goes down looking for it. Still not sure how that guy got so free for their second. All of the Ayr goals were great and always a bonus for a new striker to start scoring immediately. Pretty satisfactory overall.
  2. Did Watt not mostly just try to get his Stranraer team back together at Ayr? Seemed a terrible idea to begin with.
  3. That's never a penalty and there's a clear foul on our player at their second goal (albeit he should be stronger there). Refs clearly in preseason form as much as anyone else.
  4. I thought Sinisalo had been ruled out on account of playing for Villa u21 while our target was up here on trial?
  5. He does not look like one of the young guys would love a out of the box signing like a alain horace No pressure though.
  6. If you're not taking pictures of training with a telephoto lens from a nearby schoolbook depository are you even really trying to find out who the new signings are?
  7. This isn't true. Sweden has suffered far more cases and deaths per capita than its neighbours who locked down effectively, like Denmark.
  8. Going to be disappointed if whoever it is hasn't won at least one World Cup, given the build-up.
  9. Not sure how much value they'll get from him pinging 60-yard diagonals to wingers who miscontrol them over the byeline seven times out of ten.
  10. Guess there's a lot of money on hearts already because their team doesn't warrant those odds.
  11. America is some country where groups of guys can gather with semi-automatic weapons to defend the institution of racism. Remarkable.
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