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  1. From an emotional point of view it would be good to see McCall finish up this season and choose to leave on a relative high. From the point of view of he probably wants to keep working I can't see anything changing. If there are two part time teams in the league next year we have a strong chance to stay up again. Probably won't have the highs of this season, but there you go. Despite everything, there are seven other teams in the division (excluding County and Alloa) whose fans are probably just as disappointed with how things have played out for their side as we are.
  2. Always refreshing to get pumped off a village team. Saves us getting too excited about anything. Thought we weren't too bad though. Some bright spots and obviously not our strongest side. I do like Crawford and Murdoch together in midfield. Wouldn't object to having doc or kerr sitting behind them with one up front against strong opponents.
  3. I'm not convinced Shankland is all that far away. He's getting chances in each game, so even if his movement isn't where it was at the start of the year he's still a threat. Could be he's snatching a bit because he feels the pressure from the goals drying up or maybe his eye's a little out, but I doubt either of those will be permanent problems. His build up play is still good and opponents are still worried about him. I'd agree that a rest would do him good, but I wouldn't bet against him getting back amongst the goals in the playoffs.
  4. The Jones example isn't the same thing at all. No matter what he does against Rangers this season they'll be in the premiership next year. Smith could potentially be in a position to influence what division the team he's playing for next season will be in. It's crazy to think that wouldn't cross his mind.
  5. Hoping Alloa survive without a playoff and two part-time team come up. Happy to throw Alloa three points towards the end of the season if we don't need them.
  6. This makes playing Smith for the rest of the season a tough call for McCall. What possible reason could he have for wanting Ayr to go up rather than the team he'll be playing for next season? No matter how honest a player, it just makes no sense for him to see his current team promoted at the expense of his next team. Big judgment call. Geggan could fill the spot adequately on a short term basis. The manager will need to be 100% certain he's getting Smith's best effort to put him back out there.
  7. Ayr v Queens

    I normally park on West Sanquhar Rd. Allows me the traditional walk down Somerset Rd.
  8. With any luck the league will have two part time teams in it next season, which ought to improve chances of survival significantly.
  9. Also lost to Falkirk on TV and the County game may have been an OK performance, but we lost the game.
  10. One more point for guaranteed survival (alternatively, one more dropped point for both Falkirk and Alloa). I think we should take a moment to celebrate that if it happens at the weekend, before re-focusing for the playoff push. It's no mean feat.
  11. Why are our sponsor logos stickers tonight? Looks cheap and nasty. Harvie's is off already.
  12. If that land is ok to build on now we should be looking to acquire it and expand the stadium out to the west.
  13. Hopefully he's eligible for another country that actually plays football.
  14. And by the end of the season we'll 'only' be a few points off the playoffs which we would 'all have signed up for' at the start of the campaign. Still sucks to lose or draw every week though. ☹️
  15. I'm more concerned about avoiding the relegation playoffs than winning the league.