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  1. All those numbers are too high, but if the order's correct it shows what a good job our coaches are doing!
  2. That 3-3 game scarred me! I think it was Russell Latapy's first game in Scotland and we had them well beaten right up until the end.
  3. I was living in Sweden so I missed most of this season, but it fit the pattern of disappointment in the league campaign and great cup moments like many of the preceding years. The 98/99 team was far more fun to support and even 97/98 when we went through about 80 players to scrape survival on the final day.
  4. We are already seeing EU citizens bring made to register and told they'll need to pay a fee to stay. Won't be long before we're making them wear special badges and putting them in camps.
  5. Morelos' reaction might be the most hilarious I've seen in some time. Guy is pathetic.
  6. Doohan Smith Rose Bell Harvie McDaid Murdoch Kerr Crawford Dobbie Shankland
  7. "Insufficient evidence". Ha.
  8. I think the issue with Trouten is that he's scored for fun everywhere he's been apart from his two spells at Ayr which gives the impression he wasn't trying as hard here.
  9. I don't mind him at all. Usually calls it pretty fairly.
  10. Obviously wish him well, but if he signs for Rangers or Kilmarnock I hope he never scores another goal after he leavrs Ayr.
  11. I suppose it's not McCall who does the paperwork so maybe we can wonder a little longer?
  12. Live games

    The new channel's flagship show is the news at 9pm so they'll be wanting the games over by then.
  13. Presuming McCall has said this on the radio?