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  1. Ayr vs County

    This would be a massive win for Ayr. Still seems a little unreal that we're picking up all these results, but let's keep it going.
  2. This is such a depressing discussion.
  3. The media is desperate. All through the thrashing they took yesterday the radio commentary went out of its way to avoid the fact that they're a mediocre team that has been unusually fortunate. They won't finish within ten points of first place and probably closer to twenty back.
  4. Should definitely play this tomorrow at 3pm
  5. Only change I'd consider is McGuffie for Geggan, but that depends how strong Inverness are down their left - I admit to not knowing.
  6. Move to Celtic with a wee 18-month loan back would be perfect.
  7. Ian McCall's injury reports are often mysterious.
  8. I don't really know why they would consider any offer that saw Shankland leave in January. What amount of money is worth more than winning this league?
  9. If there are genuinely twenty teams interested and they don't manage to negotiate a loan back then they're not negotiating well enough.
  10. Inverness have played twice since Ayr's last game. The Ayr players should be far fresher and hopefully that will make a difference.
  11. I thought it was a bit of a strange article. About halfway through he switches message from 'Ayr are doing great and here's why' to 'Addiction is tough, kids', without offering any particular insight into the latter. I know he meant it as a positive piece, but to me it reads like he's bringing up the manager's past issues gratuitously. The entire last section could be replaced by "a battle he continues to fight with the support of Cameron". I just felt he laid it on a bit thick.
  12. Beith are four points above Auchinleck in the league, but Talbot have three games in hand. Might well be a similar level.
  13. Is this two games against them in a row that are going to be on the telly? Hopefully the team takes well to Friday nights. Glad we aren't part time now with all this nonsense.