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  1. Me and my mate were the mascots that day
  2. Sure it wasn't just a battered sausage?
  3. I finally signed up to FSS the other night after watching the Falkirk Daft podcast. There's a number of reasons why it's taken me so long to join such as going through a house move (waiting to see where I'd be financially), not really knowing enough of what's involved (slightly confused at all the different groups/legs of the stool/pledges etc etc) and perhaps being too lazy to look it all up (and seeing its not all that complicated at all). The point I'm trying to make is perhaps the reason why the sign up numbers arent as high as we'd like is due to the message not getting out there to a broader audience of our fan base. I've got a lot of friends who are Bairns (in their 30s and 40s) but not all of them are totally aware of the FSS, whats involved and how simple it actually is. They're not all that active on social media and don't get to as many games as we used to but still very much have the club at heart. I hope it doesn't come across as having a go, far from it as the guys involved are doing a great job but what I can remember of other teams pushing for fan ownership was there was a lot of publicity but it feels like our push seems kind of 'stop-start' in that we will hear updates from time to time resulting in small boosts to member numbers (the most recent of which gave me the bum booting to finally join). Does anyone think that we'd have more success if we had more of a 'face'? Such as flags,advertising,badges,leaflets etc with the simple message along the lines of 'OWN OUR CLUB' with an identifiable logo that everyone will recognise and know when they see it what it means. I fear the noise from the latest message put out asking for more members will fizzle out again very soon and result in another going out in a month or so resulting in another very modest increase. It seems to me that even though we have a latent support of 5000, the message will only be reaching a small percentage of those and even then, its perhaps not entirely clear how straightforward it is. I reckon a more visible, prolonged presence getting the message out there over multiple streams (newspaper, online, banners at games etc) could let more fans know we have a movement ongoing. I appreciate this is all easier said than done as would be very hard work, time consuming and costly but I feel the struggle we have getting more numbers is due to the message not being visible enough, if that makes sense.
  4. To be fair, he's a fifer so even if it's his son, there's every chance its his brother too
  5. Would love a statue of Simon Stainrod. 1 of him standing on that table on the Brockville Turf holding the league trophy above his head would be outstanding
  6. Of course this signing is a gamble but only a financial 1. I was quite happy with Dowds and Kabia up front but we 100% needed another striker as neither Sammy or Wilson are good enough. We now have 3 decent options up front. What I will say tho is midfield still needs sorted out so if Griffiths signing has been at the expense of a proper box to box midfielder then I think we will have shot ourselves in the foot. If however we are still intending to strengthen midfield then I'm excited and optimistic we can reach the playoffs
  7. 3,5,2 could be an effective formation if we were a team full of confidence and everyone was match fit. Unfortunately we have 3 or 4 guys who haven't played alot of football lately and the team as a whole have no confidence and are scared so we are being overly cautious and dropping back 5-10 yards. We drop back to a 5,3,2 (as we should when we don't have ball) but because we are way too deep we can't get out so we struggle. Ordinarily I'd suggest we go back to basics and go 4,4,2 but the problem is we don't have good enough wide midfielders.
  8. Been a great deadline day even tho we haven't actually signed anyone. Ben Hall emptied and Rape Rovers sign Goodwillie. Plus given our market will be free transfers and loans, I've no doubt there will be some more faces coming in. Hopefully see 1 or 2 new signings this week now that other clubs higher up will have done their business
  9. Very pleased with the signings so far. It's been glaringly obvious Hall and McKay are not good enough so signing 3 centre half's should now mean they don't feature much again, if at all. We should def be looking to offload them this window. We still need cover at right back/right wing back however. I was kind of hoping any new defender signed would be able to play here too (Nielson would've been perfect signing) as would mean not having to play Miller here if Williamsons out. We also need at least 1 midfielder (so we don't need to play Hetherington) and another striker (as wilson and Omperon not good enough), but please not Goodwillie.
  10. I was in his youngest brothers year at school and HE was an Aberdeen supporter. There were however lots of Falkirk supporters in our year
  11. Thats a fair point and like I've said I'm hopeful it's just unsubstantiated lazy journalism, although it's more than 1 media source making the claim. However I've not said a thing about expecting the club to make an announcement on it. I have however stated my feelings on it as a supporter and father and have emailed the club aswell even if it turns out to be a sh*te non story. Nothing would surprise me anymore when it comes to Falkirk FC so I think it's important to make our feelings known. No point shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted
  12. I really really hope this is just a case of lazy journalism and there's no substance to these rumours. My daughter (10) and neice (6) both have steps with their names saying 'Proud To Be A Bairn' in the main stand. I also have 1 of the bricks outside which says 'U R My Falkirk'. If we sign that rapist I can hand on heart say I am done with this club and the only time I will ever set foot in the stadium again would be with a crowbar to remove those step plates. It no longer feels like my Falkirk
  13. As much as Jack Ross would be an amazing appointment, i think theres a lot of people here needing a massive dose of reality. It's all very well saying 'let's throw everything at him and make it happen' but we have to consider the possibility that if it all goes wrong (we are Falkirk after all), how would we be able to sever ties? He was possibly on at least 10 times what Sheerin was on so how could we afford to pay that off if it goes t*ts up? (Or even just a quarter of that amount for arguments sake). His compensation from Hibs might be a rolling payment aswell until he picks up a job somewhere else so joining us might cost him a huge sum too although we obv don't know the details. I just think we are forgetting the gulf between a club the size of Hibs and the money in the top league compared to where we find ourselves now and that's before we throw in the negative considerations HE would have such as the risk, our current reputation and that arsehole Holt.
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