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  1. I'm quite sure I have no idea what you mean.
  2. Cano and Diaz to the Mets. Thoughts? Cano is certainly a higher caliber of ageing player than they usually sign. Diaz is pleasing. Hope it precedes a few more that would make us contenders (assuming Thor and deGrom stay of course).
  3. Good to get the updated table (especially as I'm top) but I think the points for the Thistle vs Dundee Utd game from 13th October still need adding to Gameweek 11?
  4. I Expect It Probably Will At Some Point In The Future Because It Would Be Very Surprising If It Didn’t. Twenty Games Is A Good Run Though.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-45760646/feely-finger-phone-crawls-across-desk This is just a weird story all round, but the weirdest bit has to be the extremely well hung cat (39 seconds).
  6. Postseason buzz innit. Loads at stake here for 2 teams that only rarely get the opportunity for success. The Brewers are the team to beat after a ridiculously good September.
  7. Score draw. Someone want to add a reply predicting 0-0?
  8. Just so long as it's not the damn Yankees... Shows how valuable it is to hit form at just the right time.
  9. Your fears confirmed. Weird though - Cubs lose what feels like a play-off but are still in it and have home field advantage for the wild card game - it's not all bad!
  10. Ooft! Least Cubs get home advantage tonight! But still, ooft!
  11. I crashed out a couple of weeks back in a similar situation. I think we've established we need an App for this so that the overworked time poor P&B community can receive push notifications.
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