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  1. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    That’s right - standard Monday to Sunday.
  2. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I finally bust my Fidel’s Astros cherry last week. I had about 11 pitching starts vs his 5 and I still only won by 50 points! I’ll be surprised if my streak doesn’t end this week but here’s hoping. ETA: what’s happened to Ron Swanson’s Bacon / Chopper Reid? He chucked it or what?
  3. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Big Erv left home again. Needed a 2 start pitcher more than I needed my Erv.
  4. Fair enough, my reading of it was he'd be Ray's 2nd in command, but i take your point!
  5. That's Darren Taylor's role clarified then. https://gmfc.net/2018/07/06/darren-taylor-appointed-first-team-coach/
  6. MLB 2018

    https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/twins-willians-astudillo-is-here-to-be-your-new-baseball-folk-hero/ This guy sounds awesome. I'm definitely claiming him for my fantasy team!
  7. MLB 2018

    Season is well and truly over. If we're selling a pitcher I'd trade Syndergaard before DeGrom. Agreed and agreed, though i guess they'll do whatever it takes to secure a decent bunch of prospects. Given that Syndergaard has been injured for ages and the team has utterly failed to back DeGrom, having a rotation of Wheeler, Matz, Vargas, Gsellman and Lugo would probably result in the same number of wins! Might be as well to trade them both if it could secure 4 or 5 top prospects.
  8. MLB 2018

    Now at .400. Not won a series since May. This is horrific.
  9. 1. Partick 2. ICT 3. Ross County 4. Dundee Utd 5. Falkirk 6. Morton 7. QOTS 8. Ayr 9. Dunfermline 10. Alloa
  10. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Big Erv just came home.
  11. MLB 2018

    Shit news for him, but hopefully a fresh start for the club. Wonder where that puts Callaway.
  12. MLB 2018

    The New York Mets are dog shit.
  13. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    It really has, it’s very hard to predict which weeks you’ll win. Seems like all it takes is a poor outing from a starting pitcher or an injury to a key hitter and you’re sunk. Wouldn’t like to guess who’ll win it!