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  1. The Wrestling Thread

    Worthy of your attention, fans of wrasslin.
  2. No need to apologise, it must be a time consuming ball ache to do the scores, we're all grateful for your efforts
  3. Thought this deserved a bump. I demand to know how far down the league I've slipped after my incredible start, @South Lanarkshire Jag! (I'll now be over in the corner sweating in case something bad is happening in South Lanarkshire Jag's life and I'm hassling him about fantasy football updates).
  4. General Politics Thread

    I'd rather we dispensed with the idea that you have to be to the right of centre to have economic competence. A coherent left of centre economic policy is perfectly possible without lurching to some kind of socialist paradise.
  5. MLB 2018

    The Wilpons will offer $40. Dollars, not million.
  6. MLB 2018

    I hope not. Not sure who hits free agency this year. Maybe go down that route instead? I like what the boy McNeil is doing and Rosario is finally looking like the prospect he is. Let’s aim high and take Machado and Harper.
  7. Ally McCoist Stories

    That's a B&M Home Store now. Wonder if Ally knows?
  8. MLB 2018

    Kind of glad the captain is calling it a day. Should free up some cash and after so long out he was never going to be anything other than a shadow of his former self. It's definitely time to look to the future. When it's time, it's time. On the subject of moving on - do you think they'll trade any of their top 3 pitchers to get some better bats for next year?
  9. MLB 2018

    The Mets, meanwhile, continue their crazy up and down and back up again season. Open the season 11-1. Crumble over the next couple of months, including going 5-21 in June. Since the All Star Game have won 10 series, split 3 and lost 3 (though are only 29-24 across that stretch). Plus David Wright has retired, finally. There’s something sort of symbolic about that in the context of their recent injury ravaged seasons.
  10. And don’t write “There ain’t no black in the Union Jack” in pen on your passport application photo either.
  11. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    Battered them.
  12. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    Have an open goal greenie for your trouble.
  13. Gaston Gaudio has one major and zero masters. Can't think of any other likely candidates immediately. ETA - Kafelnikov too apparently (2 majors and 0 masters)