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  1. MLB 2018

    Cano and Diaz to the Mets. Thoughts? Cano is certainly a higher caliber of ageing player than they usually sign. Diaz is pleasing. Hope it precedes a few more that would make us contenders (assuming Thor and deGrom stay of course).
  2. Good to get the updated table (especially as I'm top) but I think the points for the Thistle vs Dundee Utd game from 13th October still need adding to Gameweek 11?
  3. I Expect It Probably Will At Some Point In The Future Because It Would Be Very Surprising If It Didn’t. Twenty Games Is A Good Run Though.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-45760646/feely-finger-phone-crawls-across-desk This is just a weird story all round, but the weirdest bit has to be the extremely well hung cat (39 seconds).
  5. MLB 2018

    Postseason buzz innit. Loads at stake here for 2 teams that only rarely get the opportunity for success. The Brewers are the team to beat after a ridiculously good September.
  6. Score draw. Someone want to add a reply predicting 0-0?
  7. MLB 2018

    Just so long as it's not the damn Yankees... Shows how valuable it is to hit form at just the right time.
  8. MLB 2018

    Your fears confirmed. Weird though - Cubs lose what feels like a play-off but are still in it and have home field advantage for the wild card game - it's not all bad!
  9. MLB 2018

    Ooft! Least Cubs get home advantage tonight! But still, ooft!
  10. I crashed out a couple of weeks back in a similar situation. I think we've established we need an App for this so that the overworked time poor P&B community can receive push notifications.
  11. Not sure I'd be willing to apply that ethical judgement to someone who is dealing with serious mental illness to be honest.