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  1. You should be able to get the accounts as published on most clubs by looking on Companies House - here`s the link to Albion Rovers - https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC010466
  2. According to the last published accounts for Albion Rovers ( to end June 2018) the wage bill was £145K
  3. Gregor Fotheringham has left the club as he is moving to England to take up a graduate engineers post with Rolls Royce. He goes with Rovers best wishes, having played such a big part in `The Great Escape` of last season
  4. Reigart paid Rovers £9K per quarter for shirt and stadium naming rights
  5. Albion Rovers have signed Scott Roberts, ex Elgin
  6. Aron Lynas ex Brechin and Ryan Goodfellow ex Cowden joining Albion Rovers
  7. Aron Lynas ex Brechin and Ryan Goodfellow ex Cowden joining Rovers
  8. Indeed, good man-management skills when peoople want to play for them without putting off signing in the hope that a better offer comes along.
  9. Morena, Wharton and Krones signed on for next season for Albion Rovers
  10. Kevin Harper and Joe McLaughlin have tonight re-signed for next season as manager and assistant manager respectively.
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