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  1. Albion v Cowden

    Good post. BTW the `Terry` referred to is Terry Gillooly, Rovers Safety Officer, and yes, not at all like him to get involved.
  2. Albion v Cowden

    Club official has just posted on Rovers message board to say `Game On`...no help needed with forking etc
  3. Six Pointa Berwick vs Albion

    Rovers only really experienced player, Gary Fisher, is out with a broken foot. He`ll be missed.
  4. Albion Rovers V Edinburgh City

    My old school badge- Coatbridge High School - which I left in 1970!
  5. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Smashing guy Tom Sermanni, like Bold says one of my 70s heroes too....done real well in helping to develop women`s football globally
  6. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Happy clappies !!
  7. The East Fife Thread

    I see Albion Rovers have signed " ex East Fife striker Rob Jones"................any thoughts guys ...will he do a job in poor side ...?
  8. Clyde v Albion Rovers

    Er......its 10 in a row actually
  9. Clyde v Albion Rovers

    Aye signed a new contract in April 2014 got the bullet two months later............
  10. Clyde v Albion Rovers

    The former ARFC manager ? Done Ok with limited resources but got dumped to make way for megabucks Darren Young
  11. Wee Rovers v Wee Rangers

    Berwick - and the other clubs in SPFL 2 can relax and enjoy their season......only team that will be bottom come seasons end........Albion Rovers
  12. Wee Rovers v Wee Rangers

    ...massive amount of interest in this match....???
  13. Well how will this basement battle go ? Think ( hope ?) Rovers might just edge this one - at some time they have to get a win - but having said that won`t put any money on it
  14. The Albion Rovers Thread

    We can but dream..................................
  15. The East Fife Thread

    Sorry guys Young is a dud...he only `succeeded` at Albion Rovers by virtue of his assistants, firstly Sandy clark and secondly Billy Stark plus grossly inflated wages that the club couldn`t afford and are in the brown stuff because of it.