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  1. Just me that much preferred Seths last ‘heel’ theme he used last year rather than this updated burn it down shite?
  2. The most boring team of the lot get the win. Couldn’t give a single f**k about either of them.
  3. Nah his second. Whole host of people now that are in there twice him, Booker T, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and X-Pac.
  4. The stadium itself just tweeted that the lightning has passed and they’re starting to let fans back into the stadium.
  5. FFS. Is Drew ever going to hold the title in front of fans?!
  6. Just seen the picture from the stadium looks the wind is causing havoc with all the seats. Pretty gutting that after a year of no crowds on the night it’s finally going to happen again the weather goes and fucks it all up.
  7. Probably the best we’ve played since we last played Clyde in December and yet we still almost found a way of fucking it up. The change of formation made a massive difference to us as did actually having a game plan, for the first turn in months it looked like the players knew what they were doing. A large part of that was down to Telfer and Alston controlling the midfield, I was extremely critical of Telfer last season (justifiably imo) but hes been like a completely different player this season and he’s stepped it up massively these last few weeks. Whilst there were a few contenders he would’ve been my MoM. Sammon had one of those extremely frustrating days where he shows you that he is actually a football player. If he could keep that level of performance up even without scoring he becomes such an asset he had Lang on toast all day long. Poor performance from Keena but he took his goal well and was extremely unlucky to see his shot hit the bar. Finally signs that there is something there we just need to give him service and was good to see Morrison get back to some form, yes his final ball is poor but his workrate is infectious and playing like that not many defenders at this level will be able to stop him. Fed up talking about the centre backs so Lewis Neilson with yet another cracking performance. I’d be surprised if he’s not firmly in Utds first team plans next year he just oozes class. He should be starting every game he is with us. On their goal whilst I agree Mutch should’ve done better the boy still had far too much time and space to take the shot really poor giving someone that much time on the edge of our box. I guess I’m in the minority that doesn’t necessarily agree with the comments about him I think he’s still won us more points than he’s cost us this season and I certainly wouldn’t be looking to replace him next season. Also actually think replacing PJ Morrison with a young jobber to sit on the bench was the right call no need to waste the money on someone that won’t play when if Mutch is out you can just go and get a 7 day emergency loan in.
  8. Russ


    Love O’Reilly but aye the entrance worked with the UE theme but not with that dreadful pish he’s been lumbered with now. Really needs to get the denim jacket punted as well. Coles music is horrendous as well. Really think they should’ve just kept the UE theme on him. Just as associated with him as the group and he’s better than that generic WWE 2K create a wrestler theme he’s been saddled with.
  9. Yeah he might have something to offer but it’s certainly not as a full time football player. Him beating a man then running the ball out of play does nothing to change the fact that he’s absolutely garbage and it’s a mystery why dumb and dumber give him game time every week.
  10. First Leitch and now Francis. Why aren’t we allowed to just be happy? [emoji20]
  11. Good finish from Keena there. Been really quiet again today but fair play to him. More good play from Morrison. Clyde do look shite but good to see us finally really dominating a game.
  12. f**k sake. Playing well for a change so let’s get on the ringer [emoji23].
  13. Aye hope he’s ok and gets back to full fitness for the start of pre season training for whoever signs him in the summer.
  14. Fucking hell. Should’ve been 1 each there. Terrible header from Durnan leaving Mutch in no mans land.
  15. Just the 3 minutes until the chuckle brothers almost made an arse of things under no pressure [emoji849]
  16. ‘Mark Durnan has been solid this season’ who the f**k is this dick asking the questions?
  17. Both have looked totally fine in their games. Not great but certainly fine and capable. To keep playing the chuckle brothers ahead of both is just madness and awful management.
  18. Add in PJ Morrison in and out the team earlier in the season and Calum Ferrie not getting a game last season I fully expect teams to tell us to firmly GTF in the summer or only give us the pick of the jobbers. As a club our use of the line market over the last 4 or 5 years has been horrendous. Genuinely forgot Sean Kelly was a thing. Wonder if he’s been punted as well.
  19. The more I think about it the more seething I am that Hall is starting yet again. He’s utterly shite with no redeemable qualities at all. Any competent manager would have punted him months ago yet our 2 dicks see him as an automatic starter.
  20. Could be right tbh with Sammon on the left. Would think that would probably just leave Keena adrift up top again but that seems to have become the norm for us now.
  21. Tbf the choices they’ve left us with are him, jobber Francis or the ghost of Lee Miller. Sammon is probably the least bad option. Though I know he’s going to stink the place out and I’ll be screaming for him to be hooked before the half hour mark. The fact they wasted a loan on McClelland to not play him and have a loan space unfilled when our attacking options are just so desperately poor is just yet more wonderful management from dumb and dumber.
  22. Looking at the line up. Ok 4-4-2 yeah I can live with that. Then realising they’ve gone with the chuckle brothers at the back 🤦‍♂️. They never fucking learn.
  23. After his cameo the other night I’d actually be surprised if we seen him on the park again. Is been wanting him to play more of a part recently especially since our only other options are a rancid Sammon and jobber Francis but he was so bad when he came on. Just looked absolutely finished and a shadow of the player that we even seen last season.
  24. The product is ok. The constant 50/50 shilling is extremely grating the audio on highlights is annoying but otherwise it’s fine.
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