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  1. Dundee was exactly what I was thinking. A step up from Cammy Kerr.
  2. Absolutely no danger that Reghan Tumilty is signing for us either btw.
  3. You’re probably looking at Leon McCann, Callumn Morrison and Craig McGuffie that could start and you could see playing a reasonable part next season. He might be able to get more of a tune out of Nesbitt but I’d be surprised. The rest though are absolutely garbage.
  4. Aye that’s Danjiel Marceta. ‘Lighting up’ the training ground was the line at the time I’m sure. Did we not pay an absolutely ridiculously high loan fee for him as well? Absolute dugmeat.
  5. From what I can mind he was actually alright. Only played 3 games and wanted too much money to extent his deal. Certainly nowhere near the worst player that played for us that season.
  6. Aye Lavery and Todorov sitting on the bench but that c**t kept playing Jarvis who was absolutely brutal.
  7. A worst 11 is always more ‘fun’ to put together and considering the amount of utter shite we’ve had over the last 5 years in particular it’s much harder. Leo Fasan Jason Marr Brad McKay Tom Dallison Joe Chalmers Mark Waddington Tom Owen Evans Fraser Aird Marcus Haber Leigh Griffiths Dennon Lewis
  8. That’s actually the problem with them they’ve for some bizarre reason got Sean Welsh playing in the middle of a back 3 and they’re badly missing him in midfield. He’s their best midfielder by a distance so a really strange decision by Dodds.
  9. Michael McGovern Craig McPherson Darren Barr Gerard Aafjes Luke Leahy Scott MacKenzie Will Vaulks Arnau Reira Russell Latapy Anthony Stokes Farid El Alagui A mix of the best and my favourite players I’ve seen play for us.
  10. Both Paddy Martin and Luke Holt signed 2 year deals.
  11. As much as I really don’t rate Paddy Martin, Doyle is absolutely stinking. If it was a player/coach role and he’s just going to sit on the bench then I’d just about get on board with it but considering we already have 2 ‘keepers that are absolutely nowhere near good enough plus a goalkeeping coach so he’s just not needed.
  12. The day that Brad McKay is finally launched out the club will be an absolutely glorious day. He’ll go down as a hall of farmer in the worst Falkirk XI of all time.
  13. Btw if there’s anyone that would be against the signing or wouldn’t want to bring the sweet prince back home then you can get yourself squarely to f**k. Thanks [emoji4].
  14. AFAIK it was few months ago and he was trying to get him to sign a pre-contract. Yogi giving it the ‘no loyalty in football’ patter before Sibbs told him there’s no chance he would play for Dunfermline and ending the conversation stone dead there. He will absolutely get better offers than us however we really need to be offering him the best possible deal to bring him home. If we can afford to chuck money at Griffiths and his fat arse then we absolutely can be offering Sibbs a competitive deal.
  15. Imagine actually giving a f**k about ‘red dots’. Fucking hell.
  16. Jason Naismith and Stephen McGinn released from Killie we should be all over that.
  17. They’ve over 1000 season ticket holders. I’d imagine they’ve got a bigger home crowd than the likes of Livingston and Hamilton so I’m sure they would be fine.
  18. I’d rather watch the 6-0 pumping from Queens Park again than read the last few pages back tbh.
  19. Wouldn’t be the Falkirk thread if there wasn’t a fan of some shitey wee jobber team stinking it out with some dreadful patter.
  20. Aye I’m pretty sure McGlynn will know exactly how ganting our squad is and how dugmeat Brad McKay is.
  21. Yet more leaks from the board ffs. When will this end?!?! Charlatans running the club imo (in my opinion)
  22. Why the f**k are we still talking about that rapist piece of shit on here? Get that shit to absolute f**k.
  23. Oh. Ya. Fucker. [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  24. He was a fantastic finisher. The fact he only scored 2 goals for us and 1 from open play paints a massive picture towards his current ability. He seemed incapable to strike a ball particularly cleanly or with a great deal of power.
  25. He’s absolutely fucking ganting. It takes a very special kind of defender to be worse than both Ben Hall and Gregor Buchanan yet he manages it quite comfortably. Think of Fernandy Mendy but left footed and slower. Still better than Brad McKay of course.
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