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  1. Tbh it’s Gary Holt saying that. I trust absolutely f**k all that comes out of that p***ks mouth.
  2. Just watched back that opening statement again from Gordon Coburn. What an absolute fucking w**k.
  3. Btw an absolute riddy that some of the fans there were applauding the board members when Gary Deans was introducing them all. Deans comments about Holt before he introduced him, sniggering away saying something like ‘oh I wonder how this is going to go’ was disgraceful as well.
  4. A wee 30 second bit at the end about how he used to work in the academy. The same shite he said in his interview when he arrived. That aside he didn’t speak all night.
  5. Btw Sheerin is absolutely not getting away with some of the shite he spouted tonight either. Spoke horrendously. Waffled a lot of shite about how he’s confident we’ll score goals because we have some shots in games. Bizarre shite. His line about Dixon being dropped for being out of form was a belter considering he’s playing Brad fucking McKay instead. Stevie Hetherington is not undroppable but he’s our most important player [emoji23]. Absolutely clueless.
  6. Absolute w**k. But somehow Deans managed to come across more arrogant than him which is some going. When asked about his summer recruitment he said he won’t get them all right, then someone shouted out about how he got none right. His response was to ask if we thought Nesbitt was better than Leitch and if we thought Williamson was better than Mercer. Then said he thought Leon McCann was a good signing who doesn’t lose many headers [emoji23] and that was the extent of the positives he was able to try and talk about.
  7. Loved Gary Holts reaction to signing Jaime Wilson being ‘aye but how many goals did he score last season’ and ‘bet you weren’t good at your job when you first started.
  8. The first part aye 100%. The second though holy f**k man. How it will pan out is Hetherington still stinking the place out and playing 90 minutes, McKay shelling goals left, right and centre and more horrific interpretations of football. He’s not the root cause here but he needs punted. Now. Comfortably worse than both McKinnon and dumb and dumber. Probably worse than Eddie May tbh.
  9. There’s the club tweeting out that you can still get tickets for the game 6 hours after it’s finished. Is there any part of our club that’s not an absolute shambles?
  10. There’s absolutely no chance that Sheerin didn’t sign at the very least Seb Ross and Michael Ruth.
  11. We get pressed high from goal kicks, every player marked and still we play it short then lose the ball in our half and then that’s just repeated again if hit through the game. Then we’ve got captain Hetherington just generally being absolutely fucking horrendous a complete passenger in the middle of the park and Brad fucking McKay’s hilarious attempts at passing the ball and defending. We’ve had our share of horrendous centre backs in recent years (Dallison, Harrison, McKenna, Buchanan, Durnan) but McKay is comfortably worse than them all. Like it’s not even close or up for debate.
  12. Well Lewis does mention in the interview that he’s already interviewed Sheerin before Martin so it’s either still getting edited or being held back.
  13. IMO the best way to get the message across is on Tuesday night right in front of them. This is where we can absolutely make our voices heard.
  14. Nae danger Sheerin survives this. He’ll be punted before Tuesday in the hope that this will fix everything and will give the board an easier time. They will blame everything on him and Holt will distance himself from every decision made. Him and Deans absolutely need hounded out on Tuesday. We simply cannot let them away with this and be left to ruin our club further
  15. How the f**k has Brad McKay made a living out of being a defender btw? He’s absolutely fucking stinking. Absolutely horrendous. Yet another dreadful team selection from Sheerin this time with the added bonus of a hilariously mental formation that completely nullifies what little attacking threat we have. He’s done. Needs punted now. Nobody has played well. Special mentions of course go to McKay, Miller and Captain Hetherington for being especially shite. Dylan Easton is absolutely running this game. Comfortably the best player on the park and has got our entire team on toast.
  16. Aye could be with McDaid right wing back but I just can’t get my head around a back 3 with McKay/Miller and not Dixon.
  17. So Keena starts, Dixon dropped instead of McKay though which is fucking baffling. Still a 4-2-3-1 IMO.
  18. [emoji23] Aye you’re right how dare we have our opinions on how we play and being negative on what we’ve had to endure this season. How is it ‘too early’ to say it’s not working after being dicked away to Alloa, comfortably bodied at home to Dumbarton then scrapping a draw away to Montrose? Also it’s completely irrelevant how Mandy chances we create when our defending is so rancid. Based on what we’ve seen so far this season the only team likely to get ‘a doing’ is us.
  19. Nah there’s a world of difference between being clever with your body and making the most of contact which Miller was fantastic at to the blatant and needless diving under no contact at all that Ruth has been showing so far.
  20. One of the worst things I’ve noticed from Ruth so far is his constant diving. Got booked for it at Alloa, got away with a blatant dive up at Montrose and any chance he gets contact or not he’s chucking himself to the ground. He really needs to cut that shit out ASAP.
  21. We can’t recall Wilson outside the transfer window.
  22. Someone had replied to the Keena video with a comment ‘Well star him then’ which was re-tweeted by them then almost immediately deleted. Whoever is in charge of the Twitter maybe forgetting to log into their private account.
  23. Anyone else catch that re-tweet [emoji23]
  24. Still can’t believe we didn’t sign Greig Spence in the summer.
  25. So far he’s been pretty shite. Defensively very suspect and the ball in behind him catches him out every single time. Going forward he’s ok I guess but not really gave us much.
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