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  1. The cold hard facts are there is a cost of living crisis sweeping the country and getting worse by the day. For the board to then put out that statement and try force supporters to pay more money to the club each month is absolutely shameful. Going into winter where it’s a genuine concern around the country if some can afford to heat their houses is not the right time to get the begging bowl out. Completely unacceptable.
  2. That email is fucking shocking. Not just the wording but the timing of it really is deplorable. Yes we do need more people to sign up for FSS if they can afford it but trying to shame people into it is disgusting.
  3. I know it’s a position that he’s barely played in if at all during his career but Gary Oliver is brilliant in the middle of the park. Keeps the ball very well, times his runs forward and intelligent enough to slot in and cover wherever the gaps are. More than deserved his goal tonight. His goal btw is another reason why Leon McCann Mayr stay in the team that late run and cross into the box was class.
  4. What a performance that was. Total domination and even better than Saturday imo. Again the only negative being we’re not 3 or 4 up as no danger they’re that bad in the second half. Burrell has finished where he left off on Saturday and the Thistle defenders can’t live with him. Not a chance he’s here next year btw. Baller. But everyone has played well so far. I could very easily watch Stephen McGinn play 10 yard passes all day long [emoji7].
  5. Just the 1 change with the keepers. I’d have been starting Lawal as well. He’s really deserving of more minutes apart from that it’a fair enough. Hogarth has been fairly shite so far so a chance for Martin to take the spot until PJ is back fit.
  6. Best 45 minutes of the season from us so far. Absolutely brilliant so far and really should be more than 1 up. Giving me the fear a bit though as Dunfermline surely to f**k can’t be that bad in the second half. Rumarn Burrell has been tremendous. Linking up the play so well then using his pace to get in behind all the time as well. They can’t live with him.
  7. Best 45 minutes of the season from us so far. Absolutely brilliant so far and really should be more than 1 up. Giving me the fear a bit though as Dunfermline surely to f**k can’t be that bad in the second half. Rumarn Burrell has been tremendous. Linking up the play so well then using his pace to get in behind all the time as well. They can’t live with him.
  8. That’s on McGlynn today. Fucking ridiculous decision to put McCann to right-back and the fact he didn’t change it during the game was an absolute joke. Mackie and Henderson were absolutely stinking the place out all game but played the full 90 and McCann gets hauled off. Aye great. Shout out to Hogarth tae for being worse than his faither. Fair play. Thought he was at fault for both goals. Second one of course me went right through him but the first he should be coming and collecting the cross then he palmed the shot right out to Cardle.
  9. Big UJ flag in the away end here. Giving me the boak.
  10. Nae idea what worse that we let Sheerin and Holt have actual to spend or the fact they spend it on perennial jobber Seb Ross. Last season was some laugh ae.
  11. Got to say the ‘scum’ patter when talking about Dunfermline is a huge riddy and massively small time.
  12. Aye I’d say the McGinn suspension means any slim chance we had of winning almost disappears. He’s absolutely viral for us and the way we play. The one player in the squad that we can’t replace.
  13. Anyone who accuses McCann of being weak defensively or poor in the air is doing so purely on his height rather than his performances. He’s got some leap and times his jumps very well and actually wins more in the air than he loses.
  14. Am I the only one that’s starting to fall in love with this team? After years of utter shite we’ve finally got a whole load of extremely likeable players.
  15. Stephen McGinn [emoji7]. What a fucking player. Most influential signing since Latapy imo. His pass completion percentages must be an absolute joke.
  16. Really hope with Henderson being fit again doesn’t mean Leon McCann will get dropped again. He’s been absolutely class the last few weeks probably our best player since he came back into the team and from what we’ve seen so far he’s a much better left back than Mackie. I’d also hope he keeps Oliver playing in the middle of the park. Really like what I’ve seen from him this season although it’s clear he’s not a striker but had his best game for us so far playing as a number 8 last week and more than deserved to keep his place.
  17. Fat Luca Gasparotto attempting to play right-back in that first game still gives me nightmares.
  18. Genuinely don’t know how there could be any other answer tbh.
  19. Seeing Miller pishing himself laughing on the sideline as we bent over for Celtic in that game had me absolutely seething. 0 shots at goal ffs.
  20. He’s absolutely fucking dreadful. Genuinely surprised he’s not just chucked it in the summer there. He’s unbelievably slow and positionally all over the place. He played him left back, left of a back 3, middle of a back 3, left sided centre half in a 4 and left wing back. He was hopeless in each position. I know money seems to be tight for you guys this season but if you can’t find better him I’d be worried.
  21. Great performance again. Deservedly got the 3 points and in all honesty should’ve been a lot more. Not a lot more to say about the ‘stadium’ that’s not already been said but what an absolute dreadful place to watch football. You’ll do well to find a worse ground at any level of the game. Coupe of changes from last week and a slight change of formation. Nesbitt and Oliver both playing as number 8’s with McGinn as a 6 and Oliver was brilliant playing that bit deeper. McGuffie and Morrison on opposite wings and despite what’s happened in other games this season they stayed to their side and didn’t switch which for me was smart from McGlynn as Morrison had the right back on toast the full game. Yeats as always just slots seamlessly into the back 4. I’ve still yet to be convinced by Hogarth, his kicking his awful, but did make a great double save in the first half after a Mackie mistake. On Mackie he was very poor today. Full of errors and another day he would cost us. On the goals. The first was hard to see due to it being on the other side of the stadium but I’m not too sure how it got into the net. Was a bit of a weak shot from Morrison that took a deflection and didn’t look like it would have the pace to trouble the ‘keeper but somehow squeezed in. The second was a really good team goal. We kept the ball alive and played a few passes around until it came to Oliver just inside the box and he was never missing. The third was great play by a couple of subs, Pearse Carroll ripping the pish in the middle of the park then sending a beautiful ball over the top of Fontaine for Burrell who ran on to it shrugged of the defender to keep composed and finish it off. Always happened again a few minutes later again Carroll sending Burrell through who this time squared to Morrison who with an open goal and around 3 yards out for some reason went for power and smashed it into the side netting. No idea how it was possible. I thought Alegria had a much better game. Done really well up against Fontaine his hold up play was vastly improved but with Burrells performance after coming on it’s hard not to start him next week. Like I said earlier Gary Oliver was great and would’ve been my MoM if not for Leon McCann. If there’s still anyone that doesn’t rate him then you’re fucking deluded. Boy is absolutely class. Brings us so much in an attacking sense always willing to take players on and provide an option and has the engine to get back in as well and defensively he’s absolutely fine.
  22. If it’s Coll Donaldson or Sean Mackie we’re fucked.
  23. Where we belong [emoji23]. Load of absolute shite. We are currently exactly where we belong and deserve to be.
  24. What a boy Tommy Tackle was. Wee bit injury prone but always done some graft in midfield and of course loved a slide tackle. Even done a solid job for us on the right of midfield. Loved a goal against the **** and the pars tae. How can you no love him for that [emoji7]
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