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  1. Another assist for Petra....
  2. Aye not a fan of a half time triple sub. Also pretty seething if the totally ineffective MacLean is on instead of Robson.
  3. Looks like a triple sub with Jarvis, Lavery and unfortunately MacLean all coming on.
  4. ICT V FFC

    Aye the result itself isn’t too bad but with the results of the others around us and the performance we put in means it’s 2 points dropped rather than a point gained. Anything less than 6 points from the next 2 isn’t good enough imo.
  5. ICT V FFC

    This is grim. Nae width at all we’ve got Ross MacLean hiding somewhere on the right and McShane playing miles out of position on the left. Don’t even think we’ve had a shot second half.
  6. ICT V FFC

    4-2-3-1. McHatties playing with Trafford in the middle of the park.
  7. ICT V FFC

    Absolutely brutal game of football. 2 shite teams but I feel we’ve edged it on the shiteness scale. We can barely string 2 passes together and just hoofing it long to nobody in particular. Nae c**t played well so far but DKD in particular has been pish just giving the ball away everytime it’s come near him. We’re defending far too deep but someone still leaving too much space between the lines of Doran and Polworth. Seeing Joe fucking Chalmers cut us open down the right has been a right laugh so far.
  8. ICT V FFC

    Can’t really argue much about the team tbh. Hoping we’re starting 4-3-1-2 then at least we’ve got the option to go to a 4-3-3 if it’s no working. Bit more of a surprise with the bench. Kevin O’Hara coming in for Lewis Kidd.
  9. We weren’t any better in the second half. The second half was eye bleedingly bad. 2 utterly woeful teams thumping the ball up the park or out of play and running after it. Neither team deserved to win so a draw was far enough. Felt McKinnon got it horribly wrong today both with the formation and substitutions. We had to move from the diamond to 4-3-3 as we were getting dominated that first half. The subs killed off any hope of getting back into it. Taking McShane off was mental and it killed what little midfield we had. Osman just can’t play in a 4 he just stays in front of the defence leaving a big hole next to Paton. And he was fucking awful today. Couldn’t understand bringing MacLean on either really no idea what he brings to the team and he was shite again. Should’ve brought on Todorov instead of Kidd at the end to really have a go but I think by then he was happy with a point.
  10. Well that was fucking rancid. Still decent end to the game and Paton should’ve buried that header to put us 2-1 up. Right up until the goal we were awful barely stringing 2 passes together and getting nowhere when going long. Defence has also completely fell apart at times, really infuriating how easy crosses get into the box and that’s how we conceded the goal. McKenna needs to sort himself out here as McDonald has got him on toast. Another assist from Petravicius though.
  11. Fasan back on the bench has given me the absolute fear. Can just see Burgoyne getting injured in the warm up and having to play that fucking diddy for such a huge game.
  12. 3 changes for us. Jarvis, MacLean and Dixon in with Rudden and Robson dropping to the bench. Big surprise with Rudden being out. First game he’s been on the bench for us. Burgoyne McGhee McKenna Edge Dixon Petravicius Paton Osman McShane MacLean Jarvis
  13. Nah avoid parking at the stadium. £4 and there’s plenty of free parking around. Best bets would either be Alexander Avenue across from the Stadium or at the Met Tech College just behind McDonalds. Both free and a 5 minute walk to the ground.
  14. After his booking me made a daft tackle to give away a foul out wide and I genuinely thought he was going to be off. Was certainly more worthy of a booking than either of Dixon’s.
  15. Just me that would play Brough at left back with Dixon suspended? Much as I love Tommy he was giving me the fear defensively when he came on against Morton. Probably more deserving of a red than Dixon as well imo.