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  1. Any particular reason you think that? Considering he totally fucked the job the first time around. He’s an absolutely dreadful manager.
  2. Nae chuckle brothers on that release list is fucking terrifying. I’m going to be absolutely fucking seething if we even consider keeping they 2 on. Should’ve been first on the fucking list.
  3. And there we fucking go. Getting what he deserve for being so fucking shite. That defending man holy f**k.
  4. That really should’ve been in there. To the surprise of absolutely nobody we give a completely free header from a set piece.
  5. Ooft. A shot. A fucking pathetic shot but still.
  6. Connolly isn’t on the bench. That was a f**k up on the line up on Twitter and should’ve been Cantley instead. Tbf the Twitter admin is still probably steaming from his game on Sunday.
  7. He’s absolutely clueless and so far nothing has changed with him. So it will be the same terrible formation with no style of play whatsoever and hoping we scrape by on penalties or by some luck win a penalty from one of our aimless hoofs. I hate this squad of players.
  8. I think he’s went to right-back with ‘Leitch’ wide right. I’m assuming that’s where Alston was supposed to have started the game but he was definitely playing in the centre.
  9. This is a pathetic performance. Again. No shots on goal at all not even threatening a shot. Weirdly balanced line up, no discernible style of play and Leitch inexplicably coming on after half an hour. Utter shite.
  10. Just a shame our corners are dugmeat.
  11. Ffs. Why does it have to be that c**t coming on.
  12. He was probably trying a 5 yard pass tbh.
  13. What formation are we actually playing here? Fotheringham seems to be wide left and Morrison playing through the middle.
  14. Durnan and Miller for Leitch and McLelland. Meh. As delighted as I am that they are both dropped it’s still just 2 other shite players coming in and I’m still utterly seething at Durnan for his pathetic performance on Thursday.
  15. The choice is either get scudded by Airdrie or suffer on to get utterly embarrassed by a dreadful Morton team twice then there’s really no decision to be made. Finishing 5 as well just might be the final wake up call to the minority of fans who still can’t see just how bad it is.
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