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  1. Is Kai Kennedy no quite shite? He’s had 3 or 4 loan moves to the Championship and apart from a few months at Inverness been pretty anonymous. Still probably better than Nesbitt mind.
  2. Holt clearly just being binned now because Ethan Ross has demanded the number 13 shirt. Surely just a matter of time now.
  3. That’s all absolutely fair enough and glad it looks like I’m wrong. On the face of it with no background knowledge did seem to be a signing similar to Weekes/Lemon/Williamson but if he’s actually been signed because he’s got something to add and not just to fill a jersey on the bench then all the better.
  4. Your jobber signed to pad the squad out more than likely.
  5. Absolute shitebag. He’s definitely got talent but he’s got a tendency to drift in and out of games. Drops too deep to get on the ball and he’s not nearly effective playing so deep and like I said he’s a massive shitebag.
  6. The source must be a lot of shite. There’s absolutely not a chance of Brian Graham coming on loan to us. He was Thistles top scorer last season and he’s still their first choice striker along with Dowds. I could see us going for Henderson as he’s not going to be getting game time at Hearts but the idea of Brian Graham is nonsense.
  7. He absolutely ran the show. Got himself 2 assists as well. Only a matter of time now imo.
  8. Sibbs and Ethan Ross. What a fucking midfield we’re going to have btw.
  9. Yellow Falkirk away tops are always better imo.
  10. Yeah like Trump said he’s come on as a sub in both our friendlies so far and he’s ran the show both times. He was a bit tired on Tuesday with it being his 3rd game in 5 days. I expect he’ll be used to model the away top if it gets released tomorrow.
  11. Heard he’s been lighting up the training ground as well this week. Only a matter of time until he signs imo.
  12. Aye likes of him, Holt and Seb Ross know there’s absolutely nae chance of getting another full time deal anywhere so will more than likely just sit tight and take the money for the year. I’d do the same if I was them. There’s not enough words to express just how ridiculous it was that we had Jaime Wilson on trial and still gave him a 2 year deal. Just a stunning piece of business.
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