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  1. Second half was a lot better. Got the early goal from some great play by Petravicius and we looked pretty comfortable from there on imo. Alloa never really threatened our goal and it was that missed the best chances after that through Petravicius and MacLean. Paul Dixon was brilliant yet again. What a fucking signing btw. Big Edge as well nothing stupid just solid play from him. Paton was a lot better in the second half and Osman continues where he left off last week.
  2. We’ve been pretty fucking shite so far. Alloa the better team without really creating an awful lot. We’re playing so deep and our midfield is just nowhere. Need to get the formation changed at half time. I’d be bringing MacLean and Todorov on for Paton and Waddington, 2 total passengers so far.
  3. So that’s Bohemians ‘withdrawing’ from the Challenge Cup meaning Ross County will play East Fife next Friday I believe so we will have a free week again next Saturday. Whilst I’m happy not to have Dundee Utd and Ross County back to back at the moment when we’re trying to gain some positive momentum this does mean we’ll have a midweek trip up to Dingwall at some point.
  4. Falkirk v Queens

    Was really surprised with Dykes as well as usually he ragdolls our defenders about the place but McKenna and Edjenguele, along with Osman, handled him superbly and didn’t let him get a sniff. Second half he seemed to be player a lot deeper more like a number 8 as opposed to a 10. Couple of things that I forgot to mention earlier were the performances of Dixon and Petravicius. Along with pretty much everyone else I was less than thrilled with Dixon signing but he’s been brilliant so far. Probably would’ve been my MoM as yet again didn’t put a foot wrong. With Petra I seem to rate him more than most and I just think he brings so much to the team. Aye he’s inconsistent and extremely frustrating and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of game intelligence if that makes sense but he’s got so much pace, decent enough strength and always so positive with the ball and looking to commit defenders. His end product does need to improve and he probably should’ve buried his first half chance but took his goal well and we were really unlucky not to score from a couple of his crosses in the first half.
  5. Still not sure if our game with Ross County will go ahead that weekend. They’re due to play the winners of East Fife/Bohemians that weekend if that game ever goes ahead of course.
  6. Falkirk v Queens

    Fantastic and deserved win today. For all the possession Queens had they done absolutely nothing with it and we defended brilliantly. Restricted Dobbie to a long range strike in the first half and then his best chance of the game in the second (big handball should about it though) Burgoyne pulled off a great save. Ray got it absolutely spot on tactic wise today. First half looked like we were playing a narrow 4-4-2 diamond and the second more 4-3-3. Back 4 all played well and like I said there was never a point in the game where you thought we looked like conceding. First goal came from a great ball into the box from Dixon and was some header from DKD just glancing it into the far corner. Another quality ball into the box from McShane for the second and was the first time in the game that Dykes didn’t win the header and big Willie powered it in. The 3rd came from a great Jordan McGhee run forward and Petra took it really well. Delighted for him to get a goal and hopefully that will help his confidence and get some people of his back. Felt the red card for DKD was harsh albeit he was stupid. Can’t complain about his first yellow as needless as it was then to make a foul less than a minute later was stupid from him the ref really didn’t need to book him again for it. Also thought he missed a good penalty shout in the second half with Wilson completely hauling the Edge down in the box from a free-kick.
  7. Falkirk v Queens

    Tbf he did have Waddington ready to come on him before the second booking. There was like 40 seconds in between them so he really couldn’t do anything about it.
  8. Falkirk v Queens

    Osman wide right?!
  9. Falkirk v Queens

    Maybe Jarvis isn’t up from London yet? Could explain why he’s not in the team today. Quite surprised that MacLean has completely dropped out must be injured I’m assuming. Would’ve had Waddington in that midfield though. How the f**k is Joe McKee still sneaking a place on the bench?
  10. Come on surely to f**k he’s got to be better than Mackin? Nah he’s a central midfielder. Not a bad player but also I couldn’t name anything he’s particularly good at either. Just extremely average.
  11. Meh. Suppose it’s a striker with a bit of height. Hopefully he’s got decent hold up play that’s all we’re really needing from a strike partner for Rudden. Cani be a worse option than Haber or Lewis tbh.
  12. But I thought we were going to have to pay Morton £250k, get a transfer ban and get a points deduction? Pray for Branchton at this tough time. His seethe will be spectacular. Nows the time to swap McKee for Tidser just for extra bants.
  13. If the Tidser rumours true the seethe from Branchton is going to be absolutely delicious. Worth it for that alone imo.
  14. Can’t see that being right at all. We sold him to Swansea so any add ons that were part of the deal would’ve expired when he was sold on. Pretty sure Margaret Lang said at the last meeting that the only sell on we’re waiting for is Will Vaulks.
  15. Falkirk vs Inverness

    Dixon was my MoM today thought he was class. Again really surprised just how good he looks at centre-back. Even in the air he had no issues with White/Austin/Oakley. McKenna wasn’t as good as he’s been the last few games but he’s still young and this was only his 3rd professional game. Not enough has been said about McShanes goal either imo. Aye the ‘keeper is a Fasan like diddy but some pace and swerve on the ball and I’m sure it landed perfectly in the far top corner. A lot of ‘keepers would’ve struggled with that imo.