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  1. He does? He can’t jump, hold the ball up, header the ball, hold defenders off or do literally any basic stuff with a football. He’s probably a better option than Wilson but that’s more about how howling Wilson is than anything else. They 2 will comfortably be the worst full time players in the country. Nae other c**t will get close to those useless jobbers.
  2. The most damning thing I can say about that today is that it was like watching a Ray McKinnon team. It was a textbook McKinnon performance.
  3. Seen a few comments on Ruth which are extremely harsh IMO. What exactly was he supposed to do today? He was up on his own, completely isolated and getting long balls chucked his way against Durnan and Mendy and expected to do something with it. He didn’t play well but we didn’t give him any chance to either.
  4. Well that was absolutely fucking rancid. For me that performance was totally on Sheerin he got everything wrong today, aye unlucky with Morrison, Williamson and Krasniqi being out but if players are out you need to adapt not just play the same way regardless of the personnel you’ve got available and hope for the best. Alloa were not great but absolutely worth the win today. They had a shape, were solid enough, had a game plan to how to win the game and were happy enough to let us have the ball as they know we would do f**k all with it. So the first goal I’ve still not sure how it went in, Dixon own goal? But I’m unsure if Henderson was onside or not, though judging by Sheerin going mental at Hall after it I suspect he was keeping him on, but Dixon done well to get back in and thought he was just going to clear it. They had 2 other sitters in the first half as well Trouten somehow managing to header wide when completely free 5 yards out and the goal at his mercy. Second goal was abysmal from us and of course had to be Durban and Sammon combining. First I’ve no idea why Ompreon (more on that c**t later) is the one marking Durnan that is utter stupidity then we leave Sammon free 3 yards out to bundle home where even our jobber strikers couldn’t miss. Thought Alloa also had a really good shout for a penalty in the second half as well but it’s Dixon barging O’Donnell I think it was off the ball. We had absolutely nothing in our play at all today and at no point did we ever look like a team that was going to create a chance. So the 4-2-3-1 whilst it is expected that is how we are going to line up we simply didn’t have the players available today to play it effectively but it never rest changed all day. Playing Nesbitt wide left again in that first half was fucking stupid. He’s so much better through the middle and an absolute waste playing wide the Queens Park game should’ve been enough for Sheerin to see that and not do it again. Then we’ve got Ompreon on before Keena. I’d absolutely love to hear the thinking about bringing on that fucking jobber on first to play as a lone striker and why they thought that would work. He’s utterly fucking shite and has nothing about him at all. He came on went into Mendys back pocket and didn’t get out it. Could go on and slate every player and decision made by the manager today tbh but just to quickly touch on Hetherington who yet again was shite. I really have no idea what he brings to the team he can’t pass the ball, never looks forward with it, doesn’t break up the play and doesn’t offer himself as an out ball. Gives us nothing in midfield just a jersey filler. Shite.
  5. Nesbitt wide right and Keena on the bench .
  6. Nah you’re getting way too carried away here. Spence isn’t average he’s fucking shite. There’s a reason he’s no got a team after he got punted by Stenny for being shite. He’s got 13 goals in his last 100 games and recently went 2 years without scoring a league goal. There is no denying that Wilson is rotten and should be nowhere near us but Spence most definitely isn’t anywhere near good enough either and quite rightly this thread would have been littered with laughter and seethe if we signed a curtain jerking jobber like Greig Spence.
  7. If anyone has watched his performances so far this season and used that to write him off then they clearly know absolutely f**k all about football.
  8. Please fucking god no. I refuse to believe we are actually discussing Greig fucking Spence as a potential signing.
  9. I’d managed to forget all about that dick going through on goal in the second half. It genuinely went from laughter that he’d somehow managed to beat a man and through in goal to fucking rage when he meekly chucked his big toe at it and put it 10 yards wide. He had the cheek to look angry and confused when he got hooked off as well. f**k me he’s horrendous.
  10. The seethe if we had signed any of they jobbers in the summer would’ve been next level.
  11. I’m actually pretty raging at that meek second half performance and Sheerin has got to take the blame for it. The starting line up was shite but if he’s after giving everyone minutes then I guess it’s fair enough. We started horrendously and I really thought Martin should’ve done better with the first goal looked to go right through his hands. Credit to the team though for getting back into it and what a goal it was from Nesbitt picked up the ball around the halfway line and just kept going until he hit the edge of the box and picked out the bottom corner. Rest of the first half was fairly even we were competing much better than I thought without either keeper having a lot to do, aside from Martin making an absolutely incredible save with his feet from point blank range. Amazing save. Second half we were absolutely nowhere even close however. The sub at half time was fair enough McKay must’ve been injured and whilst I’d rather have had Dixon on then for balance Hall makes sense. Didn’t get the double sub on the hour Telfer for Ross yes but Hetherington for Krasniqi was stupid. He was having a good game so clam and composed on the ball albeit he had been booked but Hetherington who’s incapable of completing a 5 yard pass comes on. Then Weekes on wide to move Ompreon up front sure can live with that but then 2-1 down with 10 minutes to go to make your last change a straight swap at centre back was absolutely fucking bizzare. Made absolutely no sense at the time, then we conceded 2 minutes later and went to a weird back 5 with Weekes at right wing-back. The amount of great chances Killie missed in that second half though it genuinely could have been 6 or 7. Shite.
  12. Btw on all the Wilson stuff aye he’s shite but Ompreon is worse. Boys got no positional sense whatsoever and no concept of the offside rule. So far he’s Akeel Francis levels of dugshite. Whilst Wilson is more John Stewart.
  13. The c***s wanting us to play him up front would be the first in line to shell abuse at him and call him shite if he tried him there and he was terrible as he’s potentially never played there before. The solution is to bring another body in not to play someone wildly out of position, especially when he’s not our player and all we’d do is piss off his parent club.
  14. Aye that’s pretty much the names I was looking at, I’m sure Neilson has talked about sending Euan Henderson out on loan so could be the best bet out of them. Another couple that are less likely are Jakubiak, who I knew was mentioned a few pages ago but he’s well down the pecking order at Dundee now and Matty Kennedy at Aberdeen. Very, very slim chance that he would drop as far down as us but he’s another that’s well out of the picture failing to even make squads this season and Aberdeen would probably be happy to ship him out. Aye he’s a winger but he’s someone who would get/create goals at this level. Not that it will happen though.
  15. Aye they definitely were in the EPL at the time. We also had another couple of ‘keepers from the EPL at the time in Tim Krul from Newcastle and Mark Howard from Arsenal.
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