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  1. Completely agree about the game on Tuesday could not give a single f**k about it. Will be slightly embarrassing our first team getting by beat by their kids but f**k it. As for the next league game I genuinely can’t pick a side I’d like to see. Dallison, Muirhead, Mackin, Petravicius and Lewis absolutely none of them deserve to start. I’d genuinely rather we played Robson/Russell at right-back as the alternatives just give me the fear. If Muirhead starts at right-back at home to Queens I’ll be absolutely seething.
  2. Partick VS Falkirk

    That was fucking dreadful. Extremely concerning that Harley’s clearly not learned anything from last week and lined up with the same dreadful back 4. The first half we were absolutely nowhere near Thistle and they were passing around and through us with ease whilst we were just hoofing it up. Improved marginally in the second half but think that was helped by them taking their foot of the gas and letting us back into the game. Second game in a row we’ve not forced the ‘keeper into a meaningful save. Greenwood took his goal well drilled it into the bottom corner and McGhee missed a sitter but that’s all we created. Though if Irving’s free-kick had went in would’ve been an absolute screamer. Muirhead is just clearly not capable of playing full-back. He can’t stop a cross and is so easy to get past him, Blair Spittal had him on toast in the first half. Not impressed with Dallison so far he’s easily bullied and use of the ball needs to be a lot better. Whilst Jordan McGhee is never a left back he’s looking a shadow of the player that played left-back last season. Big Harrison was ok imo decent passer of the ball as well. Patons going to get a lot of criticism but he wasn’t bad today, mistake at the first goal aside. The first half completely passed Sammut by and the same happened with Russell in the second. Petravicius was dreadful and deservedly hooked at half time. Andy Irving looks a player. Comfortably our best player again. Lewis didn’t do an awful lot but really don’t think he’s a striker. Last 25 minutes he’s up front himself and he kept going out to the left leaving nothing in the middle. Froxylias was very meh but glad to see him back in the team. Dylan Mackin was horrendous. Aye his service and support up to him was awful but he’s absolutely no pace, poor in the air and his first touch was non existent. Anytime the ball was near him it was just bouncing straight of him. Still early days and far too early to write anything of yet however what we’ve seen so far has been utterly shite and a vast improvement is needed.
  3. Partick VS Falkirk

    Aye that team is wild tbf. Fasan Muirhead Harrison Dallison McGhee Paton Petravicius Sammut Irving Lewis Mackin
  4. Aye he’s not played an awful lot and seems to have been played out left more than up front. I think I’ve seen him play up front twice against Aberdeen where he was one of our best players and in one of the cup games where he did look horrific. Again he’s one that a lot seem to have written off already but it’s fair too early to have a solid opinion, positive or negative, about any of our new signings yet imo.
  5. [emoji23] Right, so ‘cause Alex Harris was shite last year that means every winger we sign is shite unless they have a great debut? Petravicius might end up being worse than Harris. He also could go on to have a great season. Far too early to write off any of the new signings.
  6. Dennon Lewis said when he signed he’s always been more of a winger and it was only really last year he was encouraged to play more up front. Every team in Scotland could do with a ‘Will Vaulks type’ in their team. If another player of that quality was available there is no chance we would be able to afford him.
  7. I know we’re talking about McKee here but, we can’t discount anyone? You really don’t think we can to forget about Sheps and Harris? The team (minus Robbie Thomson) clearly could not give a single f**k that day and it was horrendous. Watching Aero at left-back was bad but seeing Cameron Blues get absolutely bodied at right-back by Billy King was fucking painful to watch.
  8. Joe McKee is fucking shite. He looked good in the BetFred games last year but once the season got going he was nowhere. He shites out of tackles and I can’t seem to remember any of these ‘driving runs’ last season. He stays behind the ball playing 4 or 5 yards passes sideways without really getting involved in play. An absolute nothing midfielder. He scored that one free-kick against Dundee Utd 2 seasons ago. That’s it.
  9. Nah you can clearly see in the highlights the ref blew pretty much Steichen away for a free-kick. He never once signalled for a goal.
  10. You ‘get the feeling’ that Hartley doesn’t rate him because he was on the bench on Saturday? You do know we can only start 11 players at a time? So 1 poor game and that’s it confirmed that he’s shite aye? FWIW he wasn’t ‘inept’ at all in the BetFred games. He’s extremely raw and has zero positional sense. However he’s decent in the air, got plenty pace to burn and is capable of putting decent balls into the box. He’s definitely a confidence and project player. He might well turn out to be shite, just like any signing could, but to state that after 1 league game and a few kickabouts is absolutely pathetic.
  11. What an absolute fucking slaver.
  12. Right. So he deserved to get sacked but chanting for him to go is too far? No even trying to make sense of that one.
  13. This time last year out right hand side consisted of Gasparotto at right-back and Harris right-wing, we were sitting 9th without a win and were getting scudded by every c**t. So you can get this whole the undeserved sacking patter right in the fucking sea. Did ye aye? We got beat 2-0 away to St. Mirren and then drew 1 each at home to Hamilton. In the bag right enough. Counting friendlies ffs [emoji23] I absolutely love that Edi Bairn like this post.
  14. 100% this. Some people seemingly writing off the season and some of the new players after 1 fucking league game. What an absolute riddy.
  15. Falkirk v ICT

    Really should’ve taken something from that today. Second half was a lot better but we were still poor in the final third. No idea what the goal was disallowed for. Really didn’t look like there was anything in it at all. Apart from that and a couple of poor headers from Haber and McGhee that was all we created. Irving had a much better second half he’s got some quality on the ball and his deliveries were far better. Looked like TOE was pretty much playing up top closer to Haber second half and thought it was the wrong decision to take him off. All the wingers and full-backs were grim. Jordan McGhee looked like he forgot how to play football and Muirhead was absolutely rotten just let Walsh breeze by him and cross the ball in time after time. I get there’s going to be a lot of people not liking him but thought Paton had a solid game in midfield. He’s got a tendency to try and overdo it sometimes but was impressed with him. Haber wasn’t quite effective as he was in the first half but he looks like he’s going to dominate defences in this league we just need to learn how to play off him.