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  1. Hartleys shite would scud Sheerins mob imo.
  2. Nah he’s every bit as bad as Hall potentially even worse. At 28 and played over 200 games he’s never going to improve. It’s his lack of intelligence more than anything else that infuriates me.
  3. Yet Hall, McKay and Lemon are still the worst of the lot. Pretty incredible just how spectacularly shite our recruitment has been over the years. It’s almost a talent to be able to keep signing players even worse than has gone before.
  4. Tom Dallison Scott Harrison Patrick Brough Ciaran McKenna Paul Dixon William Edjenguele Gregor Buchanan Mark Durnan Lewis Toshney Ben Hall Gary Miller Sean Kelly Kyle McClelland Lewis Neilson Brad McKay Aaron Taylor-Sinclair MacKenzie Lemon I think that’s every player that we’ve signed and has played at least 1 game at centre back for us since we released Paul Watson. A truly absolutely fucking disgusting list.
  5. I’m not itk in the slightest however I can 100% guarantee that there’s absolutely no chance of us signing Simon Murray, Luca Connell or Craig Sibbald.
  6. Is Paul Watson the best centre back we’ve signed since we released Paul Watson?
  7. Definitely not disputing that Keena isn’t good enough but he is infinitely better than Wilson and Ompreon who would struggle for game time in the Lowland League.
  8. Taking one for the team? It was his own fault the boy was through on goal. It was yet more idiotic and suicidal defending from him that cussed it. Think between the 2 of them they won 3 or 4 headers all game when considering they weren’t up against any great height or aerial ability is embarrassing.
  9. A stronger referee could easily have sent him off there had his hands around Kabias neck at 1 point. Total headsgone.
  10. Aye we won but that was still absolutely hopeless 2 shots on target playing against 10 men and we didn’t look like creating anything else. The only player that deserves any praise is Kabia. He came on looked a handful, some food running and scored 2 very good goals. Definitely looks like a massive step up in quality from McDaid and Ruth. As for the rest of them. Shite. So slow and ponderous no pace or creativity in our play at all. Our defending still an absolute joke especially from set pieces. I’ve no idea why when defending set free kicks from the half way line we were choosing to defend on the edge of our box just stupid stuff. That keeper needs fucked off as well just before we went and scored the 2nd he came and missed the ball again from a corner and we needed Leon McCann to head off the line.
  11. Finally a decent cross in and look what happens. Very well taken by Kabia.
  12. Ben Hall is dumb as f**k. That was horrific defending.
  13. Not disagreeing at all. But we don’t need 3 centre backs and a defensive mid here. An absolute waste.
  14. Taking Keena off and leaving McKay and Miller on is absolutely fucking baffling.
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