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  1. Considering we’ve not played in 6 months now with training and friendlies started there’s going to be wee knocks and things that players pick up and so if they’re not 100% so quite rightly wont be risked as there’s absolutely no need to. L
  2. Josh Wagenaar - Canadian international ‘keeper signed for us in the summer of 2009. Sat on the bench every single game without coming on got punted when we got relegated and never played professional football again. He was only 26. Mustapha Dumbuya - Random McKinnon signing. Signed in November sat on the bench a few times without coming on then punted in January. Quite bizarre. Lee Wilkie - Actually had to check he did play for us and I wasn’t making it up. Spent 3 months on loan during the ‘relegation’ season 2001/02. Robbie Neilson - Played 3 games as a trialist right at the end of his career under Pressley. Actually looked really good at centre-back tbh. Ryan Sinnamon- Random Rangers youth brought on loan in 2015. Couple sub appearances but was never going to get close to our team. No idea why he was brought in. Sean Lynch - Signed from Hibs who I don’t think he played a senior game for us. Made a handful of appearances over 2 years without making any impact and disappearing off to St. Mirren where I think the story is very similar. Andy McLaren - Played the first 2 games of the 2003/04 season for us as a trialist. Turned down a deal to sign for Dundee Utd. Fouzi Mesaoudi - Was signed very quietly in December 2005 and was on the bench for a 2-2 draw at Ibrox a few days later. Didn’t get in another squad and was released a month later. Andy Haworth - English winger was signed from Bury during summer of 2012. Was punted back down to England in the January and had Hobbes about ever since. He was quite shite. Rory Boulding - Played 4 games for us apparently. Who knew. Alex Macdonald - Wee Scottish attacker signed on loan from Burnley during the 09/10 season. Was far too small and lightweight played a few times and fucked back to Burnley in the January window. Has went on to have a decent career jobbing about Leagues 1 and 2 down south.
  3. Sammon fair enough he’s fucking rotten. But BSLM is a great option to have he proved last season he’s still got enough to bully defences and be a threat in this league.
  4. Get yourself to f**k with shite like that.
  5. [emoji23] Moaning about the team selection in a fucking friendly man ffs.
  6. The return of Toufik Zerara and Sabatino De Massis imo.
  7. [emoji23] Whit? That’s such a wild take. In any walk of life you are going to be judged and called out for slashing someone in the fucking face. Of course you are and deservedly so.
  8. Much better than Buchanan, not that’s its saying much. He’ll end up in the Championship but I’d take him. It was BSLM that he punched to get sent off.
  9. Mustapha Dumbuya Abdul Osman Ross MacLean Ian McShane Aaron Jarvis Mark Waddington Cammy Bell Gregor Buchanan Denny Johnstone Michael Tidser David McMillan Conor Sammon Charlie Telfer Lewis Moore A list of some of the shite he signed for us. Sure there were some success stories but more shite than good that would suggest he’s really not good at signing players at all. His scouting network consists of players he’s managed before or players who have played at his former teams. If you look at his signings at Queens Park he’s managed all but 2 before. Lee Kilday who left Morton just before he was appointed and Craig Slater who signed for Dundee Utd just a few months after he left there. He’s a horrendous manager that has no idea at all how to build a properly balanced squad and instead just signs names he’s heard of and expects it to work.
  10. It’s unlikely but it is possible. Look at Kevin Nisbet for example 2 years ago he was a jobber that looked like he was on his to the juniors. 2 seasons later he made Raith money (albeit not a lot due to a clause in his contract), made Dunfermline money and if he keeps his form he’ll do the same with Hibs. We’ve got Dowds and Keena afaik signed up on 2 year deals. Either one scores 20 goals this season and we’re selling them on for a decent sum next summer. Aside from that unlikely but potential scenario the only other player we’ve got that could make us money would be Robbie Mutch.
  11. If that does happen though we would then I’d imagine go and try bring a left-back in on a short term loan deal. We’ve already got 19 signed first team players with you’ve got to imagine at least another ‘keeper and centre-back to come in. So that leaves 3 sat in the stand when everyone is available and considering we don’t have a reserve or unders team we really don’t need and probably can’t afford to have many more bodies than that. Sure we’ve got some players who are only jersey fillers (Leitch, Laverty, Telfer, Sammon) but as long a they’re here and taking a wage will need to be used at some point.
  12. The Ochilview season was shite but that was Yogis first attempt at both a pre-season and building a squad together. We absolutely scooshed the league the next season. As limited as our striker options were they first season I don’t recall us playing Latapy as a line striker either. I’m sorry but ‘general flow was a good season followed by bad’ is simply not true. Our first season up as shite as our home form was the only objective was to stay up which we did by 15 points. This was followed by 2 more fairly successful seasons finishing higher than our budget probably was at the time. His last season (08/09) was definitely disappointing in the league however getting to a Scottish cup final and in doing so qualifying for Europe for the first and only time in our history cast possibly be seen as a failure? Obviously hindsight is a wonderful thing and most of they signings were a disaster but at the time how many people really thought that? Burton O’Brien was a Championship regular for Sheffield Wednesday and should’ve been a great signing for us. But the real people to blame for the contracts they were sorted to are George Craig and the rest of the board that signed off on it.
  13. We’ve got Gary Miller dishing out clothesline from hells all over the place, BSLM being BSLM and Blair Alston swashbuckling his way through every game. Don’t see what else we need tbh.
  14. Nah the season he first signed for us in the January he played once in the league at home to Dunfermline (played well tbf) then was injured until the last league game of the season against Dumbarton. He did score a belter of a free-kick against Dundee Utd in the first leg of the play off though.
  15. Would be quite surprised if you end up signing Tommy as McKinnon never really seemed to fancy him and barely played him when he was with us. As a left wing-back in a 5 he’s got a lot of quality great engine to get up and down the park, defensively sound and a good final ball. Play him at left midfield and he’s pretty much anonymous and left back in a 4 he struggles with the defensive side of the game. His positioning is generally very poor and due to his height is constantly attacked in the air. I’m sure Thistle inextricably player him centre mid a few times last season with horrendous consequences as well. As a left wing back he’s good enough for the Championship imo and I’m a big fan of his. But any other position he will get caught out.
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