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  1. We’d need to chuck an absolute shitload of cash for Tommy Wright to even consider joining our rabble. Never happening. As for this DoF role pish is it not just more so to have a football person on the board so we don’t have to wanks like Campbell, Thomson and Miller who have no clue about football and making an arse of things constantly.
  2. Look like a competent football team and complete a 6 yard pass?
  3. Scott Mercer is shite but still an upgrade on Doyle imo. Put the game on for 5 minutes and seen him defending the back post dreadfully to concede a goal then 5 minutes later miles out of position when they should’ve scored again. Sometimes forget just how fucking garbage he is.
  4. I’d trump all of them with a ‘Mark Waddington’ boy was a truly fucking appalling footballer with absolutely zero technical abilities whatsoever. For me he’s potentially top 3 on that list. With of course Fasan and that utter c**t Lewis being the other 2.
  5. So I’ve went back and from summer 2018 until now we have signed the following: Patrick Brough Prince Buaben Harry Burgoyne Tom Dallison Paul Dixon Mustapha Dumbuya Leo Fasan Dimitris Froxylias Rees Greenwood Marcus Haber Scott Harrison Andy Irving Aaron Jarvis Davis Keillor-Dunn Dennon Lewis Dylan Mackin Ross Maclean Ciaran McKenna Ian McShane Abdul Osman Tom Owen-Evans Paul Paton Deimantas Petravicius Zak Rudden Mark Russell Ruben Sammut Nikolay Todorov Dan Turner Mark Waddington Cammy Bell Gregor Buchanan Aidan Connolly Rafa De Vita Mikey Doyle Mark Durnan Callum Ferrie Morgaro Gomis Ben Hall Denny Johnstone Robbie Leitch Louis Longridge Declan McManus Gary Miller David McMillan Lewis Moore Conor Sammon Charlie Telfer Michael Tidser Josh Todd Lewis Toshney Blair Alston Euan Devaney Anton Dowds Akeel Francis Aidan Keena Shaun Kelly Scott Mercer PJ Morrison Callumn Morrison Blair Sneddon That’s 60 players there which Id say at least 50 of them have been failures. Genuinely some skill to get player recruitment so horribly wrong over such a period of time and under 4 different managers but even managed it.
  6. Whilst I do agree in principle with this when you’re a full time striker in a part time league like this then you absolutely have to be judged in goal contributions and the record is just embarrassing. Also like you say it’s not like our strikers are contributing a whole lot to open play either.
  7. Thing is though he’s not been played out of position. He’s played the majority of his career at left mid and indeed that’s where he spent the most time when in the championship as well. He’s just not very good.
  8. Just checked and since the start of last season Sammon and Dowds have scored a combined 21 goals in 99 games. So one of them scores every 4.7 games. Granted there will be a fair few sub appearances in there and of course Dowds didn’t play for us last season but still that is a pitiful record. As a comparison Declan McManus scored 24 goals in 34 games last season. Didn’t quite realise it at the time but his form majorly papered over the cracks for the managers last season.
  9. I’d much rather he was as far away from the team as possible. He had glimpses last year but he’s offered us absolutely nothing at all this season. At least Robbie Leitch, who is a league 2 jobber at best, has popped up with a few goals whilst Todd just doesn’t contribute. Can’t believe I’m saying this but we’ve got to get Telfer in the team and give him a proper run of games. I was one of his biggest critics last season and was seething when we gave him a new deal but he’s looked infinitely better than Todd/Leitch/Miller/Alston this season. I’d rather have him in the middle but if Connolly is still out then you play him wide and unfortunately continue with Alston in the hope he pulls some form out his arse. However continue to hoof it and bypass the midfield like we did on Saturday doesn’t matter a f**k who we play in there. Our striking options consist of a not fit Keena who must start, Sammon who’s dugshite, Dowds who tries but never a full time player, Francis who’s playing about 2 levels above his ability and Miller who can’t be close to any kind of match fitness due to his age and hesitance to play himself. If we’re going to persist with 2 up top and with the options we have in midfield I think we need to, then the combination absolutely has to be Keena and Miller for the time being. He’s the only striker wee got capable of challenging effectively in the air, holding the ball up, bringing others into play and buying cheap fouls. Also I’d be looking to get Gary Miller back into the defence. He should only play in midfield when Gomis is not available but when he is I’d have him either at right-back or partnering Dixon in the middle. Would give us a slightly smaller centre back pairing but what a difference would be to have 2 centre backs that could actually defend would be a real novelty.
  10. Ken we’ve been dugshite for years now but seeing someone even consider bringing Pressley back is a fucking horrendous shout. All the talk about him bringing the youngsters through but what choice did he have? He spunked our budget on utter shite in the first season down meaning he had no choice but to play the youth that was there. He’s an utter failure as a manager and should never be back at the club. Mental shout. Also Jack Compton scored one of the best goals I’ve ever seen live in a friendly against Northwich Victoria but he’s absolutely fucking ganting.
  11. It’s sound we’re not scoring again unless we get an absolute gift. Don’t look like creating f**k all again and look like conceding every time the balls in our box.
  12. Another corner ffs. Honestly just bin these 2 jokers. So fucking easy.
  13. No sure what effort Todd had managed in a Falkirk shirt tbh. Could add Sammon and Dowds as well though.
  14. Aye great we scored. But Sammon holy f**k. As simple a 1 on 1 as you can possibly get and he fluffs it right at the ‘keeper who really should’ve done a whole let better than let it squirm away. I’d be expecting any resemblance of a professional footballer to be busting the net with that let alone a former International striker that has spent his career above this level. Shite. Quite a big rant to go on after we scored like but still fucking hopeless.
  15. Should’ve been 2. My god we are fucking rancid. Get it fucking changed and stop with the long ball pish. Our 2 up top have no even came close to winning a header yet.
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