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  1. Cumnock just tweeted they have parted company with their management team by mutual consent. Thoughts?
  2. Just out of curiosity why did you guys leave Bayview. It was a cracking ground. Had everything you needed especially that big covered terrace.
  3. Was at the Hawick game. They fully deserved the win and if the truth was known it could have been by a couple of more goals. I had seen they had took a couple of heavy beatings in their first couple of games but they looked well organised enough today and carried a threat up front. I did see a tweet from Newburgh after the game that they had been hit with a number of COVID call off’s must have been late on Saturday morning and if that was the case well done to them for getting the game played. it was decent enough game. I enjoyed it as a neutral.
  4. And St Andrews looking for a new manager too after Charlie King has resigned. Club website states nothing to do with tomorrow’s postponement of the game.
  5. Page 58 of today's Daily Record. Either Auchinleck Talbot player Graham Wilson says "The West of Scotland Cup is a trophy that Talbot have never won". Either the player doesn't know anything about Talbot's proud history or the reporter never bothered to check the facts. They have won it ten times previously granted not for a long time though.
  6. Bet you wouldn't say that to his face I've met Billy a few times over the years. He's actually a decent guy, very well spoken and quite the opposite to what people paint him out to be. Quite funny at times with a genuine sense of humour. Having said that I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of him though Interesting to read the points made by the Accies fan and Skyline. Billy is one of those guys who will always split opinion amongst fans and players alike. I know quite a few guys over the years who played under him. Most of them wouldn't have a bad word to say about the guy. As long as you pulled your weight and got the job done the way he wanted it done he was fine. Cross him though and life would be very unpleasant full stop. He wanted his side's to play football the proper way. He inherited a mess at Queen's first time around and didn't too bad second time around IMO. He had Stranraer playing some good stuff at times when he was there too.
  7. Sunday Mail state Arthurlie manager is Sandy Stewart. He was at Bolton last I heard unless Sandy McLean has been sacked and he is now in charge lol.
  8. I have a real bee in my bonnett about the press coverage the SFL gets up here. I don't agree that The Scottish Sun or the Daily Record gives SFL Divisions Two & Three gets anywhere near the coverage it should. After all it's a Scottish Paper so it should be allocating more space to divisions 2/3 up here than allocating space to the Premiership or Spanish/Italian Leagues. Neither wonder people don't buy them. Apart from the feature game the rest of the games only get a few lines. The Herald are the latest rag to cut its SFL coverage down to a blanket few paragraphs so I won't be buying that any more. Even the Saturday papers are cutting their pre-match coverage. It's down to one game and sod the rest. Some don't even include team news now (even though it can often be more often not accurate). I put fixed odds lines on and want to know suspensions for my dream team, I could hardly find any on Saturday. The newspapaers seem to be going down the route of filling the papers full of columnists who are Celtic/Rangers based especially on a Saturday & Sunday. Attract more readers by giving the SFL more coverage and your average second/third division punter might start buying the papers again.
  9. £63 quid back on a tenner for Hearts, St Mirren, Sheffield United & West Ham United. Head in hands stuff with last minute winners for Dundee United & Hearts esp with ICT equalising in 88 minutes. Least it made better reading than the depressing score flashes from Stair Park. untitled.bmp
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