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  1. I take it this hasn't enhanced your forum experience?
  2. Looks like one of those magic eye pictures.
  3. Brilliant support, wish St. Johnstone had equalised to see more scenes. You're a credit to your club.
  4. After that horror he'll be hoping his loan deal's cut short. Harsh mate! Sure it's up today anyway, glorious final contribution if he doesn't extend it.
  5. **PLEASE SHARE** Anyone who has used Hayats cash machine this morning please check your bank account. My friend used it this morning and has now had £100 taken from her bank from London and Glasgow areas. Not 100% sure if this is the case but just be aware. [emoji108]???? Seen this belter " Not 100% sure but be aware" ????
  6. We played Hamilton away about 10 years ago. Particularly bad performance and I'd ripped into 2/4 defenders throughout the 2nd half. Gary MacKenzie had just signed for us and I told him to f**k off back to where he came from. Two boys in front who'd said nothing about the abuse of the other players turn around and start going mental. Turns out it was MacKenzie's old man and brother. His old man threw a punch at me in the McDiarmid car park a few weeks later.
  7. Hi guys. Just wondering if you sell scarves in the social club. Heading down to tick off Meadowbank and get back up to having visited all 42 SPFL grounds tomorrow and always buy a scarf to mark the occasion.
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