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  1. mrpaddyx

    Fifa 23

    I'm sure I've read that they have nerfed the lenghty attribute as it was making defenders too over powered. I've generally just stuck to Shadow/Anchor.
  2. "I said are you ready, for the Survivor Series?"
  3. mrpaddyx

    Fifa 23

    I'm on PS5 so it might be slightly different but the biggest difference I noticed was the extended celebration sequence when you score a last minute winner. Also the internet connection was so bad on Fifa (everthing else is fine) I had to hard wire my console to the router.
  4. mrpaddyx

    Fifa 23

    In a lovely twist I opened my daily gold preview pack and got Heroes Okocha, I'll stick with that rather than buying anything with Fifa Points.
  5. mrpaddyx

    Fifa 23

    Just noticed that they have released a Special Pack containing 100 gold players. At around £22 it looks dreadful value, another good reason not to buy Fifa Points.
  6. YES! Punt return!!!
  7. I think Murray made the wrong call to start Vaughan and Ethan Ross. Vaughan looked well off the pace and clearly isn’t ready to start again. Ross was just awful but then so was most of the team. Also It’s seem that he really doesn’t rate Frederiksen as if there was ever a game to punt the ball long for the last 15 mins or so and hope to get a lucky break, this was it.
  8. In that same game he kept on bringing on strikers and we totally lost our shape, much like what is happening today.
  9. It’s hard to tell from where I’m sitting but did the 2nd Queens Park goal take a deflection?
  10. I said just before the goal they might want to have a player on the line….
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