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  1. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    Anyone else still playing? This shapeshifters promo has been ok and the Summer Swaps could be OK.
  2. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    Well it’s official, EA and Fifa are splitting ways after almost 30 years together. The next entry will be the last with EA creating their own branded football game thereafter (no doubt the last edition will be called Fifa 23: The End). Not sure how this is going to effect the average player other than not having the Fifa name on the box or having a World Cup edition every 4 years. I’m all for a new competitor entering the market and disrupting the Fifa Points “pay to win” mechanics that have dominated the game in recent years. Whilst that is my main gripe I’d also look for EA or anyone to produce a football game online which is consistently lag free. If Fortnite, Elder Scrolls etc can do it for games that involve a large number of players , surely it can’t be that hard for a football game between 2 people?
  3. Highlights - The first goal in the Challenge Cup final was the first that I'd seen in person in over 2 years, Covid and all it's ills felt like a distant memory. That and acutally getting back to Stark's Park for a game felt really good. Lowlights - Aside from signing Goodwillie, which belongs is its own special place in hell, there are plenty to pick from. Starting with opening day of the season where we lost a four goal lead in the last 22 minutes , losing to the Pars at East End just after winning the Cup Final in a truly dreadful performace and lost of guff inbetween.
  4. Dundee at Dens, in the freezing cold, paying £28 per person for a ticket in a restricted view section of the ground.
  5. Ours is equally bad, from memory we have only ever won 3 games (Hibs, Forfar and the Pars) and lost on aggregate to Stirling Albion, Airdire, Hibs, QOS, Brechin and Dundee whilst never actually being promoted or being able to save ourselves from relegation.
  6. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    It's , oh so quiet..... Nothing major to add other than I recently managed to get a hold of a PS5 and the online version of Fifa is generally awful.
  7. I've not played it properly for years but I did play it a lot when it first came out on the PS3 and the start of the PS4 era and there was always a cash glitch you could use to make money. I never once bought a shark card and still ended up with plenty of decent stuff.
  8. If they do it right, Cody will be given a solid build up over the next few months and become the champ at SummerSlam. If they do their usual rush job he will confront Roman tonight on Raw and be annihilated at the next PPV Premium Live Event.
  9. Fell asleep early last night and watched the end this morning. The main event was just rubbish, they billed it as the greatest main event of all time but it wasn't even the best match that hour.
  10. Omos is just a tall Mabel/Viscera
  11. Well, here comes the pain.
  12. Fair play to Rey, he can still move pretty well for a 47 year old. A straight singles match between him and the Miz (with Dom and Paul as managers) could have been really good.
  13. I thought the last match was shite filler, then they brought out a Paul brother.
  14. The whole sword thing is totally stupid as well. He can't actually use it as a weapon so why bother having it. Pretty much the reverse Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2 by 4.
  15. I can't imagine anyone is looking forward to this match. Filler on the biggest event of the year.
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