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  1. Too early to tell but it looks like couple of positive signings by the Rovers. Its a shame we will have to wait 2 months before any actual games, (unless i'm missing something?).
  2. Season tickets aren't a massive saving for any fan at this level. If you miss a couple of games, that's you essentially "lost out" fans who buy season tickets tend to do so through loyalty rather than for financial gain. It's the same reason very few people have taken refunds from their club for last season when most could have have easily seen that money go to better use. The last time I bought a season ticket, it ended up costing me around £30 per game based on the games that I actually went to. It didn't really bother me that much as the money was for the club but after that season I knew until the kids were a bit older I would be best sticking to just paying at the gate.
  3. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 20

    I didn’t even realise you could get a team of the season as bad as this.
  4. COVID-19 has hit Kirkcaldy hard, we can only afford to ride on horses and the occasional cow for the moment.
  5. On the reverse side only one piss up day in Edinburgh and Dunfermline though (if folk are allowed into the stadiums).
  6. I'm almost frightened to ask but how are Raith Rovers getting on ?
  7. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 20

    EA are taking the piss with the latest Icon SBC, an 86 and 88 sqaud just for a Prime or Prime Moments card. Just think of all those 90 rated Nakata's you could get!
  8. I highly doubt mine still works, its been in my garage for at least 4 years. I just don't want to get rid of my first computer!
  9. In no particular order Amstrad CPC 6128 ( With colour screen and disk drive!) Game Gear Amiga A1200 ( with 120mb hard drive!) Snes Game Boy Advance SP Original DS DS lite 3DS Wii N64 Gamecube PS2 PS3 PSP PS4 SNES Classic Switch The only console that i've every sold on was a Dreamcast that I bought 2nd hand from a friend then resold a few months later for the same price on Ebay.
  10. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 20

    If anyone else is still playing the new Twitch Prime pack is out. I got some random Brazilan RB (90 rated) which I can stick into an SBC.
  11. Scotland appear to be a least semi decent, although I would have had a heart attack during that Serbia game. (Considering I'll be 62 in 2040, that seems a fair shout).
  12. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 20

    The Ultimate pack was a disaster for me , the best player was an 83. (Can , I think)
  13. That Portstewart result is never going away!
  14. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 20

    I'm still playing a bit. I should probably find something else to play for a few months till Fifa 21 comes out.
  15. If they still existed, Meadowbank Thistle would have been the obvious choice of rival.
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