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  1. I'm sure the rest of the league will be delighted that the Patriots can potentially enter the number 1 seed by beating the Titans this week.
  2. North Korean TV is even embarrassed by it.
  3. Lovely pass by Mac Jones, Pats level
  4. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    I've had objectives like that and deliberatey let folk score. More cotton on and reciprocate, some fanny's still play their hardest even though its obvious what you are doing.
  5. Patriots still unbeaten away from Foxboro. I'm not overly optimistic of getting past the Bills though.
  6. Apart from a few friendly games with a mate I've only ever used Ultimate Team.
  7. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    Wait till he get a TOTS card !!!
  8. Or maybe not.....
  9. Pretty awful time management by the Saints, they have left far too much time on the clock.
  10. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    There isn’t any relegation until the end of the season (about 3 weeks time iirc). Not sure how exactly they are going to do it but I doubt they will dump everyone into division 10 again. On a completely unrelated note I packed Kante from Marquee Matchups this week. As always I’m unsure whether to cash in for 500k or just play him because he is amazing in game.
  11. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    Personally I’d bin Ramos and Angelino and bring in Alphonso Davies and Maxence Lacroix. Up front also swap for Haaland and Werner. That should pretty much give you full chem on most players.
  12. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    A nice bit of banter by Leverkuson before tonights Champions League game. Sadly the game was a draw so Betis need to win their last 3 games for Fekir's double upgrade.
  13. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    Betis are my 2nd team until further notice. If he gets those upgrades its going to an all time classic card.
  14. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 22

    This is what I’m rolling with at the moment. Mostly first owner players but I did buy Navas when he was cheaper to compliment Kounde. I’ve not used it in game so far but I did the Fekir SBC last night, which looks a beastly card which might still get upgraded.
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