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  1. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    I did the Wes Morgan SBC for a laugh. Not sure if he will be any good in game as the pace isn't ideal but the base stats are all better than Joe Gomez (Apart from pace obv).
  2. mrpaddyx

    Week 12

    NFC EAST teams appear to be trying to channel their inner "Seahawks 2010" spirit.
  3. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    I opened up 33 packs that I've been saving up today with the vain hope of getting a record breaker and got the sqaure root of f**k all!!
  4. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    I just read that David Beckham is being paid £40 Million to appear in Fifa over the next 3 years. Which to put it into perspective is more than he ever got paid at either Man United and Real Madrid and would make him the 8th best player in the current Premier League. Still, its good to see that all those Fifa points that kids are buying are going to a good cause.
  5. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    Icon SBCs were a step in the right direction but they are time limited, what a waste. Without checking i'd guess that Figo one is going to cost over a million, who has that sort of equity in their club to be able to do it in 30 days?
  6. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    Most of the rewards are untradeable as well. They have basically destoyed any interest I had in doing them. I can't see why anyone one would want to do them with the piss poor rewards.
  7. Career mode has been a mess for years. I’ve barely touched it since 17 or 18.
  8. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    This is my team at the moment. It not bad considering I’ve not spent any money other than buying the game itself.
  9. mrpaddyx

    Week 10

    After deciding to give the game a miss last night I’m delighted to see the Patriots beat a decent team and are somehow still in playoff condition.
  10. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    It been a good couple of days for me, I managed to get back to Division 5 in Rivals for the first time since Fifa 19 and then packed Pogba in the Marquee Match Ups. I'm tempted to play some weekend league but don't want to push my luck.
  11. Does this mean that the Patriots are still in Playoff Contention?
  12. It should have been 2010, we will never have a better opportunity.
  13. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 21

    I picked up TOTW Lozano with my Rivals rewards, doesn't really fit in my team but looks really good.
  14. " 36 Raith FK 24 yards, Armstrong fires it into someone's coupon." Nice text description on the updates.
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