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  1. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 19

    I was going to play the last FIfa 19 WL this weekend but forgot to acutally earn enough points to qualify! This is likely to be my final team, pretty happy with it considering apart from a few packs bought at the start (that were all shit), its all be done for free. In case its not clear from the picture I have 94 Courtois. The chemistry isn't ideal as I've swapped out a few players out near the end to make way for Aouar and Pepe. The SBC for the Prime Ronaldino was tricky as well as I lost a lost of decent players to get him.
  2. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 19

    EA have given away a special Loan Pack that contains 7 end game players (TOTY Ronaldo, Prime Pele etc). This makes the WL a bit more interesting as teams are even more stacked than usual. Even more bizzarely I've come back from 3-0 in the last 3 WL games to win.
  3. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 19

    I'm one step from getting Prime Ronaldinho , then i'll be happy lol
  4. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 19

    I tend to find that the quality of opponent varies considerably in the WL. A few weeks ago I was beaten 10-1 in consecutive games (I try to not rage quit!) but then won the next 4-5 games pretty easily. Its not like Division Rivals where the standard of opponent is about the same.
  5. Its neat but its very much a gimmick and the thought of using it for an extended time gives me a headache. I get issues with that when I play Skyrim VR for an extended period. Its a shame as the game is still pretty awesome even after all these years.
  6. Ha Ha, you can imagine how gutted I was when that happened. Then 4 years later Mario Manningham had a similar catch.
  7. Any thoughts on the VR aspect of the game?
  8. mrpaddyx

    FIFA 19

    Don't think I've ever managed to to play 30 games over a whole weekend, just don't have enough time. Usually win around half my games, best result being something like 11-7.
  9. Even though I don't support the Packers I was always a big Brett Favre fan, always felt like he was a fan at heart having a great time. On the flip side I've always really disliked the Manning brothers. Peyton because his rivalry with Brady (although in restrospect he was an incredible player) and Eli, partially because of the nonsense when he was drafted and also for helping to ruin 19-0.
  10. I remember the commentary was funny, occasionally one of the guys would lose his teeth! A potted history of my own gaming is a follows Thinking back one of my favourites was Super Soccer on the SNES. I remember playing with a mate for a full 90 minute game. Sensible Soccer on the Amiga was probably one of the most sociable games I ever played. A bunch of mates would gather at someone’s house and play for hours on end. Championship Manager 92/93 was the first real management games I played. I played far too much, to the extent I may not have got the expected marks in my Standard Grades but I did manage Leeds to 4 consecutive Premier League Titles. More recently I've been playing Fifa as it is easy to pick and play rather than the hours required for a management sim.
  11. I've never played any COD or Halo game.
  12. Public transport should be interesting as Scotland are at Home to Ireland in the 6 nations at the same time.
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