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  1. I've heard from a reliable source it was paid by the offices at Almondvale and that they intended to bill Massone for it. Two chances of them getting that back right now, if true. None and.....er, that's it!
  2. You're assuming Massone hands over his shares of course. Unless he does then it's the big goodbye for them, but getting relegated to Division Three is the best case scenario if Massone does the decent thing, as far as I can see.
  3. As Fred McAulay once said on "Mock The Week": "FUCKIN'......BOOOOOOOO!"
  4. Another year older, but same old canktankerousness (is that even a word?)
  5. Briefly, at the Fives, although we didn't get round to introducing ourselves. I was standing with you at the bar with Kilt getting served and he jumped in as I about to say hello properly
  6. Fair enough. That's my card marked then Tell Adam he's a lucky man. Besides I'm spoken for
  7. That's what happens when you're in a long term relationship. The spontenaity (sp?) is no longer there. However if you're willing to try it another unsuspecting victim...
  8. I know through a great source that he hasn't been paid for months as well and he's distanced himself from the whole thing. To say he's hiding is incredibly harsh. Bear in mind, he'll be tarred with this carry on because of his family connection
  9. You clearly haven't read anything or watched anything over the last year. The press have asked many questions about this guy, granted it wasn't until the first shoots of the problem came to light, but they have been there. You make it sound like they just showed up today like they've only just found out about it. I grant you, not much was known, but the press would have dug it up. Before he took over at Livi, he brokered Shunsuke Nakamura's move to Celtic and that's all I knew about him. But since it came out that players weren't being paid on time, they have questioned the guy relentlessly and I was due to meet him last week for "The Away End", but he had to go to a meeting with West Lothian Council, so he didn't show for our meeting. He's lost all reality now and the press were right to hound him, asking why, even now, he refuses to sell his shares.
  10. I actually burst out laughing when he said, "I believe I am the best person to save this club". I shouldn't have laughed really as it's no laughing matter. Livingston have no chance with this guy.
  11. Sorry for all Livingston fans. Now isn't the time to gloat. Their team has died and no matter if you liked them or not, put yourself in their shoes and imagine if that was your team.
  12. Getting Massone to part with the shares is only one obstacle. It's the sanctions of the SFL I'd be more concerned about, assuming Massone does the decent thing, but even that doesn't look likely.
  13. Later into work this morning as I was at the quacks, but it didn't stop the driver driving like a kerb crawler all the way into Glasgow. Still, my mood was eased by the good looking Russian bird that served me in the coffee shop along from my work. I may return there tomorrow
  14. So the fault's not at the feet of Angelo Massone, it's Chris Innes' fault That must be really strong shit you're smoking
  15. This is surely a wind up, yeah? How can you blame the players? At the end of the day, they were made an offer and they took it. If you have a mortgage, bills to pay etc and a company wants to pay you a silly wage, you're going to take it, aren't you? Would you worry about the state of the company making the offer? I don't think so. The players have got bills, families to feed and all the other expenses that life has, like everyone else.
  16. Friday: Livingston go into administration Monday: Angelo Massone is urged to sell his shares to the administrator and accept the £25K offer, which he refuses. He is then told the offer stands until noon on Wednesday and failure to comply will see the administrator begin liquidation proceedings
  17. Clydebank fan slaughtering SFL shocker!! Next you'll be telling us what month Christmas is in
  18. But Obi-Wan, you must have patience if they are to learn the ways of the Force
  19. I thought the league were meant to be keeping an eye on the situation after the players sent a letter through the union to complain. I take it by "keeping an eye on the situation" it involved sitting on a comfy seat munching on popcorn while the club disintegrated. I don't agree with having Airdrie and Cowdenbeath ready to step up to Div 1 and Div 2 respectively if Livi go tits up. If it means having a nine-team league in Div 1 this season then so be it, but just alter the promotion and relegation issue at the end of the season to balance it up. EDIT TO SAY: Or better yet, bring about a league reconstruction to 16 or 18 teams, so that if another situation like this presents itself, then losing one tem out of those 16 or 18 isn't so much of a hole as opposed to one from 10.
  20. I've got a shit load of work on my desk and absolutely no motivation to get started on it
  21. Happy birthday dude, but isn't that a RTBC? Or are you depressed that you are that year older? What age are you now anyway? It's my birthday four weeks today and I've got my day off booked already. Good luck with the new capymobile
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