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  1. I killed him!!! HA HA HA HA

    I just bored of it and wanted a quick return to being TheDoctor. I kind of missed him really.

    Does this mean you won't talk to me? :-( ;-)

  2. Mostly Third Division clubs I would imagine that would prefer a decent crack at Division Three and not face competition as strong as Livingston
  3. How about "shagging a hole in a barber shop's floor" or "shagging a stab wound in a gorilla's back"?
  4. So long as you're not saying the word and rubbing your crotch at the same time. I've never been back in the Pet Shop since...
  5. I like your thinking, Ghostie, but I'd prefer a scarf and a stethoscope
  6. As far as I can recall, the club were not given any guarantees or promises they would compete in Division One. The assurances they were given were that they could continue to trade, but had to formulate a proper business plan for the meeting last week. Show me where it says what you claim
  7. I hope not, because I think a lot of people are getting sick of the whole episode. As for a points deduction over failing to play East Stirling, I agree with 15 points, after all Hamilton were done for the same thing nearly ten years ago when they went on strike over their pay. As I've said previously, I have great sympathy for the supporters of Livi because they are being put through the wringer, but they have to accept (and most of them have in fairness) that punishment must be dished out. It's unfortunate that those left behind have to carry the can for Massone's incompetence, but it's all happened under the name of Livingston FC and that's where the punishment must lie.
  8. 10 points to you, Cesc! They also did the theme to the Bond movie, "The Living Daylights"
  9. I agree with everything you've put there. I was speaking to a former player last night who said that the wrong people are being punished, which is true to an extent because the one person that has gained from all this is the man responsible for the junction where the club now finds itself. However his actions, in the name of Livingston FC, have resulted in that action and punishment must be taken, unfortunately against the wrong people. But these people are now trying the flaunt the rules again and have shown nothing but utter contempt for the Third Division and East Stirling.
  10. The miserable buggers on P&B giving it the "we're doomed" mantra ahead of our game with Norway tonight. Why can't we just be optimistic for a change instead of the usual dreary shite you get off these people before a Scotland game? FFS, it's a big game. Let's get behind the team!! PS I'm waiting on someone moaning about how Scotland always build up hopes and then shatter them. I know that. I'm old enough to have experienced it on numerous occasions (Italy at Hampden two years ago was the worst ever) but I hate this pessi..., pesim..., this negativity.
  11. Just burnt my finger washing a bowl. The fucker's stinging
  12. CHEAP PLUG ALERT: The Arch and I also pick over the bones of what's gone on at Livingston over the last few weeks in "The Away End" podcast. The latest one is out today www.theawayend.libsyn.com
  13. That's right. I thought things were okay between you. What's happened, mate? If you don't mind me asking and if you choose the answer that ends in "off" then it's cool
  14. Why did you look at me when you said that? I just can't wake up this morning. Damn fatigue!
  15. I tried to endure ER a few years ago, but just couldn't get into it. Like Casualty, Holby City, Grey's Anatomy etc, if you've seen one medical drama, you've seen them all
  16. I don't know what the hell I've been eating, but I could have fertilised a small African country with the quantity. It was the sort of one you could have had a cigarette right afterwards. I think I've blocked the work's bog though EDIT TO SAY: I have blocked the work toilet Result!
  17. I don't have time to go back 350+ pages of posts so can anyone tell me just who exactly is on the SFL Management Committee? Jim Ballantyne of Airdrie is, I believe, but who else?
  18. After a great day at M&D's yesterday with my mate and his family who are up from Nottingham (including my godson), I'm back at work today
  19. As much as I've followed the whole Livingston situation from the moment Massone walked in, I'm now starting to get sick of it. I've only just found out they are planning on doing an "Estonia" and not turn up at Ochilview and to be perfectly frank, if they carry out that threat then they should be booted out of the league. I didn't agree with the decision to relegate them, especially just days before the start of the season and while that, by rights, they are a First Division club, refusing to fulfil the fixture now descends this whole sorry affair into an even bigger farce. The SFL, as a body, have mucked this whole thing up from start to finish by sitting back and doing nothing up to the relegation and if anything should be learned from this whole mess, it is that more stringent rules should be applied to teams that enter administration. Livingston aren't blameless in all this either and again, great sympathy in them being dumped into Division Three, but not complying with things as they stand just shows a blatant two fingers to everybody. Interested to note that McGruther stated he didn't feel it was right that Livi shouldn't play in Division 3 while the appeal process was going on and should wait until it's all sorted. Surely the other side to that coin is that they shouldn't play in Division 1 until the appeals process is sorted out. It's great that the takeover may happen and that may come as some relief to the fans, but unless the team shows up at Ochilview, then in my view, they should be kicked out and leave everyone else to get on with their seasons.
  20. My information is they have until noon tomorrow to appeal
  21. Were you participating in some "capy-lovin'" this morning?
  22. Their comments in yesterday's press may well have influenced those that voted the way they did. The outcome wasn't expected, but not surprising as it was always an option. 100% correct. I think most people would agree with that. Given their team was already the most hated team after last week's events, some of them weren't very humble in their response and the alleged comments about Cliftonhill were out of order. Now they get to go back there. Don't fully agree with you here. The fans were unwilling to work with Massone because of the shambles he had made and to a point, I understand why. But only having a business plan to reflect First Division football seemed arrogant to the point of naive IMO. It goes back to your earlier point about a points deduction. At least if that had been implemented, the appeal process could have gone on while the season was underway. That or the club could have played and won their points back. I see what you're saying about the SFL having to cover itself and as I said previously, the consortium's comments did not help in any way. However the clubs could have thought things through a little better instead of leading us into anarchy three days before the first round of league fixtures. Agreed, but to a point. The SFL sat back while the money situation worsened under Massone and even when approached, just opted to keep a "watchful eye" on things instead of working to resolve the issue. It's the only way forward, just to take the punishment and start building for the future and draw a line under the whole sorry mess.
  23. Should you not be nicking hub caps or sitting in a corner shooting up Buckfast, you fucking imbecile?
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