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  1. Due to my diabetic state, I have to take sweeteners instead of sugar, which are usually packaged in even numbers. I take either 2 or 4 for coffee depending on the size of mug I'm using so imagine my annoyance when the last little solitary tablet tumbles into my mug. One left?! WTF? How does that happen?
  2. Not so good result last night at home to Sheffield Steelers in losing 4-2. Definitely a few positives, but a largely disappointing and lethargic performance that saw the Steelers score twice in the second period relatively unchallenged. That effectively turned the game in Sheffield's favour. There was a bit of a stooshie afterwards by the Clan fans over the fact that they aren't allowed horns or, it seems, general noise into the arena when Steelers' support had their own instruments and made plenty of noise in comparison, including horns and other such items. Now Edinburgh come to Braehead on Saturday.
  3. Any body going to the Clan game with Belfast on Sunday?
  4. The amount of negative harbingers of doom there are when you talk about the Scotland game tonight. It probably will end in abject disappointment, but you know that if we actually have a good campaign, these same idiots will jump on the bandwagon.
  5. Why can't people flush the toilet when they've finished delivering their "offering"? I decided to say goodbye to my breakfast in typically ritualistic fashion, but had to contend with King Kong's fingers (note the plural usage) waving at me in the bowl below. It's not like it's difficult to do FFS! All it takes is, to quote Alan Partridge, "One yank, all gone!"
  6. The water urn is out of action meaning another lengthy trip to the other end of the office for a coffee
  7. I'm no fan of bus drivers, as the likes of capybara can testify from my posts in the past, but I was firmly on this guy's side after the barrage of abuse he took off some stupid bint yesterday, which was completely out of order. Said bint got on the bus when I was going home from work and had her child with her, who must have been about seven or eight at a guess. Anyway the bus is in transit and said child is running about generally annoying people and refusing to sit down, despite half-arsed attempts from mother request this. Anyway the bus pulls into the bus stop and let's someone on. The child is still moving around freely but the bus proceeds to start moving out of the bus stop. However the driver suddenly stops when he sees a couple of cars coming up alongside late so driver applies the brakes to prevent collision. A perfectly normal thing to do. In doing so, the child goes flying and lands in a heap on the floor and starts the screaming process. Driver pops his head out the cab, makes sure the kid's okay and is on his way. By this time the mother, finally, gets up off her arse and attends to her child, who suffered nothing more than a fright. So when the bus pulls into her stop, she starts calling him a "f****** idiot" among other things and telling him her child could have been severley hurt. The guy's basically getting the full 12 inch mix accompanied by expletives and abuse. As I witness this, I'm musing over how stupid the woman was in the first place for not even trying to get her kid to sit down on a moving bus then having the audacity to start blowing up at the driver as if it's his fault. I'm no parent myself, but is this the standard we're at now? If it is, I worry for future generations if this bitch is anything to go by.
  8. Just had Mini Shredded Wheats with banana. Fooking magic!
  9. The hot water urn at work was switched off for the second day in a row and takes a good 45 minutes to heat up. Cue walk to the other side of the building Isn't carrying a cup of hot liquid not a danger to health and safety?
  10. Yeah mate, doing fine. Thanks for asking. Just been doing other things, writing etc. It was my first day back on P&B and I picked a fight with some wee tit already :)

  11. Yes it has Should I go to the gym at lunchtime or wait till I've finished work? I'm getting back into the fitness thing again but this is the latest dilemma, whether it would be worth my while going earlier rather than later
  12. Alright, guvnor! I'm back to raise hell. Or at least elevate it slightly :) How ya been?

  13. Forgot my lunch. Bugger! I'll need to spend money I didn't want to spend
  14. A good old fashioned cup of tea. Everything a Timelord needs
  15. I certainly am :) It's nice to be missed

  16. I've read the first four or five and I've found them all to be excellent reads so far. I've got more books to read, but haven't got to them yet.
  17. Here we go: DCI Gene Hunt (Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes) Roger the alien (American Dad) Jack Bauer (24) Alan Partridge (I'm Alan Partridge) Sylar (Heroes) following on from my last character, I must give a special mention to Hayden Panitierre, who plays Claire in Heroes for being arguably the finest looking actress to wear a cheerleader costume
  18. TheDoctor


    And there is the true definition of having a face like a bag of spanners. 7 days to go and I'm very excited.....
  19. What the feck is this new layout all about? Anyway my PTTGOYN is being made to sympathise with Bernard Matthews stock on its way to the supermarket as I sat on a bus with frost on the inside of the windows. I asked the driver about the heating, only to be told to take to take it up with Customer Services. No attempt to rectify the situation. Just a polite f*** off. It's below human standard and I really don't think there's much to ask for in requesting a decent level of comfort and heat on your way to work. Needless to say I've taken the driver's advice and sent an email venting my unhappiness. There should be a thread called "Things that really piss you off" as opposed to "Petty Things" getting on your nerves.
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