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  1. Was hibs first goal against us at Easter road not a header?
  2. Michael O’Neill has agreed to become stoke boss so we might on the look out for a new manager soon
  3. Brilliant performance from every single player in blue tonight, special mentions for Muzz Kerr and Duffy though. Great to finally get a clean sheet too, don’t think Zander will ever have an easier game.
  4. After reading that Saturdays 2-0 defeat was our biggest league loss in paisley since 1939 I was having a conversation with a mate in which we both recall a game at love street where we had a couple of players sent off and we feel like we got pumped that day but neither of us can remember the score. I’m sure it was a game that Kirk Broadfoot stood on the ball showboating. Can anyone help with what the score was?
  5. TW: "We have been unlucky with Liam Gordon's injury and we were unlucky in the summer with recruitment when we tried to get experienced ones in. A lot of our problems are down to us and it has to stop." what a lot of bullshit! He knew shaughnessy was leaving, had months to sort something out and then forced foster out at the last minute.
  6. I like that team and I have a felling we will go 442 but with Kennedy on the left and either Kane or hendry up top
  7. Dominated? Maybe not. Played very well? possibly, failed to win definitely! If were “dominating” games and not winning what’s going to happen when we start playing poorly?
  8. I wasn’t saying our group of players are as bad as Dundee’s last season. But it feels like TW is coming out with the exact same post match comments every week. Are we learning from these performances so far? The evidence would suggest not considering TW has thought we’ve dominated the majority of games so far yet failed to win any
  9. I was positive after the performance at Easter road. What’s the positives? We’ve won once and had one clean sheet in 12 competitive games, and that was against Brechin.
  10. They had won a game though. I didn’t mean the exact results I mean the comments from management post match after not getting the result we were after
  11. It’s hard to be positive when we still haven’t won a game. We are starting to sound like Dundee last season, how many times did McCann and McIntyre come out and say things like, oh we just needed a wee bit more luck, we’ve dominated the game and should’ve won, we just need to cut out the individual errors.
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