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  1. When is the deadline for registering new signings before tomorrow’s game?
  2. Agreed, O’Halloran isn’t the player he once was and Davidson has been a really poor appointment as manager. Get rid of both
  3. Rumours that TW has accepted the Motherwell job.
  4. It would be nice if Callum Davidson was no longer employed by st.johnstone
  5. Would you stick with him even if he takes us down?
  6. Not sure what I make of these contract renewals, Kane is Kane and seems to be loved by every manager. The other two have two league starts between them since the 23rd of august. Obviously as others have said we don’t want to needlessly weaken the squad ( it’s weak enough anyway ) but I hope these signings don’t stop us getting a winger in January.
  7. That was an excellent performance today. Stevie mays work rate is unbelievable
  8. haha. the club do something proactive. that's a good one
  9. Surely fit enough for 10 minutes when we needed a goal
  10. Just paid my £12.50 for today’s game and I’m in a positive mood, I think saints will win 5-0
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