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  1. Even at this stage of season, next Saturday is massive
  2. Didn’t feel we were ever in much bother from yous tbf? Bar the goal which was coming as soon as mercer slipped. Were certainly better team first half we had at least 3 gilt edge chances along with another 3 good ones, second half id have down as 50/50. All good having chances, but yous took yours, we didn’t. Yous seen it out well second half though, Jamie Adams was excellent. We’ll play worse and win this season
  3. Been on the beers aye? Bit over the top. We had 5/6 gilt edge chances that we need to be taking, there is no getting away from that. But defence and goalkeeper did little wrong bar goal and mccrorie wasn’t at fault. Kilday knocked it out the nobody pressed it giving the boy time to catch it very sweetly. Midfield bar Pybus id probably agree, Murray needs an end product does all the rest well but can’t cross and really should’ve scored in first couple of minutes. Kidd is pish, Lyon didn’t look much better. Strikers will come good, think once el bakhtaoui gets one he’ll be fine hopefully it’ll come sooner rather than later but the boy can play. Thought we lost our way a bit after Oliver went off and I thought dobbs was really poor. Really need a winger and If rumours are true about Cochrane that’d be excellent
  4. Was a trialist with intention for the reserves/youth team I’d imagine
  5. In a normal world I’d agree but don’t think manager can afford to run risk of injuries at moment
  6. Pretty good with hopefully el bakh Murray and Oliver supporting.
  7. Alberto Vezzo better be in squad Saturday. Superb name
  8. Hopefully we get a winger in before Saturday [emoji120]
  9. Like others have said, I don’t think Paton is a bad option for middle of park. He’s also decent enough cover. But I think we’re crying out for some pace on wings
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