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  1. I’ll view it again, sounds about right of top of my head, still think Ferguson has to show striker far corner rather than near post. I see David Devine is getting back to full fitness, half expecting this meaning a return to Palmerston
  2. Right enough on second viewing the goal was poor all round. Buchanan at fault along with poor positioning from Ferguson in goals. Hopefully can iron this stuff out
  3. Pybus looked more like player that started season last year, McCabe kept possession without doing much, I guess there will be games that retaining the ball will be really important against lesser clubs probably isn’t that. Personally hoping McKee is the guy that will be the guy to play more threatening passes, try make things happen. I’d like someone with a bit more presence as an option in there. Lacked that for a while
  4. McKee and Dobbs will both help us going forward also. I guess a shot that hits the bar isn’t counted on target, but there was 3/4 occasions we got in good positions and should’ve done better. Shields in first half. Generally I’m not ecstatic but encouraged by way we knocked it about. I think everyone knows what we’re working with this season, it’s going to be hard. Would hope we’ll be having a second look at the full back. I’d like us to add another centre half and centre mid on that. If we add decent quality and then dobbs/McKee to come in properly still. No doubt Morton Falkirk fans will slag McKee but 16 assists last year for a mediocre dumbarton, if he could get half them for us it’d be bonus
  5. Trialist, Ayo, Maxwell done well... Buchanan didn’t do a lot wrong either tbf. Pybus looked back to himself mccabe beat and tidy. Robinson quite anonymous, Fitzpatrick got going second half, but camera kept fucking up, shields really busy just could do with a bit more quality. But they were crowding us out. East looked busy and useful. Goss from what I seen never done much but looked more isolated. Definitely stepped it up second half and looked decent enough considering teams just been put together.
  6. Quieter second half but was impressed with him first half definitely. If we’ve still a couple to add, I’m quietly happy. Folk will see we got beat, but I’m pretty happy with what I watched.
  7. Maxwell been pretty comfortable, shields really busy, if camera could keep up it sounds like fitzpatricks had a few good moments in second half.
  8. Aye that was my take. Shields needs to get up just off tommy. Think we’ve played okay tbh, they’ve scored from only real attack, would like to see it again as I was in car but looked avoidable. Knock the ball about okay, for a team just flung together and probably without two players who’ll start most games. Camera work is fucking shite. Glad it’s not what we are using was beginning to get worried before I saw that Mr X
  9. Sometimes I look at squad thinking it’s alright, other times I look and think oh dear
  10. I saw him play against thistle up there at right back. Wasn’t entirely comfortable but did ok, I’d question whether he can actually play there for a sustained period. Not great on the ball, didn’t seem to bad defensively in that game. Don’t think I saw him play bar that
  11. According to a rangers fan on Twitter he generally plays on the right [emoji2375] former team mate of Joseph said he could play anywhere across front 3
  12. He’s okay. I’d have kept him above rest of our midfielders but that isn’t saying a hell of a lot. Try break up play, neat and tidy in possession without doing a lot. He’ll be fine with your galacticos in league 2 I’d say
  13. Don’t get me wrong jury is out on McCabe and McKee. But I can see the merit in McKee giving how many goals he was told involved in last season, McCabe is a player Johnston has managed knows what he brings. Keeper I’m very happy with, Ayo is a unknown quantity but by all accounts is quick and loses f**k all in the air, Buchanan getting a slagging from Morton and Falkirk fans but that’s hardly a surprise, was a player I always wanted us to get so hopefully he can find some form he had. Pybus will hopefully do job he done for us first six months of season, doing the donkey work to allow McKee to play. And then our front four as I’ve said is young bar Dobbs, but I think Shields can give us a bit of what Lyndon did, Fitzpatrick and Robinson on either wing 🤝 Dobbs back to doing what he does best
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