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  1. McKechnie not saw enough of you form an opinion but can see why took a chance. McGrory, I’m really happy we’ve managed to keep him, he’s done well and I think there’s more to come from him. Thank f**k Joseph is away, wouldn’t get a game for Palmy colts
  2. No from me. Too slow for wing not clinical enough for 10. Was apparent how much we needed pace out there when Fitzpatrick got his injury
  3. Can’t think of seeing him play anywhere bar left back, he does do his better work in final third. Got a cracking delivery. I wouldn’t be raging if he sign on again but I was hoping for better. Seems to pick up knocks all the time which doesn’t help his case
  4. He’s really good at running the ball out of play tho
  5. Don’t think if the board go Wullie it’s the easy option tbh, he’s shown him self to be capable, I’m not for one minute saying he’s not a gamble but any appointment Is. A lot improved under his tenure and I think there’s more to come, deserves a crack at it with his own players as much as anyone else. It’ll be refreshing also to have a manager desperate to be our manager and not harp on about budgets constantly. He gets it, doesn’t bullshit us like the previous. We improved playing wise, injuries were hard on us and results went against us, but we turned corner again in last 3. Get him appointed and let’s start firing a squad together
  6. Doesnt work for mark now, thanks for playing
  7. Personally don’t think Wullie will hang about if he doesn’t get the job. Got a gut feeling McIntyre might get it. Personally would like Wullie to get, nice to have someone so passionate about the club in charge. Think even McIntyre giving his time out of the game would even be a gamble
  8. Regards to Ruben, it’s a no from me
  9. Are you being serious? He’s already said he can’t be manager and captain
  10. I think Cochrane will be away also, team in Ireland showed interest in january like most know, I think they’ll come back
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