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  1. If he doesn’t know the players in question then management maybe isn’t for him, giving one was an opposition player and other been highly rated elsewhere for a while (not quite hit the heights). Also did similar before we signed Cammy Logan
  2. Been talk of it at january window and at close of loan window.
  3. Fair play to the club for acting on the two year deal. Harry became a very important player for us under MB. Hopefully will continue in that vein.
  4. Would imagine any reaction from wullie will be aimed at the board. Think he will still think of the supporters fondly who hold him in high regard. Nobody wanted it to end how it did.
  5. Surely available to get a league club on loan if he chooses to sign. Come back next year hopefully ready to go
  6. Content with both. McKechine for me still has some way to go but you can see the potential or we were beginning to see it, thought Botteril looked fine the times he was called upon. Decent enough start
  7. Dabrowski was told he was leaving hibs when he went on loan to us. there’s not a hope in hell Paton will be staying.
  8. I would’ve taken efe with Brydon East either side. I’d think so was previously his assistant at livi so makes sense
  9. Cochrane and East would be disappointing. Expected dabrowski and Paton away, Todd not fussed about
  10. Finlay started as a midfielder but moved to full back as season progressed, was one of the ok performers v hibs at left back. But think he’s also been used at centre mid.
  11. Agree, I’ve never watched a game and thought he stood out unfortunately. Wee Ryan Muir has, and for me has done alright more often than not when giving opportunity. It will be interesting to see what MB wants to do with the more promising reserve players, watched a couple of games and thought Finlay Kennedy stuck out, Lewis Currie obviously impressed to get in match day squads. Both still relatively young. But important they get game time at a decent level next season.
  12. John robertson left FC Edinburgh one we were previously linked with
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