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  1. Hoping he’s going to be unhappy with his lack of game time and we can cut our losses at end of season
  2. Be surprised if Berra chooses us over Dundee tbh. Be nice to have someone so experienced at centre half, I know he’s had a rough time in premiership but he’d surely do a job for us
  3. Yet again absolutely shite. His first effort got blocked and turned into a bit of a stramash with bodies, he did well to lift it over them. I’m not his biggest fans but he offered so much more than Oliver did
  4. I can’t take folk having a stinker, was the half arsedness and the swagger away after the howler for the first goal that’s pissed me off. Absolutely bealing after today.
  5. Young boy did okay, his experienced partner should’ve been keeping him right but decided to have an absolute nightmare. If rumours are true he’s away, he shouldn’t have been anywhere near the 11. Goalkeeper couldn’t do f**k all for any of the goals, give him a break. Defence was shocking
  6. Just trying to be less depressing about it than yourself. A reserve goalkeeper, from the division above of a top 6 side, like our previous keeper? I get Livingston fans don’t rate him highly, but the few folk I know with connections at st mirren rated him. Let’s give the guy a chance. Devine could just be signing for cover, brownlie could stay then our defensive options are strengthened. Our midfield is weaker, there’s no getting by it. A winger before Saturday is a must for me. Also don’t get the clammer for leighfield getting a chance. Has never filled me with confidence.
  7. There’s quite clearly others to come in as well. Judge it then
  8. Personally don’t rate him much, but at same time he’s 18 year old loads of time to improve
  9. The only good thing if brownlie does go, means there’ll probably be money available from the move and his wage as I can’t imagine the boy from Motherwell will take a lot to cover
  10. Will that be us with our full quota of loan signings after these 2?
  11. Even with this signing I don’t think we can afford to lose anymore of our best players
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