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  1. This is nothing new Heed. Every season they’re playing catch up and wanting extensions
  2. Absolutely ridiculous decision at the time considering how often Saughton had previously been postponed
  3. Let’s not kid on that this is a new problem. Every season they are cramming games in, and every season the EOS league decide that the final matches should be a winner takes all between the top 2. i have sympathy with LTHVs players, but none for the club. Over the years they have accumulated additional funds through Scottish Cup success and this has gone on players signing fees (£2k for many), hence why they’ve always had a strong team. At some point money should have been invested into playing facilities rather than blaming everyone else for making them play x games in y days.
  4. Give the laddie a break. As far as I'm aware, first game for the 1st team and thrown into the clubs biggest match after being ill for weeks. If his only mistake was dropping a cross in the last minute, in a game with as much pressure as that, then I'd say well done.
  5. Priority over pitch I'm sure (unless reserve team). Rules around changing facilities and some sort of barrier around the pitch. Whether they're written down is another story. Needs to be something done though to encourage teams to join and give the league a fresh injection
  6. Aye, Dave's a good goalie and a good guy. All the best for the season!
  7. Jason Girdwood has been around EOS and Amateur for a few years now playing and coaching. Used to play sweeper for Merchi at 21s Dunny. If you can remember back then!
  8. Still got Dave Paterek Dunny? Saw you'd signed John from Lily too?
  9. Rumour has it LTHV and Tynecastle will be sharing it next season
  10. Understandable towards the end of the game. Glad to see others have these frustrations though
  11. It might just be me, but anyone ever find that their players have no speed? I go Munich a lot and would expect Ribery or Robben to outrun Marcelo and Ramos for a through ball. At one point Alonso outpaced Robben. So I then go Madrid and I'm playing against Germany. Work a 1-2 and play Benzema through...and he's caught by Mertesacker. I can never catch teams on the break as my players can't sprint! (and yes I am holding down sprint (RT)).
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