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  1. I think we are all old enough to have seen this before. A club gets a rich owner. First few seasons it's all great as his money is poured into the abyss. A little into the future and the owner has had enough of blowing his money and walks away. Leaving the club heavy in debt and the fans need to bail it out (unless your Gretna or Rangers that is). Let's enjoy the ride and pray we still have a club in 10 years.
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    yee haaa slap your thigh
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    Just when you think it can't any worse
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    This really is shite
  6. A mate spotted Peter Grant heading out the Stadium to his car at 2:10pm. Can only imagine there has been a fall out with Houston.
  7. Houston Scouting [emoji23][emoji23] The clueless c**t has no idea what a decent player is.
  8. To be hung (no pun intended) in the Oval Office.
  9. George and Babs still hanging on this morning.
  10. Eh....who? Why the name petty name calling? What part of my post do you disagree with?
  11. Rangers fans are hardly up in arms about his departure. I hope I'm wrong but this seems like just another lazy signing by Houston. Usual criteria applies. I really don't know what all the excitement over him signing is about. Couldn't cut it at this level before why is he going to be a word beater now?
  12. Strange thing is I was just thinking about that case last week. Probably for the first time in years. Yep guilty IMO. Was the Maddy McCann case of its time.
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