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  1. I laughed. However yeah a 3 year deal is a decent ane if turns out well. What league he plays in for us however , time will tell
  2. Mutual consent. Don't need to think twice. Get him to f**k.
  3. Traps. One where its like a trip wire. Canna get any machine to walk into it. Do I let go or hold it n hide ? If so still no happening. Bylin
  4. No he dosnt. Usual McGowan. He is part of this shite ( granted he says this) but still its all just bullshit. I dont take notice of what gets said in media regarding our performances. Actions speak louder.
  5. Jack Gurr terminates Aberdeen deal early with defender set for USA return after Pittodrie exit
  6. Do all the marvel stuff. Plenty films n shows to work through. I've still Smallville to watch. That on its own is 10 seasons.
  7. This is nuts however. You would keep Kerr but have doubts over Anderson ? Going to have to help me on this one Keep Anderson, Byrne, Mcghee, McMullan ,McCowan and Mulligan ( just to see what like in top flight, maybe one for the future or right now as needed ). Only one up for debate right now for me is the keeper. Unsure what I think. Maybe if we got another keeper back up be perfect however if we are to get relegated then Championship be fine.
  8. His goals have been a good contribution ( noted this season only the 1 I remember )... his work rate is pretty good since we have plenty midfielders that don't know how to run or can't be fucked.
  9. I got hounded for this. However they are both championship level. So if we go down ( you gotta love people predictions) they two will be okay there. If a new manager comes in he is stuck with them also.
  10. Ha. Aye even the manager dosnt know where to play his players Meh no comment on the game as what's the point. He ain't going anywhere. Over to the cup run....
  11. I'm only 5 years behind or so. Class
  12. This game is teckle. Just started it this evening. Figured to craft ( took an age to find button) and then took an age to find map. Exciting My journey starts
  13. Plenty of stuff I can't get a hold of However have started season 1 of.... lucifer
  14. Hasn't Mcpake came out before tonight's game saying he is happy with the squad we have ? Or along those lines. Defence we know about, I said at start of season if our midfield n strike force are teckle then long as we out score abody we would be fine. However this isn't the case either.
  15. I gave you basic questions regarding Adam and McGowan. Just when you are ready. If we are binning Cummings for being a complete dick like you said. We don't sign Griffiths as he has clearly shown he does not give two fucks. Adam we should be binning as he never thought of us or gave two fucks when he decided his best option was to step into his car. drunk. McGowan that ship has sailed as we stuck by him but many times does it take in charges for us not to stick by him? The bit I hate the most of McGowan is spittint at someone. What a complete c**t of a human. But right now we are struggling with players and Mcpakes thinks we have a strong squad currently....
  16. This I understand. For me regarding last paragraph it's either or. Having both is just mental right now.
  17. Charlie Adam what's yer opinion on what happened with him? When he was drink driving do you think he gave any f**k about anyone nevermind the club ? Captain of the team, lead by example? Paul McGowan had what 5 assault charges? I could be havering but was a good few. Again people look up to him. Just bin everyone who is a c**t and made a mistake ?
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