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  1. Dusan Tadic is some player. Haller doing well
  2. Then we have Mckenna who is in a team that are utter shite and are near bottom of the league. This is fun. Who do we have next in line for centre half ?
  3. I got told that my son could get a second one in 8 weeks time if we feel he needs one ( this is regarding what family members he would be around we feel he may be a rick to incase he carries anything etc).
  4. Wife birthday on Saturday. She dosnt want anything regardless of how many times I ask. Running out of ideas. Was tempted to just get nothing but that I know would be an own goal.
  5. Oldest (12) got his vaccine yesterday. Was a tough day. However back to school today. Did witness one parent getting hit and 1 Child sobbing her eyes out. See how he is over the next few days.
  6. Away win. We finally score. Will be a good day for sure. That will do for now
  7. A sweepie to see who gets our first goal? Unsure where and when it will happen.
  8. Dundee North End..... I won yesterday.I fucking won. Feel rough.
  9. Has the person who threw the illegal missle been identified yet? Would have thought it be fairly straight forward. I'm sure the person who got struck from Leigh will be wanting to know also who it was that brought it in and have this person banned from football.
  10. On a Dundee thread we are speaking about Dundee...
  11. I know I'm in the minority but is he really championship level? I'm glad he has went somewhere where he should get guaranteed football. Seen glimpses of something but couldn't say already championship was "easy street for him". More game time for him can only be a good thing. Wish we did this right at the very start of the season
  12. I dont actually know tbh. He wasn't want it. Even with him being Autistic it certainly is a bit more challenging as he may be 12 but his mind and body is not of a 12 year old. He is only of 3 Kids in his class who are 12 ( kept him back a year )
  13. Just got phone call from NHS to get my oldest who is 12 his vaccine on.. monday.
  14. Arrow it is I remember I started watched this many years ago... just can't remember where I finished. Is decent . Krypton and Pennyworth I can watch on its own?
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