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  1. Kevin McDonald still in Dundee United talks as Tam Courts urges patience in January window ....
  2. Hull City are delighted to announce the appointment of Shota Arveladze as the club's new head coach on a two-and-a-half-year deal. Nothing to add. Just mind him
  3. Not to great with it but did try blend it in ha
  4. Now I actually went here. The bus home was horrible. Could be wrong but sure some fans managed to jump over wall to get into stadium. Peterhead I do fancy going ( off on Tuesday) and never been to stadium before. However nae c**t seems to be up for it
  5. And tbf the defenders he has to work with are horrific which makes his job harder
  6. This is how I'd like us to go also. Agreed regarding keeper. Give Mulligan a chance at right back. Also agree Regarding Mcginn whoever between our two current wingers. And no need for me to go on about McGowan.
  7. Snowpiercer new season. 1 episode a week. First ane was alright
  8. Who is our top goalscorer currently ? This season in the league
  9. No much interested in the story. Like just fucking about. Some of the bandits are tough going
  10. This is teckle. I have a fair bit of side quests that distract me from story and collectable eh like to do. After story can I go back to them all ?
  11. North end clubbie. 30 pound gets u game, 5 drinks n a meal ( canna mind what it is) Bounce game against Montrose Nightmare Alley was decent at cinema
  12. Has he still got the legs ? 18 month contract I think is madness. Can't remember last time I've seen him play however surprised Aberdeen are prepared to let him go. McGinn presume maybe lives this way so 18 months be perfect for him .
  13. DundeeFC set to sign Niall McGinn from AberdeenFC on an 18 month deal. Scott Burns ^
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