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  1. A lot of people have been doing this a lot longer. Ain't that right.
  2. I thought it was really good. 8/10 from me. Humans are c***s. Not that isn't anything new
  3. Shifting themselves to 4th in the league currently ... Some job Moyes has done
  4. Or a shitty away win. LOL. We shouldn't be dropping points but just never know. Aslong as we don't lose... 😞
  5. I certainly wouldn't have thought he end up heading to a team in the EPL. Certainly well done for him for taking his chance at QPR. Havnt seen much championship so I can't comment whether he is easily keeping out liam Kelly. Good business for a team sitting 4th in epl right now. Didn't realise he was 26. Mcintyre certainly had some horrific signings.
  6. Should we start another thread in the general nonsense section? Maybe more people are doing it but arent seeing this thread?
  7. Early kick offs on a coupon are shit..I avoid like the Plague
  8. Johnny kicks ball over the fence... utter c**t. Johnny scores a worldie against my team.. c**t Johnny team gets beat... gd c**t
  9. Shite memory these days when it comes to Dundee. Watch the games and then that's me switched off usually until the next game. Does McGowan piss me off most games? Yes . Have I failed in my mission . Yes. Even Anderson I rave about but ask me what teams he has scored and did well against? Nae chance however has stuck with me I like him as a player Hopefully my 7s will be a success however this evening, dundee win tomoro and a win on the national. One can only hope.
  10. Says more about you tbh See post a few above regarding finding the goals. Anyway it is what it is. Onwards and upwards RossDee01. 🙂
  11. He wasn't dropped to the bench? I believe he was on the bench.
  12. I probably won't tbh. And this is purely down having access to zero of the goals unless they are all on YouTube.?
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