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  1. They don't wear masks correctly. They certainly do not social distance. Two very basic things to do and we still can't get this right. Now we are giving people 5 days to do whatever they like ( let's be honest they will ) .
  2. Sadly this isn't the case when people go shopping on a daily basis. But they abide by the rules elsewhere ?
  3. That miss from Werner was beautiful. Open goal, over the bar
  4. The Csaba Laszlo era is 🆙 and 🏃 as @ChennaiyinFC edge @JamshedpurFC in Bambolim! More in our #JFCCFC report 👇 #HeroISL #LetsFootball https://t.co/5jFXv9MMUQ Doing the business..
  5. Aye wee hey one coming around today to do the grey bins.
  6. Good news. Black Friday coming up and we have more shite to sell because they can't down south. Mon in and get yer tvs
  7. Sad thing is , you may be correct. But then again who knows. I didnt expect to fly back from Perugia and find out we were 24 million in debt
  8. Benjamin KALLMAN - FINLAND - INTER TURKU 21/13 Struggled at Dundee
  9. McGowan as a leader? Since when? He runs about shouting and blaming others usually for his mistakes. Even his rants are just becoming tedious.
  10. You seem to get yourself into a bit of bother
  11. CSKA-Sofia have appointed ex-#whufc, #nufc and #wba manager Alan Pardew as their new technical director! Gets about anyway
  12. Needed a change. Been 12 years of the same name
  13. Was McPake good at youths ? What did he do that was so good that people believed he was the man to take us forward?
  14. 2 minutes it had taken for our new keeper to concede. Thankfully I'm not watching. Does he have any hands ?
  15. Isn't that is what is meant to happen ? Especially those in tier 4. I mean if Dundee go into tier 4 I will just go to work and then home. Kinda do that anyway and thats tier 3. Saving lifes 🙂
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