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  1. Blaise Matuidi to Inter Miami is a done deal. Beckham getting a decent signing
  2. BetFred Cup North Section Group B Hibernian Dundee Forfar Athletic Brora Rangers Cove Rangers Cove and Brora both away please.
  3. Nothing new. Happens all the time usually with the badge
  4. Anthony Bourdain - Parts unknown 12 seasons. I have only watched 8 of them. Class
  5. What's the weather got to do with anything? And why be a fanny in the first place with a shite comment? You got the reaction you were after
  6. G_Man1985


    Eh enjoyed it. So eh worth a watch.
  7. Was quite straight forward. I do the same with any fans. I asked regarding the email going about from an Aberdeen fan and a st.johnstone fan ending up posting it up. It's good to share. Pretending to be ITK is dead weird. Will give you a greenie incase you get upset again
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