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  1. Yeah but what about the football? ;-)
  2. Through to Dundee game ? If so eh am out in town tomorrow. Yasss
  3. Mochengladbach lost at home and are out... did on purpose?
  4. The union bent us over. Remember years ago in store we had about 6 ot 7 union reps . Now we have 2. Not many pay for it as they union dont protect anything that happens. As staff replaced very easily
  5. This wont happen. ( we are closed 1 day a year ) however some stores in England are open
  6. Zero. Attendance reviews can be fun. Goes by percentage. It's pretty balls working these days where I am but it's a job.
  7. I did like many others have. Just like they got rid of double time and now time n a half. Time and a quarter if you work on a Sunday however that may be stopped soon also. So yeah if I have they flu then I'd be bed ridden and not going into work. A cold or anything else will not stop me going into work, the c**t that I am
  8. Very much so. Being the bread winner and already on a shit wage I need as much as I can get. Believe me nobody else gives a f**k when they are ill and spread it. Working in the public you cant get away from people who have the cold / coughing etc We use to get paid when off ill but then the union took that away ( maybe 10 year ago or so ) So yes I am a c**t
  9. This is bullshit. If I dont go in ( even when I'm ill) , I dont get paid. Working with general public ( one of biggest stores in Scotland) dosnt help
  10. Red Bull Salzburg's Erling Braut Haaland has arrived in Dortmund along with agent Mino Raiola for talks with Borussia Dortmund. Release clause is meant to be fairly cheap also
  11. We have a fair share of them. But just waltzing back in as if nothing was ever said.
  12. As it stands, for the first time ever, only teams from England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France in the last 16 of the Champions League. Yay :-(
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