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  1. 21st June. Logic thinking however if it takes ages for it to get delivered. Do it now and get it on time hopefully
  2. Aye i didnt get around to ordering, may get mrs to order it for fathers day.
  3. Is this the same website i was on about that the dundee one was on that you didnt trust?
  4. G_Man1985

    FIFA 20

    Your luck has been insane compared to more or less everyone on here......
  5. G_Man1985

    FIFA 20

    Hernandez I will never drop. Think he is class.
  6. Same dad, different mum. Half brothers... His mum ( my mates mum) passed away good few years ago . First tried Halloumi cheese in Jeff company However he isnt the richest in the family :-o
  7. Its not an issue tbh. Always just do my own thing anyway Cheers. Be safe
  8. Isnt Belarus who are a bigger nation than us doing f**k all? Or certainly the president is saying this https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/coronavirus-belarus-president-refuses-to-cancel-anything-and-says-vodka-and-saunas-will-ward-off-coronavirus-11965396 They have first reported death today.. Went to pick up medication for my mum and chemist was quiet. Went to farmfoods to pick up milk and the shop was empty ( mind you so were the shelves ). Fairly quiet which is good.
  9. He is an idiot. Scotland threads he ruined also with his shite patter. Only person I've got on block. It's a lovely day today however.
  10. Hoseasons I have to wait until may or so to sort out holiday in june. Looks though I cant get money back but would book for the following year. Holiday in october however reckon should / maybe be alright for that. Norway dream however is over and money was refunded.
  11. Big mouth use to keep me in line with this green c**t Anyone heard from him? Big mouth that is and not Yoda
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