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  1. Nae luck. Part of the service at Forth Valley, and thankfully so. I would have left it like a Sweeney Todd training session Shaving hasn't been so bad ....
  2. Sure he scored at the weekend just there. However his team are sitting bottom...
  3. Yassss tier 3. May not be allowed to travel out then. Shame
  4. My uncle is part of this lot. They are fine. Couple of idiots. Not a lot of them anymore, or if there is they fucked off.
  5. It's a breeze m8. Dont sweat it. More worried about doing my shave before it haha
  6. The leaflet they send out before the procedure. Aye dont read it
  7. Dundee United hot prospect Kerr Smith has spent a week training with Manchester United
  8. Just get on with it. Whatever tier we are on i will carry on like normal. Would be nice if the panic buying dosnt start again. Would be nice if social distancing started again. Mask wearing seems to be going well with colleagues ( 2 staff members have been suspended because of this ) . Customer wise I feel its taken a dip . Still see too many noses. Other than that mince pies are selling well
  9. Traffic light system been installed in work. Its quite shit
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