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  1. Don't be silly. Great atmosphere

    Unsure why this was really funny. I blame the new irn bru
  3. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    So 2 the whole game ? We didn't have much choices. We setup to kick ball out our half. It worked and we got the point.
  4. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Best example or only example ? Every other thing we did for 70 minutes bar that was clear our lines
  5. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Corrupt ? The same one who missed the kick out from lafferty ? Same one who sent off Ralph when should of been a yellow? Same rangers who had 3 shots on target ? Shut up ye idiot
  6. Killie v Dundee

    Take a draw
  7. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Rangers fan wanting to me put me down after the game haha. Wasn't taking it very well. A good performance. Not scrolling back but should of it been a sending off? Pass marks to everyone today . Thought we did what we needed to. McGowan giving the ball away before Ralph making that challenge pissed me off however . Overall pretty chuffed
  8. Calling Cards of Morons

    I have no issue with this. If it makes them happy then so f**k?
  9. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Weird since yer club has been going since 2012. Think you might find you copied us you fucking mutant.
  10. Shite modern stuff

    Gonna say I havnt noticed. Try looking elsewhere.
  11. Word Association

  12. Calling Cards of Morons

    Time off work ? You mean the 2 days? I get carried away with it, especially to see my bairns happy because at this time of year I will be at work, and over the festive season. So it's good to see the kids happy throughout December. Yet people still expect shops to be open 24/7 while they have their 2 weeks off work. Yay, Christmas :-).
  13. Shite modern stuff

    Why do you notice young men who wear ripped jeans?