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  1. Looking back on this now is funny but sure it was pretty scary back in the day. Dark ominous film like productions complete with creepy music. How did these fkers have the audacity to behave like this. Which one is your fav? I'll go for Dave and the depressed TV.
  2. Saved a cool 2k by not having one. Paid in 2010 then forgot and got reminders through the door claiming i was automatically guilty and they "will enter my house to check". Got my back up and never paid since. Sending shit like that to people older and bit more vulnerable is utterly shocking.
  3. Next up............Gingers Nuts
  4. i may be a couple months behind here but just come across this..........."greatest fans in the world" just after Walter Smith had died too.
  5. For making false allegations of racial hatred.
  6. Yes, Ian Wright was correct, people don't watch afcon because they are racist. nothing to do with it being a sub standard joke of a tournament.
  7. I'm just surprised they didn't expense the booze for the BYOB
  8. Depends who she means by we. i think we're all losers out of this, completely fucked xmas, businesses and even their own popularity surely putting the independence debate to bed for a long time.
  9. "If you don't like or watch Afcon you are a racist" - Ian Wright
  10. I'm for it but have a huge concern it would be turned in to a liberal snowflake country. It would pander to the minority.
  11. stop lewis hamilton from speaking.
  12. the only 500 at football grounds has to be the most ridiculous measure to come out of all this i love living in a modern liberal world. Give me more baby.
  13. anyone got a spare pic of a positive test? fancying the week off work
  14. yes because we didn't allow it and that's why Rangers fans are so bitter because of "what we did" to their club
  15. that £10 million should help keep the lights on for the rest of this year, disappointing. If Celtic had a good team last year and kept rangers out of champs league this year i think it'd have been curtains, again. But it's ok to liquidate and start in the top flight again with no debts, ain't it??? how's that for "sporting integrity"
  16. well since she likes me and had made her intentions quite clear i imagine she would yeah.
  17. There's more to it than that though,and to address the boy that you quoted the double triple jagged are being forced to stay at home in the most part to protect those who don't want to take it. Don't want to take it, stay at home and stop preventing everyone else from getting on with life tbh.
  18. It just dawned on me that one of the most ridiculous restrictions to bring back in was 1 metre social distancing. With shops, bars, restaurants having all removed their measures some had to then reinstate them for this initial 3 weeks. Fking ridiculous
  19. goods are most certainly on the table
  20. been chatting to this girl a while and been invited to her house but shes still isolating from a positive covid test until 6th Jan so plan is to meet up after. Risky or no?
  21. Is an interesting question as to why the live ITV/BBC hogmanay programs have to be so low key and just utterly depressing. It's so boring it sucks any fun right out of new year. Was at a party 5 years back about 30 of us, booze, tidy birds. But the music was turned off so we could watch only an excuse and watch the TV coverage of new year. Utterly woeful. Half the folk left before the bells and were just looking at each other saying wtf
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