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  1. imagine coming on to a forum and thinking you are being funny posting that nonsense not just once but about 6 times each as unfunny as the last.
  2. It goes like this at Aberdeen tbh. Hire a manager, results improve, get 3rd/4th and the odd cup semi/final, moan endlessly we aren't challenging rangers and celtic, sack him, get someone else in, barely scraping bottom six, sack him, hire a manager, get 3rd/4th.........etc rinse and repeat
  3. So Allan Campbell is the player who will move scotland "to the next level". Why do you rate the Championship so highly?
  4. Will you stop it with your ridiculous Luton Town obsession?
  5. to be fair the bulk of most supporters clubs are made up of virgins, so i doubt it'll be any different there. Easily spotted when singing "Doe a Deer"
  6. I called out a few companies to get a straight boiler replacement. Most quoting between 3-4.5k for what was pretty much a days labour at best. Challenged them and they said it's just not possible to do the job any cheaper. Called out another company who quoted 1.5k and completed it in 3 hours with 2 guys. Even then the boiler cost was about £700 so not a bad £800 for 6 hours combined labour and did a perfect job. Some of these guys must be making an utter killing.
  7. Brilliant! having read so many comments from Rangers fans on social media referring to celtics team as the cast of squid game it is absolutely beautiful that they got destroyed by one of those they were referring to.
  8. This is why i'd still pick Marshall as 2nd choice even if not playing. He's come straight in from the cold and is preforming really well for QPR as we've seen many times from keepers. It's not like picking an outfield player who's not been playing.
  9. big roll of the dice, if rangers don't get top spot it'll be financial ruin for them.
  10. is it too late to pop in and say FUCKINNNNNNNNNNNNN YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  11. corrected for the offended they/them
  12. Your born Male or Female - that's your sex. If you feel differently that's absolutely fine but doesn't change the biological fact of what your are. People should be allowed to live their lifes however they chose but not have to very forcefully project their minority opinions on people as fact because of their feelings. Example, i can say i'm the best footballer in the world, better than Ronaldo, i can believe what i want but it doesn't make it fact nor does that mean you need to adjust your behaviour to make me feel more comfortable.
  13. Well, McGinn will enjoy ploughing all the 16/17 year old girls in Dundee instead then.
  14. Probably teaching him how to defend first tbh....
  15. Here you go again clearly a chip on your shoulder, people talk and in social situations such as parties/nights out, and if there's someone keen on you as they are of them it makes it all a bit easier, you should try it sometime.
  16. Seems to be the same group of desperados downvoting any comment they don't like without chipping in and adding their thoughts to the conversation
  17. It's one thing lifting restrictions but it's another to say no more working from home, back to the office everyone in one fell swoop.
  18. I think a gradual approach is better and it's not just about masks. The danger is if you go bang straight back to the way it was overnight with no restrictions anywhere, particularly in London with people being "ordered" back to the daily rush hour. As i said this isn't a calculated choice he's made, it's a choice he's been forced to make and its a roll of the dice due to his own stupidity and is a desperate attempt to win the public back.
  19. Someone else has probably said it since it's fairly obvious but England taking away all measures is simply to save Boris the outrage he's currently facing. It's a stupid idea in the long run but might well buy him a few more months. There is no way he can enforce the measures as no one will listen, he can't be on TV asking people to abide by the restrictions as people will just laugh at him. It would be foolish for Scotland to follow something that is simply an exercise to save face.
  20. One of my mates mrs refuses to go outside the house now as shes so anxious, she can't even face going to the shops. Did have a kid during lockdown which always turns woman a bit more mental but shows it does impact people in strange ways,
  21. maybe more would pay if the bbc stopped putting womans football ahead of real football such as europa league on their website to appease the wokes.
  22. Yep but the competition deserves way more respect than it gets as a top competition equal to the euros................ File in the same bin as womans football. Just a poor standard, nothing more to say about it.
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