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  1. If you read the nottingham forrest forums "MacKenna" is a brilliant player for them so not sure what you're basing that on.
  2. Agree but i'd say Grant would be the surprise. Not sure we can pull a move for Livramento off.
  3. i see you've been inspired by a recent trip to ibrox
  4. if only the walls could speak......
  5. had a quick read of the rangers board, complaining about how they get nothing from beaton, what an utter deluded bunch of clowns.
  6. joking aside this is a worry..........Bates falls over enough on a dry pitch........shit here he is leaving his house this morning
  7. i for one am utterly shocked its raining yet again in Glasgow, what a grim city.
  8. a fine example of brutalist office architecture in the 70's
  9. It's not a question of the result but how many times David Bates will slip/fall over. Never a football player.
  10. While we are at it why don't we give me a chance, i've played 0 professional games, ok i've played a couple less than Gurr but i quite fancy a go. Can't say no until we try right? So get behind me and support my claim. You have limited evidence to suggest i don't deserve a shot, right?
  11. I'm going for "stickkkk you prawcess up your arse, stick your prawcess up your arse"
  12. How about recognise that the results are unacceptable at the moment. Instead of denying it and coming out with sheer nonsense to defend his mate. Did you listen to the drivel he's just been saying? I'm told this, i'm told that by Considine and Joe Lewis who say training is excellent. He reminds me of my management team at work who only base their opinion on "what they are hearing" on the positive side and completely disregarding anything negative.
  13. Jesus, this is worrying that he fully backs and thinks we should have won some of these games. Relegation looming will be a while until we see european games again..
  14. for football related reasons no doubt.
  15. wouldn't say its many on here, but have a read of afc chat (grim i know). The sheer hatred most people i've spoken to have for the man is unbelievable, one even saying he should be banned from pittodrie for what he did and no it wasn't a joke.
  16. So just a thought here, instead of calling McInnes a c**t etc at every opportunity for having the gall to have us finishing around 2nd/3rd constantly how about maybe think about the idea of the team being disrupted by Cormacks influence. McInnes probably stood up to Cormack which he didn't like, it was clear the two never got on. Maybe worth considering that McInnes did indeed see what was going on and had the clubs best interests at heart. Or you could just keep calling the most successful manager we've had in past 30 years a c**t.....yeah that'll do
  17. Part of you is English, can deny it if you want.
  18. you going to answer my question why discussing players such as Grant on here is classed as spouting rubbish?
  19. Agreed to a certain extent. So it's like Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy being Irish because they support Celtic?
  20. So your saying someone born in England and has lived their entire life in England is not English?
  21. Well, apart from the bit about him being born and growing up in Leeds?
  22. Well why not bring a sensible debate, why not Grant? who do you suggest otherwise?
  23. a perfect example of why everyone on here thinks you're a bellend.
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