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  1. Not feeling the urge that everyone else has to spunk £600k upwards on Lewis Moult tbh
  2. Not sure, maybe if we became some sort of breeding ground for religion it would help. Either that or win the league 10 years on the trot to appeal to the common glory hunter.
  3. Allardyce knows how to grind results out, normally with poor players. He's like a better version of Tommy Wright at St.Johnstone, bores the other team in to submission with dreadful negative tactics and then slaps one in.
  4. Even worse when you get people born and bred in Aberdeen following the old firm i.e Ryan Jack. No ties or links what so ever.
  5. Rangers and Celtic, once again showing what their hoards are like.
  6. You lot, pack your bags and get the f**k out to Ireland. You perma-offended morons. Between yourselves and Rangers you bring the whole of Scotland down.
  7. How ironic that hearts have a shy virgin and a neanderthal as their manager/assistant manager.
  8. I was taking the piss lads, fed up hearing about womans football.
  9. Lacking updates on the score in the womans football at the moment, anyone know?
  10. Almost got wiped out by a bottle of vodka that someone dropped from the cabin luggage, they came from 3 seats back, pushed their way up the isle to get their stuff. Couldn't have been any closer without landing right on my head. First time i think I've never accepted anyone's apology and just looked at them with disgust. I'll add c***s that stab/punch the touchscreens mounted in the back of your seat, modern touchscreens are pretty responsive these days! I had a weegie boy playing a poker game and i put up with constant jabbing on the back of my seat for a good 30 minutes before saying "Sorry mate, each time you're pressing the screen its moving my seat" so he replies "aye???? does it aye? haha" and keeps doing it. The more he drank the worse it got before i turned round and tell him again which improved matters until he got more pissed. Return journey.....guess what? same seats same person!! same cuntish behaviour!
  11. I always want to see Scottish teams do well in europe however i must admit the way St Johnstone played at Pittodrie towards the end of the season was disgraceful stuff. Boring Bore your opponent in to submission stuff but it worked.
  12. Aye, writing pish all day.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40392587 look at this opportunistic person setting his flat on fire so he can get a slice of £20 million and a new pad. Entrepreneurial I've already started up a donation with my old clothes i normally use for painting and stuff and a frozen chicago town pizza.
  14. Probably something to do with being raised in the central belt tbh. Poor attitudes, add Ross McCormack to that list.
  15. That's what its all about though isn't it. Just a chance to get one up on Celtic by putting on a big show. Celtic and Rangers fans like two 10 year olds "but he did this, but he did that" to justify their sub human behaviour.
  16. So as a homeowner if my Hotpoint fridge freezer i have combusts will i get a new £3 million pound house and a £200k cheque through my door?
  17. Just your typical Londoner innit! No idea what goes on outside the "capitul"
  18. He reminds me of a Syrian refugee, all humble and grateful for a chance at a better life, until they get rich and become a detestable human being.
  19. A brilliant move by Mike to clear out all his old stock. The self appointed "People" really are brainless knuckledraggers
  20. I'll still be voting Tory because i have private medical health insurance through my work.
  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40297081 HAWL! that boy Davy Klassen man, pure heavy mental. He'll chib you no bother but
  22. That AFC Chat site is full of compete bellends.
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