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  1. On 14/04/2022 at 19:25, paddymcp said:

    Gareth Bale - 1 freekick a year aside - is a fairly average player now IMO.  He looked woeful at Spurs and hasn't played again this year at Madrid probably preferring the golf courses.

    A crisis stricken Ukraine then Bale & Wayne Hennessey's Wales is the best chance any team could ever get of getting to a world cup. We have more players, playing at high levels with better teams than the both of them. No excuses.

    Yeah he's terrible, lets just forget the fact he tore Austria a new one single handily with two moments of brilliance for the goals, despite not playing for months at Real, which he is now.  

  2. On 25/03/2022 at 03:52, Boo Khaki said:

    'Aspirational' tory voters are baffling, in a sort of 'point and laugh' way.

    I have two acquaintances (I don't like them enough to consider them friends), a couple, they are both Tory voters and not shy in telling people about this fact, despite the fact that nobody in their immediate social circle, like, not one single person, shares their political outlook. 

    Where the bemusement comes in is that they both work their fingers to the bone, yet they are permanently broke, and display none of the obvious trappings of owning any sort of wealth. So, they drive a shitty old car, live in a very modest property, if I'm brutally honest they dress like tramps, and they never ever put their hands in their pockets for a round despite having happily accepted drinks from others when offered. I've garnered enough info through very subtle probing to know that no, they don't have a big pile of money squirrelled away, they are genuinely broke, and both are shitting themselves about insufficient pensions. 

    What neither of them seem to realise is that they are just pretty much typical working-class people like the rest of us, the sort of folk that genuine, home counties public school educated Tories wouldn't piss on if they were on fire, yet they genuinely view themselves as being social equals to and ideological comrades with this criminal cartel of a UK government. I haven't a fucking clue what drives it, but I can only assume it's some sort of vicarious living, and a perception that by claiming to be a tory, it actually grants them some sort of superior social standing or status. Neither of them show any interest in football, but I see parallels between their behaviours, and those of OF fans. Both of them get extremely excited at UK General Elections and happily sound off about how 'we' won the election when the Tories get into power, and they seem to revel in it as if it's somehow a personal achievement and a reflection on them as people. It's all very odd indeed given their personal circumstances.

    "cuz the tories will keep them Romanians and Bulgarians foreigners out." is basically the answer for this.

  3. 2 hours ago, Donathan said:

    They’re actually going ahead with doubling up the two games? That’s absolutely crazy imo.


    I assume that probably means they’ll put the final on 7th June and move Wales’s home game against the Netherlands forward to 31st May, meaning no games would need moved back to September or November.


    So our June probably looks like:


    Wednesday 1st June: Ukraine (H) - WC playoff SF AND UNL group stage


    Saturday 4th June: Armenia (H) - UNL group stage


    Tuesday 7th June: Possible Wales (A) - WC playoff final 


    Saturday 11th June: Ireland (A) - UNL group stage


    Tuesday 14th June: Armenia (A) - UNL group stage


    That’s actually not horrendous as a home game against Armenia between the SF and F is the one game where I’d trust a second choice XI to go out and take care of business. 


    It's not ideal, it will for sure impact our NL results too regardless of the result. Imagine we'd be a bit flat against ireland and armenia after being papped out of the WC qualifiers. If we win we'll have lost focus.

    Makes the NL games feel like diddy matches that could cost us when it comes to the Euros.

  4. On 02/04/2022 at 19:43, lubo_blaha said:

    I think attitude and professionalism amongst Scottish players has definitely improved. There are fewer players who act like they’ve made it after their first pro contract and drinking is less of a feature than 10+ years ago. I couldn’t imagine a boozegate scandal with the current crop of players.

    I was going to say a prime example of this were a group of players who came through the ranks at Aberdeen with quite obvious bad attitudes and a sense of entitlement like Fraser Fyvie, Clark Robertson, Grimmer, Chris Maguire, Ryan Fraser - these players all seemed to think they were billy big balls 

  5. Just now, 2426255 said:

    What would be your view if you were Ukrainian?

    what's with all the questions, you my ex? 

    If my country was being destroyed and i just lost my home its hard to tell how much i'd be caring about the world cup in all honesty.

  6. 1 minute ago, 2426255 said:

    Are you hoping for a bye?

    Would make life easier no doubt about it but not at the expense of Ukraine being destroyed no.

    If they can't make it in June, then yes i'm hoping for a bye.

  7. Just now, 2426255 said:

    How many Scotland fans are privately hoping that we just get a bye to the playoff final? 

    some will be for sure, but it also denies us a chance of a huge game at hampden. May the best team win and all that.

  8. On 03/04/2022 at 15:06, eez-eh said:

    “We don’t want to be known as victims here. We are strong and capable guys, everyone is fine and we can play 100 per cent,” he explained to The Sunday Times.


    “But the question I would ask is how can we play such an important game when you haven’t played a match for such a long time?


    “Every football player knows that if you recover from an injury for a long time, no matter how much you work out in the gym and do running, you go out to play football and everything is different.


    “The level and strength may not be enough with one match, but we will be asked to play two incredibly tough matches in maybe four days to get to the World Cup. If there is no option then we must play.


    “But I think it would be extremely difficult to achieve two positive results. We are hoping FIFA and UEFA recognise this and postpone the matches to give us more time to prepare.”


    Rod Petrie then quoted after that just saying the SFA will support Ukraine as best they can. Doubt he wants it postponed again but him saying anything else in public would be a bit tone deaf.

    I can’t see it getting pushed back any longer. Only dates left would be September and October I think and both are very close to the start of the tournament.

    So on one hand Ukraine have far more pressing issues than football at the moment but then saying wait wait wait you can't kick us out. 

    As to people saying expand the WC by 2 teams, who says Ukraine are playing then either? 

    If they have "more pressing issues than football" they won't mind, unfortunately, bowing out.

  9. Seem's to be a lot of fairly entitled people saying "no, i won't be back to the office unfortunately"

    They weren't hired on the basis of working from home, so if your work proposes hybrid working (2 days in the office for us) then it's not really "asking".

    People are quick to say "but thats not what my contract says" when it suits them.

    Some are arguing the cost of petrol etc as a reason for staying at home. It's all quite ridiculous.

    Don't get me wrong though, i hated being in the office with those clock watching b*****ds

  10. 7 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:


    Discarded bottles at Ibrox after the match


    Stay classy lads

    This to me demonstrates what we are up against. Turning a blind eye to things that are simply not on. "aww it' only a wee swally" "hawl it's only a song big mawn" a club who let their fans do whatever they want.

    Will Rangers even bother using CCTV to find who it was? you can bet if it was an opposing supporter drinking/throwing coins/throwing bottles they'd have been found within minutes. 

    Rangers fans have been getting away with stuff like this for years. If you tried this shit at most other grounds you'd never have a chance of being let in. 


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