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  1. A reminder of Arsene Wenger right there , had to check this pic the bbc used was real
  2. was thinking this, you'd think the point had been made by now. If it was 4 men left there would be an uproar, in fact it simply wouldn't be allowed. still, it's equality we are going for........isn't it?
  3. people who ONLY go out with their phone app to pay for things, more so the older generation who think "ooo that's fancy i'll give it a go" They take ages to unlock their phone, open the app up, find what they are looking for, go to pay scanning it in the wrong area of the card reader, then find out it's not working and can't pay for it as they have no other form of payment. Number of mates insist on only using mobile apps for payment, great when it doesn't work or it runs out of battery on a night out.......... They also seem to fail to work around for no apparent reason 30% of the time. There are few things you can accept being "hit or miss" your form of payment isn't one of them.
  4. Take Bale and Ramsey out and that team is utter rank. What they really need is a few heavy, soul crushing defeats to wipe out the confidence they have carried from euro 2016 to this day. Goalkeepers: Hennessey, A Davies, King Defenders: B Davies, Rodon, Cabango, Ampadu, Mepham, N Williams, Norrington-Davies, Roberts, Gunter Midfielders: Levitt, Ramsey, Colwill, Morrell, Vaulks, Allen, Wilson, Williams, S Thomas Forwards: Bale, Johnson, Harris, James, Matondo
  5. I'm not one for demonstrations but if anything was deserving of aberdeen residents protesting that was it. Sadly utterly no one seemed to care or understand. Labour/Cons and the liberal dems who became "independent" to help deny the city of what it had chosen. One of the Labour/Conservative candidates said people must vote for them in the local elections to put a stop to independence.
  6. Everyone was dead for it and glad that "cnt" Milne was gone, reap what you sow unfortunately
  7. Wouldn't make a huge difference to you im sure, since you need to actually speak to woman in the 1st place
  8. company i work for announced today there will be a mandatory 3 day return to office. This is to avoid not complying with future legal requirements they said? whatever that is
  9. I can just see now what will happen, we'll get to April and then a new "super" variant will come along leaving us with masks all summer
  10. The SNP are so desperate to implement the worlds biggest liberal nanny state. Honestly fear for what other nonsense they will put in to place over the coming years. Next calling someone fat will come with a 5 year jail sentence.
  11. Is there a flu/cold bug going about just now? I've just been pretty ill/bedbound for 4 days with most of the symptoms. 2 LFT's and 1 PCR all came back negative but it was a solid 8/10 illness. Sore dry throat, coughing, sneezing, fever, major tiredness. Was convinced it was covid
  12. I'm quite the opposite, would hate to fall out with the other half and see her run off with everything i've built up over the past 20 years. Gives me a bit of commitment problems that one.
  13. I'm not sure, i think Vlad's made his point and will eventually find a way to claim a win. I feel/hope we've seen the worst of it.
  14. I can imagine seeing your country and countrymen being blown apart might make you a wee bit more patriotic, if this ends by june what a statement they'd want to send by making it to the world cup to bring joy to their destroyed country.............on the other hand, we have Aaron Hickey and some english journeymen.
  15. Don't think the manager that signed him fancied him either
  16. Don't mind him, perhaps his interview above win's him favour in my eyes. But has always seemed fairly likeable? His dad seems a bit of a fud though.
  17. anyone who thought Dele Alli would be a good signing for Everton doesn't know football. He jacked it in 2 years ago and is loaded so doesn't give a f**k. When he turned up like a tramp to be paraded in front of the fans it spoke volumes about his already dire attitude.
  18. Was clearly taken literally by most after people turned the narrative. Quite interesting though, at first most found it amusing. Then cancel culture at it's finest appeared and people started removing greenies.
  19. OK fair point, that's not how it's supposed to have come across, alcohol increases promiscuous activity especially at work nights out if there's some chemistry. Sometimes people do just want to get off with each other and the chances of it happening are far higher at these types of events. If i'd said i'd wait until she was drunk, corner her and ply her with more drink to get her to sleep with me i could understand the unmitigated level of outrage.
  20. I'd imagine the people who follow me around the forum bringing it up on every post
  21. Christ yeah i injected a bit of humor, which at the time seems to have actually been appreciated at the time of posting, hence the upvotes, before it was deconstructed into something incredibly sinister and everyone jumped on the offended bandwagon.
  22. I find it's more people having the audacity to claim they have never once done something similar, hell it's how some people have founds their partners. And that goes for both the man showing an interest or the woman showing an interest. Drink being the social lubricant and all.
  23. very combative, each day was like walking in to a war zone of blame and manipulation, in fairness it was one more than the other but thankfully didn't make it beyond probation.
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