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  1. Easier to blame the government than to shoulder some of the blame for financial mismanagement ( i am not saying all but a large number) I lost all hope after having to visit motherwell, utter scumbags waiting to board the train drinking multiple £2 jack daniels coke mixer cans. I realised you could give each of these people 1 million pounds and by the end of the year they'd have lost it all.
  2. May shock you to know Hanley is 31 in November.
  3. The two most obvious points would be McTominay should never be in defence again. He's not a defender. Was the same as the Serbia game he just watches the ball sail past him and allows an unchallenged header. The difference having him in midfield made was massive and gave us a spark we were missing. Hickey isn't ready, get yourself in to the under 21's boy
  4. c**t can't defend, end of. Let's stop using him in defence. Far better going forward.
  5. honestly crocker is a fucking cancer of Scottish football commentary, what does it take to remove this monotone w****r?
  6. turncoat b*****d, hope someone kicks his cat in to space
  8. he struggled at the start of the season as was clear from the luton town forum, which general dissaray accused me of creating just to make Campbell look rubbish. he's made it in to an enlarged squad and i stand by the fact i wouldn't drop McGregor, McGinn, McTominay, Armstrong for him at this stage.
  9. because picking players like him and Matt Richie was part of the problem. They didn't want to be there. Scotlands issue for many many years was "picking the best 11 players" available regardless of their rank attitude and begging them to come play for us. Now we pick players who really want to be there, this is probably a big part of why O'Donnell is there. I won't question Clark as he's effectively managed to build a club team atmopshere within the Scottish team for the first time since Craig Brown.
  10. Having just come back from a holiday where there were multiple scousers i'm delighted with this result. Also i've got no doubt that theres no smoke without fire and that these utter sorry excuses for humans were to blame. Scousers have an incredible ability to seek out and find trouble in almost any occasion. Constant arguments, fights over utterly nothing. There were 2 scouse couples in my block, arguing and slamming doors at 3am almost nightly. Utter scum to a man they are. This is actual footage of my holiday
  11. Lot of people who don't understand that local council elections have utterly nothing to do with national politics and independence.
  12. Living in your head rent free for 6 months over a comment you misinterpreted.
  13. Nothing you said was Xenophobic, it was just an opportunity for someone to be a facebook type white knight. its just another fine example of people getting offended over nothing and blowing something minor out of proportion. "how dare you call a food made in another country greasy"
  14. ah well, won't be getting his 50million for Halland moving. A true leach of a man he was.
  15. imagine getting to the semi final and spend it singing about german bombers. What a bunch of clowns.
  16. There was enough repeat business coming in to cover that up. But now that has dried up the figures are showing. The manager above was entirely aware of this but didn't mind as the team was still profitable based off of existing orders.
  17. tbh throughout the pandemic Asda was the place you'd routinely see several people without masks so no surprise there.
  18. Well at least McInnes isn't in charge anymore eh? that's the main thing. Exactly what we need to progress and challenge for 1st or 2nd.
  19. We recently got a new team lead last year who has a degree in the field but no working practice nor any leadership experience. Got shoe horned in to the roll, which pays ridiculously well, but as time has gone on he's become ignorantly confident. Previously when having customer meetings we had an approx 80% win rate of work we bid for. We haven't won work where he's hosted a call in over 1 year. When he attends a meeting he doesn't go in to any detail as to how we will do the job he just says "here at ***** we strive to provide a service that is succinct with the quality we are known to provide, we are cognizant of your needs and will help you on your business journey" This is how he answers almost any question. These are calls with pure technical people who i imagine must switch off the same as i do when i hear an utter word salad of corporate bullshit.
  20. Can't do business in Glasgow, bunch of opportunistic crooks with brass necks everywhere.
  21. imagine getting so upset over that, never met someone and thought ah shes quite hot? or you too much of a white knight for that?
  22. An educated guess given most school teachers are female.........again it was a joke, don't get too precious about it.
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