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  1. Boris desperately got in when he spotted a unique chance to take advantage of the racist voters in england to vote brexit and is refusing to ever let go. He must be making some serious cash.
  2. I'm all for independence but do feel we will be a much poorer country with higher taxes for it.
  3. spoiler alert, it'll be a complete disaster.
  4. As soon as i heard it was being nationalised i knew exactly how it was going to end up. Why did they do it exactly?
  5. aye, replace him with Karlan Grant and i'm happy (provided he wants to play)
  6. I remember a conversation i had with a rangers fan offshore when they went tits up. Was telling me how awful it'd be if Rangers are forced in to the bottom league because of "us". He said "be careful what you wish for, think what you's are doing, you're cutting your nose of to spite yourselves and will end up with a league with the same team winning every year, doesn't that even concern you?" Rangers/Celtic winning year after year is the same difference tbh.
  7. Why not? Rangers fans still think its 1690
  8. Would be surprised to see him play near the first team before he's 21. Will take a few years to get him to the quality he needs to be at. 1 good season in the championship would be great for him.
  9. Ryan Fraser is purely motivated by money, given he doesn't directly get money playing for Scotland he couldn't give a toss. He's out for every penny he can get and will soon be punted from newcastle.
  10. Again it's a shame Harry Souttar chose australia given he's 6 foot 5. He'd be a bit more commanding than Hanley. I'm not sure what or who is causing it. I don't think Hanley has a clue how to play as a 3, but that goes for the rest of them too.
  11. 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o a dismal day for Rangers fans.
  12. Hard to see joke teams get to so many world cups because they play Taiwan and shit
  13. Will need to find it, was a discussion if this team was better than the Euro 96/ WC98 team, yes was the answer.
  14. and people are still saying this is the best Scotland team since the 80's
  15. McTominay seems a bit dense. Maybe a bit unfair but he clearly lacks awareness and a solid reading the game. His favourite hobbies include standing still watching the ball float in to the 6 yard box.
  16. My gut instinct tells me Gunn will play when Gordon retires. He won't want to switch to Scotland to be the sub keeper. He's not great, but miles ahead of anything else we have..........and thats how big a worry the situation is. Also wouldn't put it past Marshall coming out of retirement if guaranteed the starting spot.
  17. No complaints there, spot on
  18. kinda hard when Wales are playing a flat back 30
  19. Wales getting lucky not once but twice, who'd have thunk it.
  20. You understand the meaning of literally, right? Your the one following/stalking me through a forum you utter wierdo. Par for the course in Forfar i guess.
  21. No but taking a quote and imagining it far more sinister than it ever was because your mind is wired that way is not my fault.
  22. If you read that in to what i said then i think that makes you a far bigger scumbag than me to be honest. If you have the mind of a sexual deviant misquoting people don't blame me for it.
  23. More predictable than some butt hurt guy over a comment i made in November making an appearance? Doubtful.
  24. Pished out there nut at 12pm , barely able to speak English and shouting abuse at everyone walking by. Lovely lads if i got to know them i'm sure.
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