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  1. Oh look, it's a young @General dissaray and that @2426255 guy
  2. Not sure about that, especially the euro 96 and world cup teams. we aren't world beaters by any stretch of imagination, when was the last really good team we beat? if we beat denmark and get to world cup i'll maybe give you it
  3. So random question what relation does "young at heart" have with Scotland games? was in a pub playing this when we scored etc what's it all about? It was a dreadful song when it was released and it still is now. Just when we finally managed to get rid of doe a deer this crap pops up instead.
  4. What a load of nonsense i'm reading here, play the best team and hopefully get the points needed to be seeded. If we have to play vs 2 seeded teams there is next to no chance we are going to qualify. I'd rather be missing a couple of players playing Finland or North Macedonia rather than a full strength team vs Croatia followed by Poland.
  5. if Wales pip us to that play off seeding i will shit myself. That nation has been a constant pain in my tits.
  6. few rangers fans could be doing with this now they realised their place in world football.
  7. Proof if ever needed that Rangers are a bigoted no mark club. He couldn't wait to leave. He clearly saw he couldn't/won't be backed in the transfer market as they have no £ to spend. Rangers probably happy getting the money in for Gerrard too to keep the lights on a little longer.
  8. tbh its just one person living in a complete fantasy world commenting on things they have utterly no idea about. Then when questioned throw in some lies or create 2nd accounts to back themselves up with.
  9. those posts were made prior to you even mentioning him. What a sad existence you must have to even think that up. You were wrong as you always are with the uninformed nonsense you speak on here. https://members.boardhost.com/lutonoutlaws/msg/1636229366.html - go on point out the people saying he's great? why do you think people block you? because your opinion is worthless.
  10. what the thread where you said everyone in england was raving about allan campbell and i posted a link to the luton town forum with many comments all saying he's simply not good enough? You can add liar to your list of "qualities".
  11. thankfully someone like you will never get to pick the scotland team otherwise it'd be GK Clark RB Hickey CB Hyam CB Elliot CB Kai Naismith LB Robertson/Tierney CM Ferguson CM Allan Campbell Can't be bothered filling in the rest but you're a clown.
  12. been invited to a halloween party on 13th November, the only thing that can be more pathetic than a bunch of 30/40 years olds dressing up is doing it 2 weeks late as if an entire halloween weekend wasn't enough.
  13. but why? it's the person who works on behalf of the council (or whoever) that has to deal with it, they didn't issue you the fine. Makes no odds to those running it.
  14. no, why did you lie and say luton town fans are loving him so far? posting a completely unrelated video just shows you desperate you are to save face from the utter shocker you just had.
  15. You are on a forum pretending you know what you are talking about, making stuff up and completely misinforming people with your garbage. When you are caught out you try defend the indefensible. That's the real embarrassment.
  16. https://members.boardhost.com/lutonoutlaws/msg/1636227780.html You really are an utter embarrassment to yourself. Stop spouting your ill informed nonsense all over this forum. You're a fool.
  17. why do you have an utter hard on for anyone that plays for luton town btw?
  18. how many times has Bates slipped/fallen over so far?
  19. which one is it, the numbers guy or general disarray lol (same person)
  20. no ones been hyping him up for the past 2 years. When he first joined he was easily one of the best keepers in the league and certainly the best keeper we had since Peter Kjaer in 2003 and i include Danny Ward in that.
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