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  1. My thoughts: If we play Marshall he will fk up, he'll be getting pelters from the home crowd and his kicking and general confidence looked really shaky after his mistake. Hendry will get found out soon as a poor defender. We have better in the squad. Christie and McGregor if playing won't offer much. We'll play Gilmour and Patterson against Croatia when we are already out and go "shit yeah, they should have been playing" - unfortunate for both that we only needed 1 proper game to start them and confirm they are both better than what we have before the tournament. Sadly missed the netherlands game. O'Donnell was bad but not as bad as people are making out. 2-0 England
  2. you wait 23 years and the tournament is over after 50 minutes. depressing af
  3. Clarke is to blame for a lot - the team selection and Marshall being pushed on to the halfway line (who is our goalkeeping coach as someone has clearly told him to?)
  4. Random Question - watched the game in an outdoor marquee but there was no sound? that a covid 19 rule??? or just piss poor ability to get speakers connected? inside venues had the sound turned on
  5. Could be worse, they could be dressed as sir lancealot or an RAF pilot Boys about 50, should know better.
  6. It appears this tournament will be a learning exercise, it's just too early for us. O'Donnell will be done after the euros and replaced with Patterson (not sure how it'll work with Tavernier playing) Gilmour should/would have been playing if Lampard stayed manager at chelsea. We should be a better side in a couple of years (keeper aside)
  7. oh f off you woke pretentious cnt people like you that make the world a worse place to live.
  8. Nice child like response there. Well you'd think she'd know what she was talking about then rather than uttering nonsense, wouldn't you?
  9. who tf is this clueless blonde woman filling in the quota on ITV??
  10. Portugal or France for me, would be surprised to see anyone else win it.
  11. Hendry will cost us at least 1 goal unfortunately
  12. Yeah but in true Scotland style we should bench him until he's 28 and break him in gently then look back and go "oh hang on, he was a player after all"
  13. India has given so much to the world, the Indian variant and people on the end of the phone who have utterly no idea what you are talking about but pretend they do and know more than you.
  14. This is hilarious after the way their fans behaved on here after beating Aberdeen, was gloating only ever seen by Rangers fans - who they seem to have more in common with than they realise. A massive GIRUY and a reminder to stay humble, especially when you are prone to hibs-ing it.
  15. check the state of your profile activity downvoting everyone comments all the time, gives you a feeling of power huh? 😆
  16. "Zero handouts" you were literally living with your parents. You never stayed with your parents at all then did you? 🤣 Pretty sure we've ALL had that "handout"
  17. I can't reply to all the posters here but can't believe the comments just from telling facts. it was a 30 year mortgage on 80k i paid 10% deposit was lent 5 x my wage but as i was lending so much it had an interest rate of over 6%. it's not rocket science. End of the day folk should learn to make tight budgets work, only way i managed to do it was by living on fairy cheap food. There were zero handouts, seeing a lot of bitterness on this thread on something factual. which yes, suggests, why bother. Maybe don't have kids when you can't afford them too eh?
  18. while mates are having parties and girls rounds to theirs in 1st year of uni while im at home with my folks having a go at me for coming in hammered? aye i'd say its a sacrifice
  19. When did i say i wasn't staying at home to save the deposit? i made that sacrifice rather than having my own place, it wasn't a pleasant choice believe me but it was to make the best use of my cash which others classmates/friends did't do.
  20. I've got no reason to lie but i can expand. ex had 2 kids got support from her kids dad who worked offshore and family. EVERYONE spunked the money away on nonsense not just computers - i knew because funny enough i was in a class with them and the discussion of what they bought was brought up regularly. 20k job but rented property Chose to stay at home extra year to save up deposit unlike mates. When i moved in to my first flat i was on 18k a year and lived quite comfortably despite a £650 mortgage so i'm not sure what people are doing. Flat was bought for 90k. As you see from the other replies some folk assume i had a sad life sitting in all the time? no i was just cautious and just knew how not to waste my money and save it for important things like going out getting pished.
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