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  1. spot on, the number of times i had to drag myself in to the office under pressure from the boss feeling like utter shit to hear some middle aged woman who just sits drinking cups of tea all day say "he's just got man flu, nothing wrong with him" equally if a guy takes the day off you hear "aye he's off with man flu" absolutely honking patter.
  2. I've been put off having kids for life having recently come of age where most people i know have one and have become complete saps. "ohhhh don't do that, can't do that, shhhh don't talk too loud, omg my poor little boy" I had to watch the Scotland vs Serbia shootout at one of my mates with the TV muted in case it woke the kid up sleeping upstairs despite him being on the other side of a massive house. Also had a Xmas and new year do with either no music or on at the lowest setting. Baby's sleep though most things but folk become so precious about such small things that in no way will effect the baby.
  3. Of that there is no doubt? what are you gibbering on about. Stoke are 16th it EFL and no one from the premiership will be interested in him. (Yes i'm aware of the nonsense gossip columns) Also Hanley plays for Norwich, Cooper plays for leeds unless you are doing the whole "but he's english" thing. You've just had a mare, sign off and come back tomorrow.
  4. coming from the boy who thinks Souttar is a world class defender i think i'll take your opinions with a pinch of salt as you should, with each tequila you drink before coming on here and posting.
  5. why give attention and traction to a media platform run by an utter scum bag? better ignored
  6. SEETHING!!!!!!!!!! OMG IT'S DELIVIOUS!!!!! 🤣
  7. always used to do my head in in the office that one. been working all day, sunny day out side raring to go and to hear "Good night" as if it's the end of the day because works over.
  8. any man who think it's acceptable to pound his brothers wife and his own sister in law has to be found guilty.
  9. I don't think it's any secret that giggs is a massive bellend, guilty or not he's clearly got a habit of thinking he can do whatever he wants with women.
  10. They were very reluctant to let me raise a grievance and never officially did. I was railroaded in to trying an alternative approach. I assume because it would take a lot of time up.
  11. wow, i underestimated how pathetic some hibs fans are 😄 small club mentality or what.
  12. Could see Hayes legs had gone and knew he was going to go down before it happened. Wouldn't quite say it was as blatant a red card as you'll see
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