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  1. Thanks, will look into that.
  2. Hello team, I'm going to a wedding in Tokyo next year, and will likely have a week or so free afterwards for a wander. What would people recommend?
  3. I've got 7 on the 10 day DL, 3 DTD and 1 suspended. Mental.
  4. Unfortunately I'm still at the office, any other week give me a shout though my normal Monday night game has died a death.
  5. I'll sit out, if you don't get another, at least then you've got even numbers.
  6. Hello DA, I know you like everything to be hyper-correct, so I'd like to assist you in this quest by pointing out that Walter Smith last managed in May 2011 and that isn't more than seven years ago.
  7. Would be at least 21-3 to the Titans by now.
  8. Basically, 182 @ 17/10 = 491 491 @ 7/10 = 834 So it’s right, the difference is because I haven’t included pennies in the calculations.
  9. Peaky Blinders season 3 is on the iplayer just now.
  10. Really sad news. I only got into Baseball in 2010 and his no hitter against the Reds was one of the first games I watched.
  11. I just saw your "ultras" or singing section sprinting along the stand after the 2nd goal, so I figured something had happened, no idea what though.
  12. He's been very good so far tonight. McArthur on the other hand...
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