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  1. Soft or not...if the referee gives the penalty the defender needs to walk or get a yellow at least I’m pretty sure the new rules are that there is no double jeopardy for incidents like this - if the ref gives the pen there can be no red card unless the foul was violent conduct.
  2. Bartley has had a new lease of life at Livi. I think playing week in week out at this stage of his career is key for him and he looks to be loving his role as the senior player in the group. Great signing for us!
  3. Aberdeen edged it so the score was just about right. I’m still wondering how the officials missed the handball from Dom Ball towards the end of the first half. It was the most blatantly deliberate hand ball I’ve seen all season and they missed it. As I say, no complaints about the result but those kinds of decision really wind a fella up! Really proud of our boys. Lots being made of Aberdeen’s injury list but we have had loads this season too and have a much smaller squad - totally deserve this break and hopefully all will be present and correct once the window shuts.
  4. We also need to get away from this ‘lifting his hands’ pish. The laws of the game do NOT make that a red card offence. Pishy wee push on the elbow of O’Dea by Hamilton in response to a perceived foul. Jack shouldn’t react but it is minimal stuff and a yellow at worse. O’Dea going down holding a different part of his anatomy than was hit is one of the most lamentable things I’ve seen in a long while. I’m embarrassed for him. It is blatant cheating and the powers that be should censure him in some way for it.
  5. We have the same pitch as Hamilton and very similar to Killie.
  6. Crispy, I continue to admire your efforts to reason with that absolute fanny. Great patience!!!
  7. Valiant effort Crispy....but I fear trying to debate reasonably with a troll is a waste of your valuable time. The passtime of abusing fans that support their local team, albeit in small numbers, is something I will never understand.
  8. The Cadden Twin Derby.....although Nicky will almost certainly start from the bench. Like others, I expect this to be a thought affair. Thinking 1-1 but hoping to sneak a 2-1 victory against the Well.
  9. Wiki is out of date. The reduction to 8,700 from the c.10,000full capacity was due to the North stand being decommissioned in recent years as it’s not been needed. The toilets, serve rise and other things were repaired and recommissioned in the summer so we could get back to our original number of seats.
  10. Ha! D’oh! Fat fingers. Was meant to say ‘Hibs years ago’
  11. You lot moan when we spend beyond our means. This is the result of not spending beyond our means. We have a skeleton staff at the club and the turnstiles are manned by volunteer fans. I remember having to queue to buy a ticket from a kiosk at Hibs he Sara ago rather than being able to buy a ticket at the turnstile. This is not new for Scottish football.
  12. I was thinking the exact same thing! Love reading it to be honest...gets last seasons vibe back!
  13. It’s hard to tell really. I thought he looked very good and my Killie supporting colleague rated him. We were flying last season so it was hard to break into a team doing so well.
  14. Obviously we only saw him for 7 games, some of which he was just getting match fitness so the following opinion is based on that small sample size. I think he is finished as a number 9. He comes deep all the time and then is too far from goal when attacking. On the rare occasions he played up top he didn’t seem to have the lungs to get back in a hurry and was often miles offside. In my opinion, we looked a far better team when he eventually subbed himself off. He did work hard and showed some good touches so his talent is not all gone but I think the Premiership is beyond him now.
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