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  1. If it's just a case of flared up tendinitis then eccentric heel drops are the way to go. My Achilles gives me a bit of jip occasionally but is usually fine as long as I'm doing a few sets each day. Massaging the tendon between your thumb and forefinger can help too provided it's not too painful. Not sure I'd bother with ice unless there's swelling.
  2. These behind the scenes from the last 4 editions of the Tour of Flanders are well worth a watch and a different perspective on the racing.
  3. The Armstrong lie and Icarus are worth a watch if you've not seen them and are in anyway interested in the doping scandals around cycling.
  4. I done Ballloch to Clydebank half marathon today. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a fast half time. I ran 1:32:13 taking more than 5 minutes off my old PB. 5 out of the 6 others I knew running all got PBs too. Flat course with a good chance of a tail wind and it's the DAAA championship race so quite a strong field.
  5. That's the track record. Road records are separate.
  6. I imagine that would be something like when he kicked out at Gallagher towards the end of the first half.......
  7. Seen Kosgei obliterated Radcliffes seemingly untouchable women's record (mixed race) in Chicago this afternoon. That's some feat when you consider that that record had stood for over 15 years. She took a minute 20 off and the next fastest women's marathon over a minute 30 slower than that.
  8. Difficult to get your head round the pace he's running at... 2:50/km, 4:38/mile, 14:26/5km. I think it might still be a good few years before we see it done in a race environment but its still a phenomenal run and he's undoubtedly accelerated the process.
  9. Make sure you're doing some really easy stuff sometimes... Go out without your watch or make a concerted effort not to pay attention to pace and just run to feel keeping it nice and comfortable. Join a club. Running with others can really help you to push yourself and gives you something to look forward to and a reason to get out the door.
  10. I think this Mugabi lad could really dictate things at the back for us!
  11. I keep stuff in work to get changed into. I only commute on the bike a few times each week though so bring stuff in/take stuff home when I'm in the car. I'll stick things in my backpack sometimes but it doesn't take much to be having to stuff things in if your carrying bike spares, food and wet weather gear for the bike. Makes life a little easier to keep the weight down too.
  12. I like it. Good atmosphere, well organised and a reasonably quick course. I've got the train in and out the past couple of times I've done it and that works out alright. Could probably do the same from Paisley I would have thought.
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