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  1. Hiya Dean. Thanks for supporting my most recent meltdown. Sorry I've not posted on here for about 4 years, been too busy throwing toys out of prams and sticking pins in my pandamonium teddy like some kind of voodoo doll. If someone would like to voice their opinion to me and have a discussion about why they're wrong then they know where to find me. If you want to continue to use me to make yourself look cool where I'm very unlikely to bother responding then carry on. No skin off my nose. See you in another 4 years Pie and Bovrillers
  2. My personal favourite from that article was that Reid "worked wonders" at Ayr. In who's opinion exactly?! I can only assume he gave them that quote himself.
  3. I will LOL heartily at Raith if they appoint Reid, instant relegation favourites. Don't let the positive start and comfortable mid table position in March fool you either, you WILL go down due to a spectacular collapse that only Brian Reid is capable of overseeing.
  4. Great darts from van Gerwin, two 180's in the crucial last leg. Great bottle. Next up Whitlock v Beaton, could be equally as good a game, Beaton is a very steady player. Fancy Whitlock to come through it though the way he played in the first round and the determination he has to do well here (aswell as the motivation of defending a huge sum of money from 2010, would hurt his ranking a lot if he doesn't do well here). Whitlock vs. van Gerwin in the last 16 could be a high scoring encounter. Wonder how Whitlock's ankle would hold up with the pace van Gerwin plays at, wouldn't get much rest time.
  5. Yeah van Gerwen is doing brilliantly, King is playing well but his finishing has let him down slightly. Van Gerwen has taken out a few big shots at crucial times, first leg after the break is massive here.
  6. I fancy King as a bit of a dark horse if he can survive this one. That said he has his hands full here, great stuff!
  7. This was cryptically placed in Jack Swagger's entrance last night, teasing a major return. But who will it be?
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