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  1. I was in Saalbach near Salzburg. A good bit away from the Tyrol
  2. I see in the papers this morning clubs are looking to furlough players. The strict rules mean to furlough them they can’t work. They can’t exercise outside more than once per day. How can a professional athlete “not work”?
  3. It is more like if the company can afford to pay it. Most business are seeing a 70% reduction in volumes. Not only will that be hitting the invoice line but cash coming in is drying up. This is going to be economic meltdown unless Government and Banks start acting as one. I can tell you first hand they ain’t.
  4. You are not going to replace these players with buttons. Anyone thinking we are in the mess we are in because of Houston needs to think long and hard about the catalogue of awful decisions for years before pointing the finger at Houston. Do I think he had run his course? Yes I did and should have gone when we lost to DU. However having decided to stick with him they should have backed him. They didn’t and look where we are now.
  5. He was starved of funds that summer by CC and ML. They then proceeded to throw stupid money at replacing managers and paying off players. Had they given Houston 20% of what they wasted we would not be in the mess we are in.
  6. Aye ok, but our abacus is much bigger than yours
  7. Would like to see a game that is a bit less “obvious” to be chosen. Farid or Lyle Taylor season for example. A look at some SPL games with wee Russell too.
  8. Kerr, Baird, Miller and McHugh were not too shabby. Add Rogers, Muirhead, McCracken and Taiwo it is a myth he never made good signings.
  9. Where did I mention KK? Where did I say he didn’t do a good job? I don’t like the “Falkirk family” garbage it is what Celtic have peddled for years, it’s not for me. Or am I not allowed an opinion? You have been piling out ignorant shite for days about COVID - 19 and you have the cheek to call me obnoxious.
  10. Raith have been doing some snivelling and whining since everything went onto lockdown. The clear reasoning is now coming out as to why. Potless and on the cusp of going out of business. I was told yesterday this season will be finished before the next one starts. So you better start filing those buckets your Chairman wants to rattle under your noses and quick. You ain't getting no free ticket
  11. Football agents can’t get involved in any capacity in football club ownership
  12. Falkirk family - get that Celtic pish into the sea
  13. Looks by and large like a whole pile of shite to me. The mediocrity ingrained in our support is now terminal. Creaming their pants on Deans drivel of a couple of days ago when he is allegedly trying to sell the club to Park and his merry band. The sooner Falkirk fans take a grip of our own club and give it a proper shake the better.
  14. Correct bang average like the rest of the shite in the league
  15. The SPFL have a duty of care to the whole of the game not just that top “elite”. In unprecedented times I would expect unprecedented share in the financial income. I ain’t holding my breath however
  16. He seems to think Russian Roulette with this thing is acceptable
  17. Lex Miller in the goal Gary Deans at right back Colin Liddell with the magic sponge
  18. Improving. Tail end of last week was tough
  19. I was skiing in Austria and in all probability caught it there.
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